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ea200 26th Apr 2021 10:56

Are we in the Aegean?

Asturias56 26th Apr 2021 12:47

I'd say yes

kenparry 26th Apr 2021 15:21


Asturias56 26th Apr 2021 15:24

No but it has been volcanic within the last few thousand years, tho not recently - but that covers a lot of places thereabouts..............

ea200 26th Apr 2021 15:56

I will try Milos then. Had discounted it, but it is volcanic.

Self loading bear 26th Apr 2021 16:18

What you have said, it seems still to be a place of continuous fighting.

Asturias56 26th Apr 2021 17:52

I don't think Milos is in the Aegean, sensuo stricto. And although there's been a lot of fighting there there's also several thousand years of history - you just had to choose the right time to live there......


jensdad 27th Apr 2021 00:25

I haven't got a clue where it is, but I'm very intrigued!
While I'm here I suppose I'll have a wild guess... Could it be the old Rhodes airport - Maritsa I think it was called?

Max Tow 27th Apr 2021 05:15

Lemnos? OH if correct.

Asturias56 27th Apr 2021 06:58

can't comment for a while


Self loading bear 27th Apr 2021 08:27

You can call it an alternate truth or a parallel universe but in the shooter game Arma 3
it is 2036 and there is an island state Altis almost completely modeled after Lemnos.


Asturias56 27th Apr 2021 14:56

More customers at Lemnos but better gardeners at Altis

Self loading bear 27th Apr 2021 15:07

It is difficult to model scrub and weed and by leaving it out it saves on your digitized Garderner.
I do not how to shoot with a PlayStation pad or keyboard I just ran into it when searching for the geographical feature which is probably the salt lake?

Asturias56 28th Apr 2021 07:15

Ok Lemnos or Limnos it is - "Hephaestus International" (IATA: LXS, ICAO: LGLM) - he was the Greek God of Metallurgy who was thrown (physically by Zeus) out of Olympus and landed here - no information on type of approach

V good beaches and one of Europe's only two deserts.

MaxTow wins and has declared OH

OUAQUKGF Ops 29th Apr 2021 09:57


chevvron 29th Apr 2021 10:23


OUAQUKGF Ops 29th Apr 2021 12:54

Sorry Chevvron - it's not Chelveston.

OUAQUKGF Ops 29th Apr 2021 17:43

Coming to rest in the trees of an Estate some five miles from the Aerodrome.............


Photo Credit Richard Burlingham.

OUAQUKGF Ops 29th Apr 2021 21:43

Whilst further down The Drive .............Listed for concerns over alleged roof leakages and dry rot.......


sycamore 29th Apr 2021 22:37

It is Shedwall Court ,near Thetford,left to decay by the Dubai Royal Family....looks like an Avro504,nesting...

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