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descol 8th Apr 2021 09:04

are we in Peru ?

Asturias56 8th Apr 2021 11:27

We are indeed .................


descol 8th Apr 2021 15:53

I think it is Huanuco
Alferez David Figueroa Ferdinand Airport - HUA -
operated by the civilian government with one daily fight to Lima
Runway is in the valley of the Huallaga River
OH if correct

Asturias56 8th Apr 2021 17:21

wait.... I've been banned (again) for no reason from Rumours so I'll wait 24 hours

Asturias56 9th Apr 2021 06:57

Yes - Huánuco - pretty spot but suffered a lot from the Shining Path and various drug wars

The composer Daniel Alomía Robles (3 January 1871 – 17 July 1942) was born there - best known for writing El Condor Pasa, one of the most rerecorded Latin American songs of all time which was covered with additional lyrics in English by Simon & Garfunkel. Paul Simon famously wrote "Homeward Bound " in the middle of the night on either Wigan or Warrington stations in the UK (a terrifyign thought)

Over to Descol


descol 9th Apr 2021 08:24

thanks Ast - nothing available here at present - open house

Max Tow 9th Apr 2021 13:28

Try this...



Asturias56 9th Apr 2021 15:05

aggggggggggggggggggg I've seen it in the last 4 months - but can't remember it

Flap40 9th Apr 2021 16:39

No idea what the aircraft is but I think the terminal is MXP.

Self loading bear 9th Apr 2021 17:34

Originally Posted by Flap40 (Post 11025228)
No idea what the aircraft is but I think the terminal is MXP.

The aircraft should have had a moustache.

OUAQUKGF Ops 9th Apr 2021 18:57

Those are splendid British Piston engines from Bristol......

Max Tow 10th Apr 2021 03:36

Flaps40 thinks he's cracked it!

Max Tow 10th Apr 2021 03:38

Malpensa has been a cradle of Italian aviation for over a century, starting with the Caproni brothers in 1910, used by the Italian Air Force use through both wars until becoming a civil airport in 1948, followed by extensive redevelopment to its current form in the late 90s.

Even if you don't read Italian, there are some interesting photos of locally produced aircraft and the early days of the airport here:


The BZ308 shown in the challenge was the first aircraft to visit the newly opened civilian airport in 1948 from the Breda factory at nearby Sesto San Giovanni. A fine looking aircraft with a Brabazon-shaped nose and four Centaurus engines with five bladed props. The prototype reportedly showed great promise during testing but there are tales of political pressure from Allied competitors and it never entered production, though the prototype flew with the air force until damaged beyond repair in a landing collision with a cement truck in Mogadishu in 1954. The aircraft featured in the 1953 movie "Italian Holiday", scenes from which appear in the clip below.

More on the BZ308 here if you have a few minutes:

Over to Flaps40...

Self loading bear 10th Apr 2021 07:27

Nice film!

Strange that a cockpit photo of a different airplane appears at 0:28...

Flap40 10th Apr 2021 14:31

Thanks, Open House i'm afraid.

OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Apr 2021 08:53


chevvron 11th Apr 2021 09:01

Ludford Magna.

OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Apr 2021 13:02

Sorry Chevvron it's not Ludford Magna.

OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Apr 2021 14:05


Somewhat too large in every respect for the aerodrome in question.

OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Apr 2021 14:08


So sorry - a small image of a small aerodrome. The best I could find.

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