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Checklist Charlie 16th Mar 2021 09:27

Where am I

chevvron 16th Mar 2021 10:59

Not UK; South America?

descol 16th Mar 2021 11:00

Australia ?

ea200 16th Mar 2021 11:56

Somewhere warm. Doesn't look very North American but as a long shot maybe Red Flag? So Nellis.

OUAQUKGF Ops 16th Mar 2021 12:10

RAAF Base Pearce (Bullsbrook) Western Australia? Later doing a bit of digging the apron doesn't look right for Pearce so instead I'll have a crack at RAAF Butterworth?

Checklist Charlie 17th Mar 2021 00:51

Yes descol


descol 17th Mar 2021 06:59

Darwin Northern T

OUAQUKGF Ops 17th Mar 2021 09:29

Well that knocks Butterworth out - so I'll have a go at RAAF Laverton? - and I'll also throw in my original guess of RAAF Pearce because this Vulcan was there circa 1968.

Checklist Charlie 17th Mar 2021 10:51

We now have the right year. OUAQUKGF Ops


descol 17th Mar 2021 11:38

Richmond NSW

OUAQUKGF Ops 17th Mar 2021 19:26

Well I'll try RAAF Edinburgh...?

Checklist Charlie 17th Mar 2021 22:14

descol is on the money, RAAF Richmond in 1968.


Max Tow 17th Mar 2021 23:52

Originally Posted by Checklist Charlie (Post 11010919)
descol is on the money, RAAF Richmond in 1968.


Richmond was quite a frequent destination for the Vulcan, including the first non-stop UK/Australia flight in 1961.

Here are the same hangars as in the OP's photo,in 1962.
in 1962.

descol 18th Mar 2021 08:59

thanks CC and MT for the info on Richmond
Thanks CC and MT for the info on Richmond
Guess this one

Asturias56 18th Mar 2021 16:57

Are we near the sea?

descol 18th Mar 2021 17:24

yes - we are

mgahan 18th Mar 2021 23:01

Perhaps in the Pacific some years ago when this was the spare deck for Cassidy - Aeon on Kiritimati?

descol 19th Mar 2021 06:47

Aeon it is Mg - I had posted this several years ago - the Vulcan from last post prompted a repost as Kritmass was synonymous with the aircraft
you have control

mgahan 19th Mar 2021 10:06

Thanks - I've had this picture I took in mid 2019 when I did the airport inspection waiting on my desktop for a chance to post it as a challenge. Credit to the original construction team - apart from the grass clumps the surface is good. Now I'll need to find another!! Standby while I search my flies. In the mean time I would be very interested in chatting with anyone who has used the strip or has pictures of aircraft there.

mgahan 19th Mar 2021 10:29

The time is 0 dark hundred and we were well clothed for the destination and about to board for an exciting and fun filled couple of days. But before we departed the crew had breakfast - toast, jam and a strange smelling clear liquid!

I'm off to bed and will be back on line at about the same time (local at this airport) the picture was taken. .

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