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Asturias56 21st Oct 2020 17:49

Is it still in use?

nvubu 21st Oct 2020 17:51

It isn't on Wadke either, but you are moving slowly closer to the airfield.

Edit to add: Yes, still in use, although it looks to have changed so much that there is nothing from an current overhead that shows anything lining up with the two aerial images I have seen from ww2. So maybe name only still in use.

descol 22nd Oct 2020 08:49

Santo ? Vanuatu

nvubu 22nd Oct 2020 12:33

Vanatu is approx 2000 miles further away than Wadke


chimbu warrior 22nd Oct 2020 12:47

Horn Island by any chance?

JENKINS 22nd Oct 2020 16:00

120, early days at Merauke?

Self loading bear 22nd Oct 2020 20:48

Sepinggang Balikpapan?

nvubu 22nd Oct 2020 21:05

Neither of those two, Merauka is slightly further away than Wakde.

It isn't on Papua - here's an aerial from before any of the other images

Edit to add: Crossed posted with SLB, yes it is Sepinggang Balikpapan. You have control

Self loading bear 22nd Oct 2020 21:26

Labuan island?

crossed posts
Seppingang was a Boomerang airfield for the Borneo campaign.

I will search for a challenge. Please standby.

Self loading bear 22nd Oct 2020 21:45

There we go:


Checklist Charlie 23rd Oct 2020 01:05

Don't forget to wave to the meri's on the goat track ILS.
Last there 1974.


chimbu warrior 23rd Oct 2020 01:33

Tapini PNG, Patair Piaggio P-166.

Open house.

Self loading bear 23rd Oct 2020 11:31

Indeed Tapini
Open House called

Asturias56 23rd Oct 2020 17:55

Jeez - Balikpapan - now there's an airport I never want to see again :yuk:

Something for the weekend??


Self loading bear 23rd Oct 2020 18:53

Ok tropical,
(We have to lure you into posting the next photo)

Asturias56 24th Oct 2020 08:37

Africa it is - here's another picture (but not as good as some previous efforts..) - this spot has the occasional international flight but its mainly domestic


Self loading bear 24th Oct 2020 21:07

I think not North Africa.
I will stab for East Africa as Asturias does (or has) flown

The no parking sign says Botswana?

Sultan Ismail 25th Oct 2020 03:21

Ghanzi, Botswana

Asturias56 25th Oct 2020 08:22

Alas, alack Sultan! Although the terminal is somewhat similar to that at Ghanzi, which is an interesting spot in it's own right, it's not. Ghanzi is sat in the middle of the Kalahari Desert which is rather flat. The challenge has some rather large mountains nearby.

Bear is much closer over on the other side of the continent


Self loading bear 25th Oct 2020 10:48

Aeroport de Tolarano (Tolagnaro) Madagascar

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