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loc22550 3rd Jul 2009 18:56

The answer is simple belgianconnection: NO.(no commuting in QR...unfortunaltly).

Metro man 9th Jul 2009 14:16

Anyone know the current situation regarding recruitment ? Website allows you to click on flight crew jobs (and states requirements) but no jobs show up to apply for.

Abeo 11th Jul 2009 13:49

Same question as Metro man.



Fubaliera 11th Jul 2009 20:04

Yes we are hiring, but unless type rated on 777 or A330 expect to join on the 320/300

Abeo 11th Jul 2009 20:14

Hi Fubaliera,

I am type rated and experienced on A320/330/340 from a next door airline, made the "mistake" (pre-recession) to go to Europe a year ago only to realise that I had left job security behind in the ME.

I applied about a month and a half ago, no news yet. Is there a way to follow up an application with an e-mail to someone?

mounster 11th Jul 2009 20:36

Fubaliera, I am not rated in B777 or A330. Currently rated in B744 as FO.
But I just offered to join in B777 fleet.

Is this just a trick to make people come then they suddenly change it to A320/300 when signing contract or they really need crew in B777 ?

georgechfl 11th Jul 2009 21:11

at the website you can only do your profile, other than that tgere are no job listings for the last month at least. should we email HR or just wait till they post something. Pm me with info or just reply here pls ;)

FlyingCroc 11th Jul 2009 22:02

No shortcuts at the moment
Unless rated on A330 or B777 you can join the A320/300 fleet. There are plenty of pilots waiting for fleet transfer. Join th queue as everyone else did.

Captain Oryx 13th Jul 2009 12:33

If they offered you a 777 seat. with your experience, you will probably get it.

There have been cases, albeit rare, when an individual was made to switch fleets after joining.

i'm assuming from your location you are with SQ or Cargo. PM me and let's chat.

Good Luck:ok:

QR UNITED 2009 14th Jul 2009 09:53

It is so funny to see Qatar Airways and what they do . Actually its good TRTO . QR is doing training for NON rated pilots and they they run to other airlines . There goes saving policy.
Etihad ,Vietnam,Korean,Air Arabia,Air Asia,Wizz Air still looking for type rated experienced crew just knock and say " i am from NOT ALOWED " airline can i apply ?

QR have highest rate of resignations or ( take 3 days off or annual leave and never come back procedure) in region and the salary is medium compare to other airlines what do you think what is the reason ?

The reason is because pilots are "cheap drivers" .

toby320 15th Jul 2009 03:19

does any body know something related of the screening for a captain position? what are they asking on the interviewand how is the simulator check?
any info wil be apreciated.

ARGPILOT757 18th Jul 2009 21:11

Any Information About The Interview Process On The 26/27 Of Aug In Doha ??

Fubaliera 19th Jul 2009 18:29

The latest info is that their is a 50 question test that must be done in 60minutes. The test is no aircraft specific and the recruiting hasnt given references on were to study. Hopefully the guys on the 12/13aug can spread the knowledge

Capt Krunch 19th Jul 2009 19:37

The screening is not at all like it used to be, many new changes and more stringent criteria is now in place.
the degree of difficulty has now been raised. seems we are not going to accept just anyone off the street these days. The goal posts have been moved.

good luck ! and may the best man/woman win? (some might want to argue that phrase
) :}

Poisoned by Compromise

Fubaliera 19th Jul 2009 19:46

Capt Krunch
Instead of discouraging everybody why dont you find out the ins and outs of the interview for the guys who are jobless. Im sure your one of the guys who got in when they would let anybody in as you put it. with that kind of arrougance I know what nationality you are

ItsAjob 19th Jul 2009 19:47

Can anyone give a breakdown of the cost of living on an F/O salary?

Fubaliera 19th Jul 2009 19:50

On a F/O salary count on 6500-7000 usd for the 320. If your single its enough, married i have no idea

ItsAjob 19th Jul 2009 19:54

Thanks for the reply Fubaliera.
Out of that how much would you spend on living?
Im just wondering if it would be possible to save a little.

Capt Krunch 19th Jul 2009 21:27


Instead of discouraging everybody why dont you find out the ins and outs of the interview for the guys who are jobless.
since when is telling the straight facts to be understood as deliberately trying to discourage those out of work ?
I wont paint flowers and pretty pictures for anyone, the least I can do it let anyone know not to come thinking it will be a walk in the park, do some basic reading and be prepared.
if you want to misconstrue that as discouraging, then so be it. I'm sure others understand.


save a little ( "little" being the operative word ) is not a problem. it's not a cheap country to reside.

Poisoned by Compromise

ARGPILOT757 19th Jul 2009 22:12

thanks for the reply fubaliera.
i didn't know they will interview also on the 13 of aug,i know in sep they will interview DEC.
if anybody have some information about this test ,please post some information or send me a PM.
CA KRUNCH,i been reading all the post about qatar and u always have nothing good to say,i don't understand if u still work there or u left already,but anyway,i think there is no airline out there that is perfect,and everybody have a different opinion or situation in life,for some people qatar sucks,for others is a good place,i have personally a couple friends that fly for qatar and they are happy.
thanks anyway. :ok:

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