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shneidertrophy 22nd Aug 2009 17:31


515 (or Q11, whatever!) might alway be very positive and borderline management wannabee, you clearly must be one of the recently joined MORONS that think they know everything!

Your posts are proof QR needs to rethink its recruitment process:ugh:

Standing by for MOD deletion, as usual. Take NOJOKE down with me than please, he is irritating the hell out of me.

alphaseven 22nd Aug 2009 17:39

Qatari515, thanks for the insights, I had long been thinking of a similar post, but thought to myself, who am I kidding. Iíve personally been in the Company for almost 8 years, and to be honest, Its never been as bad as exaggerated by our comrades here. Even though, Iím on the other side of the pointy end, we do share cabins with similarly frustrated team members, with the Whine Flu rather.
Now our friends are gonna ask me (while loading their ammo for a brutal attack) If there are so many complaining and you are of the few happier members, surely thereís something wrong with the system and surely ur on the Vaseline trip waiting for that upgrade or a management guy. WELL the answers are NO.
Lets get with the basics, every company has a unique way of dealing with their operations, and well so does QR. Yes, they might not seem conventional or logical to some , but once again you must remember, its not just the airline but the entire region. You decided to come here, and need to understand that it is you who has to adapt to QRís practices and the countryís culture, not the other way around. Yes, its surely not going to be easy, and the ones that survive are the ones that are patient and know what they are in for. Its always a WIN WIN situation dear friends, whts innit for you and whts innit for them. Am sure most of YOU came here although you knew the facts, both honest and the bulls, (more of those on Pprune) and now expect to change everything or came with foolish wishful thinking and great expectations? Not so clever, this is what you get take it or leave it OR make the most of it (WIN WIN) OR spend your precious time being disgruntled with life, your team members, everything that surrounds you and vent it all out on this forum. The way I see it and I donít mean to be harsh, you are loosing. Make the best of what you have Positively! If u decide to ride the waves during the storms, go ahead ! But please spare others of your negativity. When uíve ultimately found solace in this ever so changing, abusive and harsh industry, go for it! Donít be too bothered by wht QR is gonna do if everyone left one day, what matters is what you gonna do.
As far as the so called ďinjusticesĒ have been concerned, please people get your facts right. How many would actually admit that they had asked for it..? Unfortunately, not everything you see is invisible as this is another one of QRís ways of doing things, and then the so called rumor network to spice it all up.
What Qatari 515 has mentioned in all his posts is very close to the real deal, and if you read carefully, itís not all cake walk, yes things could be better, but heís got a positive attitude and to me, thatís the most important thing to survive the current wx.
Good luck to all of you joining, remember, WIN WIN!!

NoJoke 22nd Aug 2009 18:02

SlidyTurfy, you must be Q11 also. Mods?? I have crossed swords with both your identites, but never reported to the .... (Moderator) said quitely. xxx

NoJoke 22nd Aug 2009 18:05

Could you write your message in larger and bolder type. I missed your message.:ok:

PPS Love ya :}

NoJoke 22nd Aug 2009 18:25

Not a moron and not new; by the way. Well perhaps a moron, its a matter of degree you know; or not as the case might be. :cool:

Aerodmb 22nd Aug 2009 18:47

Has this thread been hijacked or is this bickering relevant to the main topic?

Suggest we start a new thread regarding interviews/hiring/etc.

NoJoke 22nd Aug 2009 18:51

Sorry old bean, you are correct. How can I help you?

Qatari515 22nd Aug 2009 19:54

Nothing to do with me old boy, nothing to do with me.:}

A bit over the edge (STs reaction), but not totally undeserved I would say. I never intended to start this pissing contest anyway, and I only did what I always do. I try to provide facts to people willing to join.

Too positive for certain people (immidiatly been bombarded to Chief pilot fleets by Mr NoJoke here) but from the PM comments I have been receiving, not everybody seems to think I am spreading useless and overly positive news.

No Joke, you take the" taking you personally" slogan of QR too litterally mate. Relax.

Back here to answer questions from normal people. That is people open for the possible positive aspects of joining QR as well as the negative.

Well, duty calls gentlemen. Enjoy your evening and Ill catch up with y'all when at destination.

NoJoke 22nd Aug 2009 20:12

No problem. Keep well, and have a good flight.

NJ :ok:

QR UNITED 2009 22nd Aug 2009 21:40

QR 515
This QR515 is so funny he asked me if i had hear CEO saying that we are cheap drivers ? Well QR 515 have you hear all about you write on this forum by yore self ? If you did i must admit you must be superman or KGB spy or you can be on 100 places in same time .
If i am CEO i would be happy to have someone who love me so much as you love CEO and i am sure if one day CEO go to Dr to do ultrasound they will find you inside. I know the way of entering was hard and maybe crowded but i see you manage to penetrate deep. Is that snake S.K next to you ?
I fly with Qatari pilots often i i never flown with one who like CEO and they all make fun of him.

How the cash flow in QR: you as A340 Commander take minimum fuel to LHR and save QR some money then you go with a crew for dinner and one or 2 of the crew show you LV bag given as gift on promotion flight by HIM. LV is about 1000-1500 $ . What ever you save it goes to F2 LV bag .

widebody300er 22nd Aug 2009 22:16

Can we please stick to the topics that make sense? We really don't care QR2009!! Interview info would be great! Thank you!

QR UNITED 2009 22nd Aug 2009 22:52

Understand you need a job.

Info about Interview :
On Interview you will not be told the true about QR
as : there are over 120 ACN ( air crew notice ) which starts with its not allowed and end with termination .
Regarding accommodation they will tell you as CM1 you get villa and as F/O you get 3 bedroom apartment ( expect to be cheated when you join)
In terms and contract conditions you will sign there will be some things that you will not be granted after you join but what can you do as you already quit a job back home or you just keep quiet as you are in need of job .

If you ask me and i can turn my life back 9 y i would try EY,Vietnam,EK,Gulf Air,Air Arabia, but not QR only because of treatment of pilots which i never saw worse in my life and i fly in airlines 20 y.It is only done by one man and ones he is terminated the world will be a better place .

Wango Z Tango 23rd Aug 2009 10:29


Pipe down little boy, you don't even work here, and this is NOT an interview information forum.
Information is circulated only out of general consideration and not your god given right. there are people here who are disgruntled and need a forum to vent these frustrations without outsiders like you and your self serving comments.

get the job here before you start with that attitude mate.

you'll understand after a few months in this place.


QTRminator 23rd Aug 2009 13:24

No matter how frustrated you are, the language and the personal attacks of "United" are embarrassing, not professional or constructive and donīt help anyone.

widebody300er 23rd Aug 2009 18:24

Wango Z Tango,

I agree with a few things you said however the way people are treating one another is not professional!! So I'm just trying to get as much useful info as I can!! This is a free forum and is not your God given right!! And trust me I'm sure not a little boy You would be very surprised if we were to meet and if I was to get a job there I would leave the attitude to someone else mate..It's not me at all.. Just trying to get ahead like the next guy!

Fly safe mate..

Capt Krunch 23rd Aug 2009 20:15


I like that sense of humor.. LOL:ok:

time does fly out here, anyone one in this place for any length of time will understand what I mean. it's been a interesting ride and shows no sign of stopping. so many people come and go, even in these times of global turn down we see many resignation per month.:rolleyes:

I've been around these parts so long that i've actually found a comfort zone, I think i've been poisoned :ugh:

Poisoned by Compromise

NoJoke 23rd Aug 2009 20:47

Dunny you're so funny. Even toilet humour!

Khaosai 24th Aug 2009 07:41


looks like you might be getting some experienced pilots for both seats in the near future from a LHR/LGW based carrier.


Khaosai 24th Aug 2009 13:42


its the other LHR/LGW outfit.

eiffel 24th Aug 2009 18:58

Regarding rostering issues....

On the 777 for instance after a Houston or a Whashington (ultra long haul) how many days off in a row would you have?

Is it true that they have the habit of rostering a stand-by day in the middle of a block of days off so it is difficult to go anywhere (ie to go back home to Europe)?

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