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sayap-patah 4th Jun 2009 12:04

to wingmaaan, sounds like you've been working in every corner of this world...well its gonna be good for you to join QR...so..later you know there is another way to humiliate people in other side of the world..all the best...at least you've been warn.:ok:

togapilot 4th Jun 2009 14:07

I have had a memorable experience with QR. I left a perfectly healthy airline to Join QR on an offer of appointment as a PIC on the 777. I wrapped up my house and got my kids out of school when BANG! three days before leaving I get an email that my fleet is changed to the A320!! I dont think this would happen in any other airline in the world! I have gone back to begging my previous employer to hire me and I think this is downright UNPROFESSIONAL. Either you dont offer, and well if you do, honor your word! My previous employer is now hiring me as a line captain when I left as a TRI. I dont think QR will attract good pilots if they stick to this, its just unfortunate that today there are no jobs globally so people are keeping up with such ways.
Good luck for all those joining QR bacuse you are going to need it!!

shneidertrophy 4th Jun 2009 17:58

Well what did you expect?

You where probably flying a 737 back home, you think you can come here and fly the 777 which I agree is a great offer.

But you must admit that these offers are almost too good to be true. So what happened to you is a shame, but it is exactly what would happen to me when I joined Jet Airways on the A330 coming from 320.

At least you got your job back!

togapilot 5th Jun 2009 01:16

I resigned from my job after I got their offer and its not that the are not hiring.....unlike Jet Airways thats downsizing.
Doesent matter what I was flying shnieder what matters is that they went back on a written offer of appointment in the most unceremonious manner and thats an indication of how things function down there. wouldnt look at them now even if they offered the shuttle.

TheChitterneFlyer 5th Jun 2009 01:46

Whilst you might think that you're heading for a great new job in a different part of the world... think twice; in fact, think thrice!

Great recruitment adverts, and, in fact, having travelled with QR... great service, but... if you're a budding employee... take my advice and go elsewhere!

I'm not having a 'dig' at expats... they do a great job; it's the locals that you have to considder!

Management expertise... think again!

Lifestyle... if you want to end up gridlocked whilst travelling a couple of miles out to supper in the evening; plan on a couple of hours each way! Sometimes you can't even exit the car park!

You're gonna be living adjacent to a Mosque... every street corner has one; morning prayers go out on loudspeakers at 4.00am! Make sure your A/C is blowing MAX... it will drown-out the prayer call! Not dissimilar to having a vacuum cleaner running all night next to your bed! But hey... you'll get used to it!

Someone will eventually scrape the paintwork of your car; either within your compound or in a car park; the culprit will dissapear, leaving you with having to explain to the police as to why your car failed the equivalent to the MOT!

Unless your partner can find some sort of a job... she'll get bored; especially without a second car to go shopping! If you're single; make sure you have a gang of good mates... you'll need them!

Patience... you must have tons, acres, hectares, square miles/kilometers; for otherwise you'll tear your hair out!

Learn to drive like an Arab! Don't do 'road rage'... you'll definately lose!

If you like grass and trees... don't go there!

Or... like me... resign; quit; give in; lose the plot... it's much easier!


terrainavoider 5th Jun 2009 02:14

They changed my fleet too!! Its amazing, im glad they dont have any commuters......anyways, its sad to see an opportunity get squandered cause i believe the airline has a future if they get it right. Only desperate guys will end up joining such an airline and thats going to screw things up anyways. I have crawled back to where i came from and Im :O

georgechfl 5th Jun 2009 04:48

Guys you forget the basics.....U will have a job and it might be more secure than any job here in the US.....United first year $21 per hour...(furloughs of 10 year seniority)!:}...Come to chicago to see scratches everywhere on your car.....Better to be at a place where everything is tax free and get at least something in your pocket every day than having to pay credit cards and the government every single day....Not to mention medicare , schools, loans and bills....PPL with 10 years of seniority loose their jobs so u think the heat or a prayer will stop them to get a job???Some people might like it , its different lifestyle....If you come from Europe thats the way they drive also there ;).....Its just the US with 55 miles on highway...:\.....

georgechfl 5th Jun 2009 05:15

Well noone can beat my 6 on 1 off for 3 weeks and $3200 a month with nothing covered as CA :\...I can take a scratch on my car over that or somebody praying at 4am....

4PW's 5th Jun 2009 08:43

praying at 4am...

You haven't been there.

If you had, you wouldn't be so cavalier.

cochise 5th Jun 2009 21:31

No disrespect but it's 3:20 am:oh:

Fubaliera 6th Jun 2009 13:58

Big neon glitter, if you dont like QR please leave. The problem was lack of planning and communication. Even though im sorry for the guys whos offers were switched, they did the right thing. These guys were switched over to the 320 so 320 guys can transfer over to the 777. As far as i heard 16 captains coming to 320 and 16 transfers from 320 to 777.
As far as the housing goes yes thatsa complete disaster, these guys at least should be offer the money instead of the flat.

togapilot 6th Jun 2009 19:38

Fubaliera you got it wrong. The right thing would have been to not offer the 777 in the first place. But once a guy has packed his stuff, left a good job and landed up in Doha, how can they change his fleet??? This would be upheld in any court in any free country in the world, so please dont say thats right because its NOT.

georgechfl 9th Jun 2009 19:14

Ok back to the subject :\ anybody knows when they will post fo positions again and how many they will need?

JungleJett 10th Jun 2009 11:46

Well it looks like they are giving the option to the new DECs between flat and housing allowance.
Speeking of housing allowance, we were supposed to hear some bad news in June.....well it's June still no news...is it no news good news or no news bad news??
Anyone knows if there will be a change or just status quo?

gdukkoq 10th Jun 2009 16:39

QR Minima
Hello mates,
I was wondering if anyone could inform me about QR recrutment.
I just receive an email for the HR departement with an 8 pages application form, because one of my friend works at QR and spoke to them for me. But I am not sure they will consider my application because I don't have 500hrs jet time yet. My profile is 2500TT 150Jet, with 1100hrs on ATR above 20tones, with full ATPL.
I did apply as FO and 2nd Officer, but for the 2nd officer I am very close to turning 29 (july).
Do you think they will still call me for an interview?

airsnapper 22nd Jun 2009 22:18

Joining Qatar Airways -all you need to know about it
Has any one been through the recent interview process? If so, could you give any information about the questions asked in the tech quiz.


THR MCT 23rd Jun 2009 08:12

Key Word is respect seniority
Still amazed by people stating how could they switch offer at the last minute, others veterants of the so called sandpit calling this place a " Shit hole " while in the meantime they work here earn money and live here with their family, children go to school......:=

Didn't your mam's told never bite the hand that feeds you

for new hire it is always start : I left a nice job, a nice city, which is your hometown or what so ever a green grass, a nice pay and one morning I decided to drop all this nice things and come down the sandpit in the shit hole what a pathetic story who's gonna beleive it.

in the case of placement on which fleet for DEC
let me assure you that any second officer who made it trough QR training is safer and fly better than any DEC no matter what is his previous experience I wonder if QR start giving interviews as the same level as for command upgrade how many DEC will survive my personnel opinion 0%

The hiring process right now is kind of filling the blank recruiting on top of the head, talent people who managed to to go through all the shit here.

Please respect senior pilot on the other fleets
A320 moving to A330 or B777
A330 moving to B777 or A340
And New hire they have to follow a standard progression starting in the order C300, C605, A300/ A320, A330, B777/A340.

in this region of the world at least you must know that you gonna work in the desert not in L.A before your leave home you land in this place with two buckets one for the gold and the other one for problems the first one you managed to fill first here you go back home, enjoying the so called civilized world probably bracing for credit crunch economical down turn.

Reminber always fly safe and high

Thr Mct,

NoJoke 23rd Jun 2009 10:35

Joke of the month.

"in the case of placement on which fleet for DEC
let me assure you that any second officer who made it trough QR training is safer :rolleyes: and fly better than any DEC no matter what is his previous experience I wonder if QR start giving interviews as the same level as for command upgrade how many DEC will survive my personnel opinion 0%."

Hahahahahahahahaaha. :ugh: Thick as two short planks.

Don't worry I shall Reminber.

THR MCT 23rd Jun 2009 14:00

To a Wannabe
to big joke no...
A least this is the only way to keep a bunch of Wannabee like you to jump on others pilots seniority from outside like your friends ex CPT & SVpFO
isn't it:}

NoJoke 23rd Jun 2009 17:02

Nice one. They make it through the extensive QR training to demonstrate their extensive command of the English language like yourself. Wannabe? I am, and I have been flying for longer than you have been alive; judging by your puerile remarks. :E

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