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VV001 20th Aug 2009 12:31

QR Interview
Captain Oryx, I was invited for an interview without any mention of position. I am assuming F.O.
Also, i have heard that these days, the acceptance comes within about a week and if rejected, it will take longer. I am starting to lose hope!!!! But it's not over till it's over. So wish me luck!

Shaman 20th Aug 2009 12:37


Thank you for a description of your interview - I hope you get an offer of employment.

Captain Krunch (or Oryx).

I was not aware of the bond. I am rated on the A320 with bags of experience and P1 hours on it.

Are the A320 and A330 a/c on one mixed fleet? If so, I can understand the need for a bond for a CCQ.

If they are separate fleets, would a type rated pilot joining one of the fleets be subject to a bond?

mauuuus 20th Aug 2009 16:17

its getting better
Greetings all,
I believe the posts are getting better in providing quality information and worthy questions.
VV001; thank you very much for the info. I believe all of us who are waiting for our interview greatly appreciate your shared experience, and good luck on your acceptance.
Regarding the interview stages:Written,Interview and simulator.
Written: one has the most probability to answer/guess correct a question due to time available, and make an educated guess. One worthy book to study the FAA ATP is the GLEIM ATP by Irvin N. Gleim. The book is divided into subjects and each topic has an introduction to the subject.
Interview: In this stage you have less probability to make an educated guess due to time and presence of the panel. the golden answer if you do not know would be, " i am sorry i can not bring to mind the information, but I know in I can find the information in this book".
Some questions asked in the interview where (info from some acquiescence who got hired) : From the aircraft type rated, the electrical and hydraulic systems, procedures for miss approach 2 eng. and single engine, evasion maneuvers for ground prox. and windshear, limitations. Golden rule.- The more concise and professional your answers are the less they will ask. (every panel loves to see a well prepared airman).
A well prepared answer would be to answer the question, tell (share) a related situation and the positive experience from that situation. (this kind of answer worked 100% for friends who got hired in Emirates and Etihad)
Simulator: In this stage is where most applicants do not make it. You know or you do not know, there is no guess. And thats were my most concerned is, because I am a Boeing airman. And as a good old timer military instructor said," you study for a 100% performance but you perform 70-80% because of the situation, pressure, mind tricks and for what is in risk".
According to some acquienscence the sim profile was/is, visual pattern with a 15 kt x-wind and with AT, land. Next a V1 cut. Eng. failure procedures, CRM, vectors ILS miss app. (20-30 simulator session) What they are looking for besides flying skills is excellent CRM. Do not forget to involve in your flying your PNF and the check airman. On your first and second T.O. ask your PNF if he is ready and also ask the checkairman if he is ready, maybe he is still punching the numbers in the back.
Well lads,thats my 2 cents worth of information.

Aerodmb 20th Aug 2009 20:23

could someone please give us a snapshot of the following?:

How long is the initial training?
What aircraft are they hiring into for non-type rated pilots?
What type of hotels are you in for layovers?
What is the pay?
Is there any housing subsidy pay for Dohan?
What are the schedules like on average for First Officers?

Thanks in advance.

VV001 20th Aug 2009 20:26

QR Interview
Well my friends, i just got word from another interviewee that he was offered the job after 8 days. Since i am still waiting and based on QR's past history, that is not a good sign for me at all :ouch: As i said before, if you pass, you most likely will hear within 7-8 days. If not, then a few weeks.
My friends, what i wrote about the interview process was how it was done in August 2009 and with my interview group. In the past, they had done V1 cuts, Visual patterns, etc, etc. My group had no V1 cuts , no Vis. patterns, no formulas on the written, no AP/FD/AT. 45 min. interviews and 50 min. Sims. The profile i received in e-mail, had V1 cuts, Vis pattern, etc. When i left the interview, i was given a different profile and even different airport and approach. So obviously, they have (at least for my group) changed procedures. All raw data stuff. I read the FAA/ATP and a million other things. Maybe, just maybe the others had ONLY studied the ACE and not anything else. I don't know. I will not get involved in ACE V. Gleim (FAA/ATP) battle here. All i am saying is what i saw and was told. You choose for yourself what to study and how to prepare. EPR, there were no calculations on my test. Are you going to get one? I don't know!
Guys, i am a furloughed pilot with no jobs right now. I flew a B747-400 and have never flown an Airbus in my life. Don't sweat it too much. Study hard and give it your best shot. Either you will get it, or you wont. I guess i didn't!
Good Luck:ok:

Qatari515 20th Aug 2009 20:43

How long is the initial training?

Depending on aircraft type and availability ins slots of the respective training department. Lets say, as an average, it takes between 3 and 5 months to be fully released on line.

What aircraft are they hiring into for non-type rated pilots?

All depends on your previous experience. Boeing guys will stay on the Boeing, Airbus guys will come on the Airbus. A330 is a downsizing fleet at the moment, however due to fleet transfers they still need pilots from time to time. A320 is expanding. A300 to disregards, unless you are A300/A310 rated.

What type of hotels are you in for layovers?

Used toe be mostly Mariott and Sheraton. These days being downgraded to Crowne plaza, Holiday Inn,....So lets say from 5 star to 4 star (3 star sometimes). In general no complaints whatsoever with regards to hotels, except that the meal allowances are very low!

What is the pay?

Search function, mate!

Is there any housing subsidy pay for Dohan?

Its DOHA. As a new joining FO you will have to take a company apartment. As a Captain you have the option because no company villas are available at the moment!

What are the schedules like on average for First Officers?

Again fleet dependent. In general over here you will work hard, no matter what position you are hired in.

Aerodmb 20th Aug 2009 21:16

Thanks for the replies.

Qatari515 20th Aug 2009 22:04

Salary, without housing allowance as most new joiners will go to company accommodation

FO: +/_ 6500USD
Capt: +/_ 11500USD

Aerodmb 21st Aug 2009 02:44

What are the company accomodations like?

NEDude 21st Aug 2009 02:52

What is the latest about getting a resume in. Got mine all ready to go and e-mailed it to the address they provided only to have it sent back as an invalid e-mail. So is snail mail the only way to do it?

NoJoke 21st Aug 2009 04:18

Qatari 515
Don't know what I'm doing wrong but I normally clear around 10,000 USD (without HA) This amount drops dramatically when on leave due to the pitifully low basic wage. :uhoh:

Royalblue 21st Aug 2009 06:02

Small summary of interview...
:ok:Just got an interview invitation....:ok:

From whats being said so far in this thread:

1.ACE the pilot technical interview.
2.JAA CAT 1/2/3 Regulations
5.Low visibility ops
6.The aircraft I am flying at this time
7.Circling Approach’s
9.Personality questions
10.CRM scenarios.
11.Stabilized approach criterion
12.What makes good/bad CAPT./F.O
13.Jeppesen Manual(IFR rules)
12.pyrotechnic Lights/flashes from tower
13.High Speed aerodynamics/deflated tires
14. Altimeter settings and how weather affects it
15.ICAO holding speeds
16.Describe a dutch roll
17.When do you use anti ice
18.What is the sqawk code for threat in airplane
19 Bomb senario on plane and what would you do?
20.MN calculation

if you have any additional info pls let us know :ok:

Aerodmb 21st Aug 2009 08:19

I sent mine Fedex. I also followed up today with an email but it was returned as well. Might have something to do with the file size but not sure. i was attempting to send a 5mb file, guess I need to reduce it. Good luck!

Qatari515 21st Aug 2009 08:23

Ok, I guess when you have seniority 1 you will be around 10500USD on an average month.

QR pays the absolute industry standard, nothing more nothing less. No profit sharing, pension plan, bonusses,......WYSIWYG! Same as EY, less as EK.

The problem, as you said, are the months where you are on leave as you loose all the flight pay. You will fall back on basic salary plus few allowances.

The trick is to spread your leave, and to make sure you actually do fly a lot before and after leave. Remember, salaries are calculated from the 10th till the 9th on a monthly bases.

loc22550 21st Aug 2009 09:59

Same as EY....??
Right Qatari 515,Except that with EY there is not limit(time) for the annual increase...700QR/ year...(QR after 4 years thats it no increase!!)
Doesn't sound a big deal like that, but if you plan for a long career...at the end of The day it will make a Big difference!!(Keep in my mind that the end of service benefit is based on your last basic as well!)
EY has a bigger basic as well! So when you go on leave, you might see the difference as well..?

littlejet 21st Aug 2009 10:05

swept back what?

Qatari515 21st Aug 2009 12:53

Hold your horses LOC,

we where talking about the salary and that's it! Nothing more, nothing less!

In QR your basic salary goes up 3% per year (peanuts), but according to the labour law this goes on forever. So what are you talking about? This was even represented on the presentation and the handout we received 3 years ago (last salary raise).
HR will try to trick you into something else, but its up to you to stand up for your rights. Over there them themselves don't know what they are talking about, so use your brain-do some research and get what is yours! And most importantly, do not blindly believe what people try to tell you in the hallway.

EY has a higher basic salary, but a lower productivity pay so at the end of the day the salary is the same. During a flying month a QR pilot will make slightly more, and during the holidays an EY pilot will make more!

loc22550 21st Aug 2009 13:08

515, don't worry i'm holding my horse,just related true fact:
What i'm talking about..., your basic salary doesn't increase anymore after 4 years of seniority in QR.. but yes it should !!
you Don't believe me..ask any senior Cpt here (>4years)what is their basic....
Oh yes it mentioned on the handout we received 3 years ago....like the days off payment down the route....:\

Qatari515 21st Aug 2009 13:24

Well that's their problem, as I am telling you you have the right to go and ask for what is legally yours.

Most probably HR is not even aware of this fact, as only now some guys are coming up to the 4 years things since 2005/2006

They should go there and tell them to adjust it. Same was done by some FOs some months back with regards to another issue.
The problem here is that most people here have no spine and are too afraid to go and ask for something! HR knows this and is taking advantage of it, I know.

But this does not relieve someone from his responsabilty to go and ask for it!

Believe me, my basic salary WILL go up after 4 years.

loc22550 21st Aug 2009 13:35

Me too don't worry, if no increase after 4 years, the next day i will be in the financial department...but you..known on the handout we received 3 years ago..."days off payment down the route" is also mentioned.....:\
We all known what happens in the mean time...
Never take anything as granted in QR till you see it with your eyes!
By the way the seniority mentioned of this handout has nothing to do with the introduction of this new salary pay scale..but rather with your D.O.J in Q.R or the date you became a cpt or SFo....
Yes we do have a lot of senior Cpt with more than 4 years(as Cpt) in Qr!

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