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ARGPILOT757 14th Aug 2009 23:59

Qr Interview
i cannot get to that website!
what kind of qatar interview questions u have??

loc22550 15th Aug 2009 10:01

This web site has nothing to do with Qatar airways interview,but mainly designed for engineers training...
Yes you got some type related question as well for pilots, but for those of you who are not rated on any Q.R. aircraft(most of the guys),sure you will not have any type rated questions!

crosscust 17th Aug 2009 16:54

I just got an invite for an interview. I've read through the many messages on this (& other) threads. Any new/updated information on which fleet they are interviewing for? Any other specifics concerning pay/benefits etc would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

I very much appreciate ya'lls time in responding.

Thanks again.

Capt Krunch 18th Aug 2009 05:33

A pumps

Then does this have an effect on the outcome of your application for a job.?
No one in the airline cares. BUT, if you are living together and not married, this is a illicit relationship and can be met with time in Jail and or deportation afterwards. this is a country law thing not a Qatar Airways rule.


try the SEARCH function to find out what you can, as these topics have been covered a million times in the past.

poisoned by compromise

Metro man 18th Aug 2009 09:59

Mine is a PDF of a computer printout. This is enough to check in with as you will obviously have your passport with you. "Real" airline tickets are almost a thing of the past now, "e" ticket are the go.

BTW Upgradable to J/C class on space available basis.:)

Shaman 18th Aug 2009 11:39

Hi Guys,

Nothing on their website about an upper age limit for captains - anyone have any facts?

Captain Oryx 18th Aug 2009 12:41

Below 60 without type rating. Below 62 with type rating.

Capt Krunch 18th Aug 2009 13:13


(Captain and First Officer)
-Full transition course up to 60 years of age, CCQ course up to 62 years of age;
–Direct Entry Non-Type rated pilots will be frozen on their type for a period of 3 years from the date of their FLC.
–Direct Entry Type rated pilots will be frozen on their type for a period of 2 years from the date of their FLC.
–Direct Entry pilots who are provided with a CCQ course will be frozen on their type for a period of 2 years from the date of the FLC.

there is a Bond as you might already know. as follows
Non-Type Rated Transition (new joiner) 3 years from Final Line Check 50,000 = $1388pm after 1st year (Final Line Check)

A320/330 CCQ (New joiner) 1 year from Final Line Check 15,000 = $1250pm after 1 st year (Final Line Check)

A pumps

it's call E-ticket (lol), seriously, thats all you need. although it my seem like an ID90. it's a specific staff ticket issued to interview candidates, thus you wont have to worry about getting bumped off as would be the case in a normal ID90. so just get on the aircraft and be good :} of course like all airlines there is a dress code for all company staff travelers
When Travelling :
–Male crew member : National dress or slacks, collared shirt or polo shirt and dress shoes.
–Female crew member : National dress or pantsuit, dress, business suit or blouse and skirt combination.
Jeans are not allowed to be worn at anytime.
having said that, it would only be prudent not to come on our aircraft in jeans and sport shoes, as the staff may not allow you to occupy a business class of first class seat, even if one is available.

poisoned by compromise

mauuuus 19th Aug 2009 02:05

Lets keep posted

I received an invitation from Qatar and also I am interested on acquiring information regarding the interview process, simulator information, tips, advice and worthy comments.
So lets keep posted to obtain worthy information for the interview.


widebody300er 19th Aug 2009 03:48

I have also received an invitation for Oct 19th in Doha. Any info would be great!

Shaman 19th Aug 2009 13:03

Captains Oryx and Krunch,

Thank you very much indeed for the factual information - much appreciated.

Capt Krunch 19th Aug 2009 20:16


it's been 4 days of interview
not sure where that information comes from, but interviews have been quite continuous for a few years now, there was a bit of initial interview slow down to clear up back logs and to deal with the delay in deliveries on the B777, but still plenty of interviews as well as the other fleets, nothing has changed in that department.
the only thing that has changed is the level of awareness of this fact on PPrune as some calls are now being made to candidates on the waiting list.

don't worry about it so much, now some of your basics and show some good airmenship qualities and good CRM. next thing you know you'll be trapped in the sand like the rest of us.:}

it's no so bad really :confused:

Poisoned by Compromise

ARGPILOT757 19th Aug 2009 20:30

Qr Interview
jajaja, i just was refering to the fact that i know on the 12,13,17 and 18 of aug, some guys had interviews.

thanks anyway.

mauuuus 20th Aug 2009 00:20

Yoke or joystick
Regarding the Qatar interview: I am also a Boeing airman, who learned the virtues and qualities of the hardware/software of Boeing. My main concern is if in the ckeckride they will give me a yoke or a joystick to fly.- Some fellows have made comment's that if you are a Boeing guy they will make you jump into the B777 sim or if airbus in the A330 sim. Then again they are just comments.
By the way on my interview invitation it does indicate for what aircraft i would be considered in the interview.:bored:

widebody300er 20th Aug 2009 00:41

I would think that if you came off a Boeing the sim avail would be on the 777?

mauuuus 20th Aug 2009 02:07

Qatar Gouge
If someone is an active member of ProPilotWorld.com, they have posted a recent Qatar interview gouge( Date posted 08-16-09). So please if you get a hold of the info, pass it along and share.;)

georgechfl 20th Aug 2009 03:23

Just got invited too for november 16 :D pm me with info if u have any :)

VV001 20th Aug 2009 06:03

Recent QR Interview!
Hi guys. I’m new here on this forum. So take it easy on me. I am only trying to help. I interviewed at QR very recently. Here is the scoop:

I had studied the FAA/ATP book. The text and the questions. I skipped all the “refer to” questions and just read what was appropriate for a multiple choice written exam. I had also studied the Jepp’s introduction section. I also found the answers to all the questions that I read on this forum. Also lots of “incidental learning “will take place during your research. I also reviewed the North Atlantic Orientation Chart, my companies GOM and my aircraft’s systems and limitations. Lots of questions can also be typed into and answered using Google!

The interview had three parts: 1. Written. 2. Panel interview, 3. Simulator. You have to pass each part in order to move on to the next.

We showed up at 8am. Was given a presentation on the company and a chance to ask questions. Then a small break. After the break, a 50 question test and 1 hour to take it. All the questions were JAR based but having read the ATP book and also using basic pilot knowledge and some common sense, I was able to pass the written. Those who did not, were dismissed after lunch (provided by QR). You get to keep the room till your checkout date.

Then those who passed the written, were called in for the interview with the Chief Pilot Recruiter and an HR lady. Approx. 45 min. each. They asked the typical HR questions and some technical questions regarding weather, TD, RWY conditions, WS recognition and avoidance, etc. Then we were provided with a profile for the Sim. that was different than what we had previously received. Went back to the room and shortly after that had a letter under the hotel room door that invited me to the Sim.

Sim was A330. Normal profile is now expected. No V1 cuts and supposedly no abnormal stuff or malfunctions, although I did get one. Plan on CRM, briefings, calling for flaps, gear, checklists, etc.

When all the Sim’s are over, you can go back to the hotel. No feed back on how you did. They say, you will be notified within 2-4 weeks.

You can study for this till you turn blue in the face. But the fact is that you need to study to a point where you feel comfortable for an interview. Not all the questions are going to be the same. Not everyone will get the same written or the same oral questions asked. So just study what ever you can find. Tip: Some of the guys that did NOT pass the written, had studied ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had studied for the INTERVIEW!!!!!!

Now I wait!

Good luck :ok:

VV001 20th Aug 2009 07:41

QR Interview
By the way, the Sim. evaluation is based on simulator availability and not what you are currently flying. They can simply not accomodate everyone based on what they fly. It is just like any other airline. You get what's available.
Good Luck :ok:

Captain Oryx 20th Aug 2009 12:05

VV001- Were you invited to interview as a Capt. or F/O. Just curious.

FMC- No news is good news. When I interviewed we had one pilot receive a rejection notice. He received it 2 weeks to the day. The rest of us ranged from 3-6 weeks. Having said that I think the acceptances might be a little more prompt than 6 weeks.

EPR- Not KRUNCH, but if you were asked in the interview "when are you available", the date you give may be pretty close to the date you get. I said "immediately".
When I received my "congratulations" email, I called with some additional questions. When I asked about my class date I was asked "What date do you want?" The date I picked was the date I got.

Hint: All classes start on Sunday, the first day of the work week.

Good Luck to everyone!!:ok:

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