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maxtrails 19th Feb 2009 07:12

Sim Assessment
Would anyone care to throw some light on the Sim Assessment? I might have one coming up in the next few weeks.
Also, how are the flying hours logged in a heavy/Augmented/Double crew ops? Is time in the bunk logged or discounted as in EK?
If someone can give an idea as to how long one can realistically expect to wait for an upgrade it will be of great help too. I am aware at least 3 yrs in the company as per policy.
Thanks for your replies.
Happy Landings!!

P.S. I did try the search function but couldn't find anything specific about my queries.

loc22550 19th Feb 2009 07:34

Upgrade TODAY in Qatar airways:...5..6 years.
But thinks keep changing like the wind direction here.So i think NOBODY knowns about tomorrow...

maxtrails 19th Feb 2009 08:12

loc22550, thanks for your reply.
I agree its changeable.
If I remember 4-4.5 years was mentioned by the visiting team here. Just helps to know if one figure is mentioned and the reality is a bit different.
Are FOs who fulfill the requirements actually being upgraded now or is the process just at planning stage?
Thanks again for the info.

widebody300er 19th Feb 2009 16:18

I did recieve an email from QR a week ago asking witch airport I would like to fly out of Washington or JFK. Have not heard back..:D

zerograv 19th Feb 2009 17:23

Capt Krunch

One more question for you if you wouldn't mind :O

I have 550 hrs on B757/767 (about 50/50 on each aircraft)
but the total time is very low, that is, 860 hrs total.

Do you think I should have a go at Qatar or would I be just
a nuisance for HR if I would do that.


loc22550 19th Feb 2009 17:32

As far as i known yes, the upgrade goes on for the one who fulfill the requirements..

shneidertrophy 19th Feb 2009 22:37

It is all very easy...

First of all, you have to meet the requirements ( 5000hrs TT, 3 years in company)

Than you take your calculator and you start counting:

500 FOs in company today, all of them more senior than you, most of them will meet the requirements ahead of you. Lets substract 50 to cater for second officers who will need more time.

450 FOs in front of you, awaiting upgrade.

Contrary to popular belief here, there are NO plans being made so far to upgrade on any other fleet but the A320s. and thats a fact!
A320 handles about 4 upgrades/month, 44 upgrades a year maximum!

Of those selected about 60% gets through the upgrade process, others fail.

So if all goes well, you have to deal with 270 FOs in front of you who will make it ahead of you, at a rate of 44/year max. This gives you a time frame of 6.13 years to wait if you would join now!

This is calculated with the situation as we know it today. And we all know things can change in any direction any day around here.

Good luck!

maxtrails 20th Feb 2009 03:15

Thanks loc22550 and shneidertrophy

That was very good information. Didn't realise that upgrade is on 320. Its a good a/c to fly maybe (haven't flown it myself) and I'm told its a good rating to have but this was not mentioned during the interview. So that says something, I guess.

Capt Krunch 20th Feb 2009 05:52


well there is no doubt about the fact that guys who apply that are not qualified are a nuisance and consume precious time away HR's progress.

but, having said that I would never tell someone not to give it a try, you just never know. To be honest I don't think you would be hired with such low TT but then again stranger things have happened here in the past.

Poisoned by Compromise

zerograv 20th Feb 2009 17:54

Capt Krunch

Many thanks for your input :ok:

Choosing not to be a nuisance. May be sometime in the future ....

Safe flights,

cargodogs 22nd Feb 2009 08:40


For non-company info on moving to Qatar you might wanna check out Qatar Living | Everything you need to know about living in Qatar. I've found that site very useful. Of course, I haven't actually moved to Qatar yet. But, I've found people there to be very helpful and to give a more positive impression of Qatar than what I've found here. :)

Xaxa 22nd Feb 2009 18:34

For non-company info on moving to Qatar you might wanna check out QATARSUCKS | and the world needs to know! also.

The site deals mostly with problems of low-paid labor, so you might think that it does not concern you, since you will be one of demigods who can afford a 4WD car and accommodation that is not shared...

Still, it is good to see the picture from all the sides. ;)

ninja 25th Feb 2009 13:45

QA Company Accomodation MUST Be Taken

I've just been informed that all deck crew must take the company provided accomodation. Does anyone know why this has come into force and if it is only a temporary measure? Reason i ask is because i was going to find my own place, albeit more expensive, as the 2 bed apartment provided by the company wont be sufficient to accomodate my family.

empati 27th Feb 2009 00:10

Also interested in the answere of this one!


KRUGERFLAP 27th Feb 2009 02:10

Goat Flying
Qatar is like this,and believe ME IT will get worst.THAT's the way they are.TAKE IT ,OR LEAVE IT.


Shaman 27th Feb 2009 09:09

I must be looking in the wrong thread but I cannot find the answer to a question I have re A320 captain rosters..............

would anybody be kind enough to let me know approximately how many layovers a captain could expect each month (on everage) and approximately how many "up all night" flights one could expect to do?

loc22550 27th Feb 2009 10:11

No specific rules...:
You might have 2..3...4...5.. layovers a month..,same for night flight (the only restriction is a max of 3 night flight in a row when you are "acclimatised"...
You might not see some destinations layovers for 6 months+...
Generally speaking..not well balanced and fair.

loc22550 27th Feb 2009 10:16

Ninja: you might have been informed..
Personnally i Haven't seen anything, and haven't been informed!
Do you reallly think Q.R has enough accomodation to accomodate all the pilots...!
Maybe just for the new joiners.

ninja 27th Feb 2009 11:08

As far as i'm aware its for all new joiners.

ViejaEscuela 27th Feb 2009 13:03

Interview in DOHA
Hello everyone,
Can somebody tell me what the personal interview involves in general?
Documentation, questions they ask, if there is a SIM test, etc......
I am type rated A320 and if they ask questions about the aircraft.
Best Regards to everyone

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