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Qatari515 5th Aug 2009 19:42

Hi Oryxbollocks,

Exactly what I was thinking!

That sour grape does not even know that ST's quote has been around for a while. It is one of the classic texts of aviation which has been updated over the span of time!

And I have to agree he could not have found a better place to have it re-emerged.

Ill remember to say hi next time I bump into him @ the tech building on his off day, strolling in the hallway waiting for ANY fleetmanager to clamp on to!

No wonder airline managers all over the world find most pilots to be absolute %&$@! I am beginning to see why myself!

NoJoke 6th Aug 2009 03:38

EPR set
NO! So if you don't like go elsewhere; if you manage to join you will soon find out the truth and you'll be here too 'whining' :ugh:

ARGPILOT757 6th Aug 2009 04:37


that is so funny,but at the same time it is the sad true !!!!

Fubaliera 6th Aug 2009 06:36

Come on guys, back to the subject.

Black Stain 6th Aug 2009 10:32

EPR SET?? Yep, set at about 2.01 I reckon. You are probably too highly strung for the middle-east. They dont write in stone in the Gulf, but in the sand. Policy changes with wind and whim. What you read here about interviews will quickly change, especially since Goat Management read these threads.

If a candidate spent as much time studying as fishing he may have a better chance of pass? :rolleyes:

saviboy 6th Aug 2009 11:42

Hey guys
Is Qatar giving interviews to RJ pilots?

flyby71 6th Aug 2009 15:00

Is there anyone applying for a DEC positions and if so, did you get a date or time frame when the screenings will take place?

shneidertrophy 7th Aug 2009 19:54

Good to see at least some people around here appreciate a good joke!

RJ pilots....join the club. You are MOST welcome. As a matter of fact we will put you straight on the 777, where you will make at least 2000USD more than more senior colleagues flying other airplanes! They will like you for it!

So come on over!

Captain Oryx 8th Aug 2009 09:54

Good luck to all who are interested!:ok:

ARGPILOT757 9th Aug 2009 02:33

Qr Interview
from the road show last year:

1) First you will be presented a short video of the company. Where it stands and where it plans to go in the current market. Everything will be painted as beautiful. On a side note, do your homework on the company. If you are complaining about US airlines, you might be in for a surprise. It's not pretty.

2) You will be given a 50 question test. The test is essentially about your general knowledge of the JAA world. You can't study for it. Questions are completely random in subjects. I only remember there was a couple of questions about holding speeds (different from US - have a look at JAR OPS1, 2 and 3-4). When I did the interview, the test was more or less a formality but did see some supposedly experienced pilots fail it - but things may have changed with all the applicants out there - they may be more strict about it. The test is easy if you have international experience - if you don't you are in for a surprise.

3) After the test you have a CRM group test. The test you can find it online - actual one given by NASA. It's a story about how you landed on the moon and your ship wrecked and you have to travel 100 miles to the second ship. You have a list of items you can bring and you have to rank them in order of importance. First you will do this by yourself - when everyone is done - then you compare and decide as a group what should be the answer. Based on your answers versus the group answers you will receive a score. From what I was told by the interviewer is that they want to see that you improve your answers with the group. If you go the opposite way they will not like this.

4) You have the interview - they look extensively at your jet experience and will ask random questions about yourself but also technical questions and procedures about your aircraft. Example, for me I was asked the question, how many degrees of pitch would you fly in the A320 with an engine failure right after takeoff. What would you see on the PFD? Others were asked what is your company procedure for.... Do you agree with it? Do you disagree with it? Bottom line - review the systems of your aircraft - know your airline procedures. There was no questions about "tell me about a time when" type. At least not for me.

for the guys going on the 10th,11th,12th,13th,17th and 18th aug please post some info about the interview.
thanks in advance.:ok:

ciao :cool:

Captain Oryx 9th Aug 2009 09:22

My interview was also during a road show.

I experienced the same scenario as Argpilot757 except number 3 (the group session).

Concerning number 2, the book "Ace The Pilot Technical Interview" was recommended as prep. I found it beneficial as some of the topics addressed in the test were covered last in the early days of pilot training.

My interview had no technical questions. Instead, I was asked about myself, my family, what do I expect from Qatar Airways, etc. I was then presented a list of sim eval dates and told to pick one. If you can't make any of the published list they will notify you when a later session comes available.

Good luck!!:ok:

Transition Level 10th Aug 2009 09:31

Do somebody know when and where and when the Next roadshow to recruit DEC will be?

crj700cpt 13th Aug 2009 08:47

Hy pilots
Please any interview feedback.

Thank you for your help:ok:

ODGUY 13th Aug 2009 13:00

How do they look at DHC8-Q400 time?

Capt Krunch 13th Aug 2009 18:35


don't worry to much over the medical, it's quite straight forward. corrective lenses are accepted to most degrees. the major problem people face is some of the out dated equipment that Doc Aziz uses, which most always results in you having to go to a specialist for a 2nd opinion or clearance signature, this includes eye exams.

in the end it's usually no problem, and in the time I have been here i have seen little in the way of failed medicals having said that.. there has been some pretty serious false alarms for no good reason.. most around here no the drill and it poses no further difficulties in the long run.


ask yourself this in reality, a major international airline with an all jet all Etops fleet, operation in Mid to short range international routes as well as ULR ( Ultra Long Haul ) routes. who do you think they would look at Dash 8 time ? is my question to you.
not to down play your experience, as I realize that this can be a very challenging type of flying in mid-level altitudes of turbo props, but to be perfectly honest there are few if any pilots that have come here directly off turbo props, although the Q400 is a EFIS aircraft, the lack of jet engines might dissolve that. I won't tell you not to try because, in this place stranger things have happened, but don't get you hopes too high for the time being.

poisoned by compromise

ODGUY 13th Aug 2009 18:49


That's not a question that I have to ask myself, as I already know the answers. My question was does QR look at the dash8 Q400 time.

Thanks for the reply in any case.

ARGPILOT757 13th Aug 2009 19:56

Qr Interview

Webslinger 14th Aug 2009 00:13

What kind of B.S. mentality is that? (Be lucky you had an offer). How about if you make an offer, stick to your word! QR might have the upper hand on the "supply and demand" of pilots right now. However, they will reep what they sow in years to come when the economy improves and they need decent, professional pilots. What goes around comes around.

Capt Krunch 14th Aug 2009 07:31


well, my apologize to you if there is a misunderstanding, but you want to know if QA looks at Dash 8 time? in what sense? as a total time?, well they most certainly do, as EFIS experienced?, that would be left open for panel discussion, as overall international airline experience?, not really. as jet experienced? of course not.
due to the fact your question is a bit ambiguous, it may still be left unanswered.


everyone around this part of the world already knows that, but the fact remains that over the years QA have always landed on their feet, mainly on the backs of the crews blood sweat and hard work, as well as all others involved in this ever lasting growing pain.

Poisoned by Compromise

Andromachus 14th Aug 2009 22:06

Cut to the chase.
Whats the pay.

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