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Rigid Body 2nd Mar 2016 10:07

Thanks CMDGreen, highly appreciated

joker737 5th Mar 2016 05:42

Which one? 777? 787?
777 or 787? Which one is more recommend? I know the 777 pays more but can someone enlighten us on the pay difference compared to the 787?

Also which one has the better roster with the days off?

Pin Head 10th Mar 2016 13:34


On the basis of the number of people at staff check in, is the RHS 777 fleet commutable after training?

From say BKK?

Thank you

casablanca 10th Mar 2016 14:28

There is no pay difference between 777 and 787, or any other fleets.
The 777 probably has more monthly pay as it is mostly longhaul and heavy crews factor the flight time but get paid for all.........so you may be logging 75 hours but paid for 90.

Commutable????? Depends on your definition and expectations.
I am flying with an Italian pilot....he likes it here and says he makes it home more from Qatar then he did when working for his previous Italian airline.
So it is possible to go home a lot but wouldn't call it truly commuting.

BKK currently has 4 flights a day.....but usually very full.
As a pilot you at least have option for jumpseat so usually can get on

Pin Head 10th Mar 2016 15:03


Are they filling spots how for 777 or are they pulling from the pool only?



flyforever35 10th Mar 2016 16:53

Qatar has announced that they'll make a roadshow in Istanbul 12-13 Apr. 2016. (Radisson Blue Hotel)
It'll be a meeting and interview with pilots who willing to join Qatar.
And TK has decreased required hours from 1000hrs to 750 hrs for FO's:)

CATI 10th Mar 2016 19:43

How difficult or easy is it for your wife to work in Qatar? Can she independently work or are there any things to be taken into account when she accompanies her husband?

Toto737NG 11th Mar 2016 12:20

Any Captain have been called??
Hello folks,!!
Somebody have information about the Captains in the holding pool??
It's been a while since I haven't heard from Boeing Captains in the pool join the company.
Hopefully someone have good and real news.
Take care guys.
Have a safe flights!! ✈️

Boeinglad 11th Mar 2016 13:42

Same for me.. In the pool since Jan 2015 and no news.. Hopefully they will get back to us soon because I have to start working on kids school.. Anyone has any infos from the inside?

737SFP 11th Mar 2016 16:37

Toto737ng and Boeinglad,

Do you guys received the email about the training slots will be set to April onwards? And a few documents to be send as well?


Boeinglad 11th Mar 2016 18:22

Yes I have received and replied to that email..

Toto737NG 12th Mar 2016 01:51

Yeap, me too.
I got that Mail on January as well.
I sent it back with all the paperwork and since that mail, i haven't heard news! :(

The only moves has been in the right seat.
I'm nervous about my kids too.
Thanks guys! 👋.

msian1147 12th Mar 2016 02:46

QR Medical

I understand that unlike EK and others, QR doesn't require you to do the medical during the interview. I was told we'll be doing the class 1 after joining.

Would it be ok if i request to do the medical first before resigning from my current employer?

Thanks in advance :)

level_change 12th Mar 2016 11:28

You can do a qatari class one medical in advance - Dr Orton in STN comes to mind. IT will cost you around 340 pounds.

Black Pudding 12th Mar 2016 11:56

There are some extra medical checks done on your initial that now not done on renewal medicals. The medical at STN may not include the full medical required for your initial QCAA class one..

I suggest you do a medical at your home country before you arrive here in Doha so as you have the confidence to know you just passed one at home.


Nervous about your kids ? Why, what's your concerns

Regards BP

Crashlanding 13th Mar 2016 11:37

Hi guys, would any of you at QR know if there is a ban with FZ guys joining you? The belief is there is no ban at the moment.


Sallytraffic 18th Mar 2016 21:13

Can anyone who's been through the assessment process recently please share details of the sim? (Rated Boeing FO)
I've heard that it ends with a single engine visual, just trying to establish if any automation or fd's are available?
Please PM if you'd rather...
Many Thanks

cherokee and bus 18th Mar 2016 22:25

Any news for NTR ? Are they going to recruit again ?

alloha 18th Mar 2016 22:26

Do I need to submit an application so that I can attend the Qatar open day or I just walk in?

Obbie 19th Mar 2016 13:34

No you don't need to submit an application to attend the road show,
but you should probably get your head examined.

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