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Sgt-Pilot 28th Jul 2014 14:38

Cognitive test
Does anyone have any clue or information as to what are the contents for this test and from where to practise?

Effoh 30th Jul 2014 09:30

Can anyone let me know how long they were "under review" for 777/787 FO? My application has been like that for almost a month now.

Vmax400 31st Jul 2014 15:24

Hello guys..
my status nowadays says " Interviewed - Feedback Pending"
can anybody know what it means? and feedback from who?

winterinhell 1st Aug 2014 01:34

I think u can disregards the status in ur QR job page..i got a joining date but the status is still 'on hold'..

On a different note,it wasnt that long since I joined this forum,but I do got the leisure of not having to scroll back like 300++ pages to get all the info..but then I still did scroll all the way back when I first joined this thread (frankly only once and I did missed a lot of info already discussed) before I start throwing questions..so Im just wondering, if it is so hard for some of us to read 373 pages of discussions, what make u think u can read thru at least once,4 volumes of aircraft manuals with avrg of 700++ page each,1 safety manual and 1 company policy manual with only 3 months in hand..and I do believe,i posted my process from when I applied to when I received DOJ just few pages behind this one..

ManFlex46 1st Aug 2014 07:14

QR and F/O upgrades
Hello guys,

to all of you already flying with QR, if you guys could please shed some light on the F/O upgrades to left seat esp. on widebodies? Is the situation really that grim as being portrayed everywhere...that virtually no upgrades for 5-8 years (even for very experienced F/O's) and then if you do get ur one chance, you could be put down in the interview for no reason?


migair54 5th Aug 2014 10:56

update email
New update email.

Very limited people from the pool needed, they need some captains and B787/777 people and type rated guys only. No FTSO towards the year 2015 included.

Next update December 2014.

casablanca 5th Aug 2014 13:58

Sorry to hear the talent pool update....tough to wait so long and get bad or at least no good news!
@manflex 46...Regarding upgrades.
I am probably not one to comment but from what I have gathered talking to first officers is that it seems to be the intention of the company to upgrade more from within.....I have talked to people in training dept. and they were trying to double or triple the number of internal upgrades. With that being said it is necessary to rely on DECs to a great extent with such fast growth.
It does appear to be a long wait as wide body applicants need 7000 hours for command and 2000 on the airplane or a widebody....so many people are 5+ years waiting for the time.
There are a few horror stories of people who were "interviewed" for a command position and turned down for little or no reason.
I do think Qatar still potentially offers one of the quickest tracks to the right seat for experienced first officers

pilotchute 6th Aug 2014 00:21

Qatar seem to be intent on MPL second officers and CTC grads. Maybe it's a revenue stream for them? I know they don't need the money but why not hire guys who are willing to pay?

ManFlex46 8th Aug 2014 06:40

@Casablanca....thanks for the info, cheers!

SIDS N STARS 9th Aug 2014 03:51

As well as receiving the Talent Pool email, I received an email from someone else in HR asking for an update on hours, copies of licence/medical etc.. even though I sent this to them 2 months ago. Does this mean anything re: fleet allocation, start date, etc..?

ItsMeFromEarth 9th Aug 2014 09:43

It just means that they are updating the database.
Nothing more, nothing less

N1LNAVVNAV 9th Aug 2014 20:42

RoadShow in LATAM
There is a Roadshow this month in a few cities here in LATAM, has anyone recently visited one of this events (anywhere). Any feedback would be appreciated.
What kind of interview? Exam if there is any? And material to bring..

Thank you in advance

3dchauffer 11th Aug 2014 11:16

Same question here!. Any help at all is appreciated.

cosmiccomet 11th Aug 2014 12:55

The road show is not an interview/selection process, it is just a company presentation.
The application is still via web and the interviews at DOH.

casablanca 11th Aug 2014 13:58

As stated above , you apply via website. The roadshow is a recruiting event, but attendance will probably get you an interview much quicker.

3dchauffer 12th Aug 2014 03:24

Thanks for the answers. I'm guessing not being type rated on the big birds still keeps me out of the airline game.

Wingsoffury 13th Aug 2014 06:57

Has anyone got the page number of this thread of what happens on the 2 day screening? got as far back as p370

Or can someone update the order of the 2 days screening?

Many thanks

FL123 13th Aug 2014 10:11

Order of screening -

First day-
1) Written test - 50 questions multiple choice (Capt and FO)
2) Cognitive Test - 4 sections
3) Interview

Second day-
1) Sim


Vmax400 14th Aug 2014 07:53

Hi casablanca..
I heard a rumor about a 20% increase on the basic salary and another increase on the housing allowance for QR employees.. Is it true? And did u hear anything about it?

casablanca 14th Aug 2014 09:36

I feel pay increase is long over due, just to keep pace with inflation here......have heard lots of rumors, but then again have not seen anything on my pay stub yet! I am hoping its true!

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