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jkun 7th Jul 2014 10:01

S/O applicant
Hi guys! I recently applied for the Second Officer Position with Qatar. Rumour has it there are 100,000applicants! anyway, could any of you experienced pilots or better yet qatar airways' tech crew share with us how is the hiring process conducted? Would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

winterinhell 7th Jul 2014 12:02

Hi alls, I wanna share my road to DOJ..
A330 FO,rated and current..
Applied Sept 13,
invite for Interview Oct 13,
Interview end of Jan 14,
Email that I succeed interview Feb 14,
Hirerights 1st email end of May 14,
Offer of employment June 14,
Confirm DOJ Mid July 14 to join Nov 14..
Hope n pray that all go right after this..

PAPI CHULO 7th Jul 2014 13:39


For which position is it? When in november is it?

Thanks for ur reply

winterinhell 7th Jul 2014 14:38

Hi, Im offered FO330, join 2nd Nov..

FL123 7th Jul 2014 15:21

SO applicants---


Rumour has it there are 100,000applicants!
Ok , we all know this a rumour website -- but common now.... Even the rumour has its limits.

The applicants would be in thousand max!!!

casablanca 8th Jul 2014 10:18

Just curious what type of notice is normally required to be given to your employer in Europe or other countries.....seems 3 months is common in Middle East so not sure if that has something to do with them planning joining date 4 months later.......in my case I said I need to give my employer 2 weeks notice and my joining date was 3 weeks after contract received.

JetRider81 8th Jul 2014 14:15

Thanks Ninja. Glad for you!

Wings23 9th Jul 2014 14:57

Anybody in the holding pool with the 'mid year' update?

winterinhell 9th Jul 2014 15:49

hi wings,
i got my 'mid year update' with the hire rights requesting my details..then all as per my post above..good luck to u..hope for the good news soon for u..

FLGHeavy 10th Jul 2014 05:17

Hey, Wings.

Still waiting...

Vmax400 10th Jul 2014 07:55

Guys may I ask about the transportation and utilities allowance..
How much are they? And are they paid monthly?

waas 10th Jul 2014 21:24

Hello vmax,

For first officers:

Utility allowance or utility charges paid by company: 300QAR per month
Transportation: 1500QAR per month.

rsbessa 11th Jul 2014 19:18

The same here...

Applied in March, if I'm not wrong...

4000TT, 3200hrs on the 737 (500 CL + 2700 NG).

I just got e-mails requesting my Translated ATP Certificate, even after sending it.

A friend of mine who applied after me and has exactly the same qualifications wasn't requested to send the certificate and already took the PSA (unfortunately he failed).

I think the pace of your process will depend much on who is analyzing it.


Twinotterguy 11th Jul 2014 19:35

They give more priority to guys with widebody experience ie 767/747s after that only they consider guys on the 737/717/MDs who applied for the 777.

Vmax400 13th Jul 2014 11:30

Thanks alot waas..

MDT06 16th Jul 2014 02:54

Anyone attending the roadshow in Jakarta this weekend?


Paparoach 16th Jul 2014 07:56

Hi guys,

Any other SO requested to do the PSA (Pilot Suitability Assessment) test? I've been asked t do it early this month, no new received since then. I hope it's good news as I am patiently waiting for my turn to get a DOJ! ;-) Any other feedback would be appreciated, thanks! :)

For info: I have passed the selection tests in Doha early 2012, as normal track second officer. I'm in the holding pool since mid-july 2012, and didn't receive my "mid-year" update yet.


iQatar 16th Jul 2014 13:49


I don't think the "middle of the year" update is out yet.

normal track second FO
Did you mean a fast track second officer - FTSO or a non rated first officer?

Paparoach 16th Jul 2014 14:16

I meant "Second Officer". I'm NOT fast track, and I'm NOT type rated.

NinjaStar 16th Jul 2014 17:30

There's no such thing as second FO. Either FO or SO. First and second officer respectively.

Best of luck

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