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Paparoach 16th Jul 2014 20:21

Indeed, my bad... I meant "Second Officer"... :)

Looks like my brain wasn't at its best at work today ;-)

I will edit my previous messages for the sake of clarity!

FL123 16th Jul 2014 21:13

Its good that QR is now asking the the SOs in the pool to do the PSA. SOs have to pass the PSA. You dont want to fail now!!

Bokkenrijder 17th Jul 2014 09:47

Why never to join Qatar, summed up in one video: Farnborough: Why Qatar's CEO scares Airbus, Boeing | Video | Reuters.com

"...my A380..." ;)

Obbie 17th Jul 2014 10:57

My A380, My girls, My airport.......in his little mind he is the only one
at the airline that matters.

This airline is finally starting to really become something, it has out
grown the little trash talking mouse and now needs a real CEO that
doesn't humiliate it every time he opens his mouth.

Bokkenrijder 17th Jul 2014 11:11

Even more astounding and pathetic is his 'rationale' in twisting Airbus' arm in order to gain bigger access to the European market.

Airbus sells airplanes, not German airport slots! You fork over x-million Dollars, you get an airplane in return. That's the deal, regardless of who Airbus' shareholders (i.e. Germany) are!

Sadly AB has not outgrown the 'second hand camel bazaar' mentality yet... :D

It must be real fun to work for such a complete clown. :yuk:

Stone_cold 17th Jul 2014 11:14

His Company , his Cabin Crew , His Country His Aircraft :} , Not even Arab by the way !

c.jibia 17th Jul 2014 19:02

Qatar Talent pool. The neverending Story.
Hi there. I saw some post about this, but still not clear enough for me.
I am on the damn talent pool since July 2012 for non rated F.O. My Exams in Doha were on April 2012.
Does anybody know if finally after opening the new Doha airport things are gonna change, and they will start to call non rated FO from the talent pool?
Anybody on the same dates of examination than me who have received joining date?

Thanks in advance!

Paparoach 19th Jul 2014 08:54

Yes, I've been asked to complete the PSA online.

I'm NTSO, did my selection (ATPL test, HR interview, sim check) in 2012 in Doha and successfully passed these. I've been in the pool for two years now.

Hope it helps.


FL123 19th Jul 2014 11:54

You dont get invited for the PSA. You are asked to do it online at your base.

PSA - Pilot Suitability Assessment.
It has 3 sections. Nothing technical. Just a simple personality test.

ItsMeFromEarth 19th Jul 2014 12:21

Stone Cold you are just a P.O.S

Are you the father of your kids, are you the son of your father?

Stone_cold 19th Jul 2014 13:52

"Itme " Not sure what you are getting at , but I actually said what others have in the same thread relating to the Video of AAB .

This is how he is oft quoted as referring the points I made . All facts . Are you disputing that he makes these comments in relation to "his airline, staff ,aircraft " and are you saying that he is Arab/Qatari ( his country ?)

migair54 20th Jul 2014 07:49

This is good news for me, seeing that the pool is slowly mkving, now let's see what happen, good luck guys with the test and keep up posted.

I have seen thevideo and that's AAB pure style, saying that Airbus brought their crapy test plane was great!!! He has a very possesive way of seeing QR but the one who talks about HIS airline is the reuters journalist first.
Now afterwards is funny to see how he ruled out the boeing deal that they finalize next day.

Wings23 22nd Jul 2014 15:23

Almost end of July with no update.

Recruiting further second officers after informing the current guys in the holding pool in the previous update no SO's required this year and they may advertise for positions that they cannot full from those already waiting? :ugh::ugh:

WTF is going on? Surely someone has some inside info or has managed to get hold of someone in HR.


captain69 23rd Jul 2014 02:10

Talent pool, ha ha ha ha. Sounds like X-Factor Arabia.

Catalytic Ignition 24th Jul 2014 00:36

Assesment and Interview
Applied in Apr 2014, Jun got the reply to complete PSA. Received the Invite for the Assessment and Interview in Doha two days ago for early Sep 2014...Anyone else doing the same???

Sorry its for the B787/B777.

palacind 24th Jul 2014 02:45

Assesment and Interview
I just received an invite for early september but I am trying to change it to end of September. Do you know what the new cognitive test is all about?

Catalytic Ignition 24th Jul 2014 07:55

I have no clue what the new tests are all about, I will try to source some info and if I get any hits will pm you...Best of luck!

revat 24th Jul 2014 10:52

Hello guys,

This is my first msg, so sorry for any mistake. Anyway, I'm an avid viewer of this thread and I was wondering if one you could give any sort of suggestion.

I applied as NTSO, and since the old PAT is of the grid now, could you tell me, which one of Skytest would you recommend, the UK one or the Middle east, or none? Since Qatar appears on UK and Middle east package there's my doubt on the choice.
If you know any other....go ahead! :)

Is it fair to say that, I might except between 1/3 months from the time I receive the email with test date from actual dep to doha?

Thks in advance.

freddi16 27th Jul 2014 16:49

hello everibody,somebody has an idea if qr will resume interview for non type rated fo on the 320 fleet?


SIDS N STARS 28th Jul 2014 01:23

I received an email from someone in recruitment a week or so ago, "We have no vacancies for non-type rated First Officers at this stage."

The talent pool email will probably say similar when it comes out. But you never know..

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