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gatbusdriver 14th Aug 2014 12:25

I will only believe it when it's in my pay packet!

Shooting_Star 14th Aug 2014 12:45

Any ideas how to do the calculations on the cognitive test fast?
Good Maths websites? :sad:
Some don't seem that easy to me :ooh:

PAPI CHULO 14th Aug 2014 13:13

Hi Everyone,

Got my DOJ couple of months ago for NTR FO. Trying to gather a bit more info on what I should be expecting when going there.

Does any one know after DOJ how long it takes to start the type rating, ground school etc?

And when can we expect to hear something from QA regarding where and when the type rating will begin? Do we get informed about this before the DOJ?

Thanks for the replies!

wolf141 14th Aug 2014 13:56

I have asked the same question here over and over again but couldn't get any reply.. please share the answer if you get it by other means ( other than this thread)
good luck

wolf141 14th Aug 2014 14:01

hey shooting,
can you name the cognitive tests like rolling cubes, math, physics, running memory span, spatial orient etc? I have studied for DLR tests and perhaps I can help if they are the same sort.

gatbusdriver 14th Aug 2014 14:30

I was 6 months NTR to passing my final line check. Can be as quick as 5 and as long as 9 (that is the worst I have heard so far). The sooner you get through the better, as well as more money lots of things in this company are based on date you passed your line check.



Shooting_Star 14th Aug 2014 14:45

wolf141, as far as I know rolling cubes, maths and memory. any good practice websites? Thank you!

FL123 14th Aug 2014 15:33

The cognitive test has 4 sections-
1) sequence figures
2) maths test
3) dice rotation test
4) memory test

Total time 1hour.

wolf141 16th Aug 2014 20:49

shooting. chk your mailbox
it is worth taking a look at skytest software bundle for cognitive tests. I remember these topics in that bundle.
good luck all

Mach_Krit 16th Aug 2014 21:17

Played this ntso game back in 2006... It was full of sh*t then and it looks to be the same now. Why oh why

rsbessa 21st Aug 2014 13:47

Hi everyone...

Just to update on my process:

Applied as a Non TR FO 787/777 (3300hrs on 737, 4100 TT) back in march and yesterday I received an email saying I didn't make thru the PSA.

Seems quite confusing ! They look to be crazy after new applicants, but the failure rate still pretty high, even in pre-simulator stages (the same happened to 3 friends of mine with similar experience). Anyway, looks like I don't meet their "psychological profile"...

Maybe in 6 months from now I'll try again (in case I'm psychologically changed :E).

Good luck guys... :ok:

winterinhell 21st Aug 2014 18:30

Well I did read the post..n to be honest,the pay structure, I mean flying allowance, deadhead on EY,blablabla doesnt really shocked me tho..it is what I get in my current airlines n mind you,im flying a national carrier..and for some of what QR give u,i know some other non middle east national carrier do practice the same..so for me it all really do depends on what u seek by making the big leap to the dessert..be well informed and make well informed decision..after all being a pilot we r trained n expected to be accountable for all our decision and action..so make ur studies b4 u decide to join,do join if u think its a right move and dont whine while u draw ur paycheck every end of the month..it is indeed an open sky out there..middle east is not the only place where u get to fly airliners..and I do appreciate the fact that it is not fairytale out there in the dessert,especially QR..

CDRW 25th Aug 2014 02:31

Well said Winter

You do your homework and then it's your decision to join!!!

We don't see many posts about a certain airline in the Middle East ! Wonder why? Oh, it's forbidden to write about them!! Talk about iron rod!

FL123 25th Aug 2014 16:00

I logged in, just to say that..... -- "very well said winterhell !!"
After a long time , good sensible post.

beachbum88 26th Aug 2014 16:18

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Just a quick one, got told I have an interview in Doha in a few weeks for FO 777/787, currently on the 738 in Europe with Europe's so called favourite low cost carrier. I know roughly what to expect from the computer testing side although I did see someone mentioned number sequence! What's that? If anyone has done the sim recently would appreciate a personal message and heads up as to what the approximate sequence was and what they thought of the whole process and Qatar in general. Also if you are a boeing guy, did you do the sim in a boeing or an airbus? Good luck to anyone going soon.


Ethiopia 27th Aug 2014 14:59

Qatar Airways releases photos of its first A350 XWB

Vmax400 29th Aug 2014 19:20

guys I need your help please..
how does the monthly roster look like on the A330 fleet for a first officer?

wolf141 31st Aug 2014 10:21

B-777 sims
Does anybody know where the B-777 TR sims take place lately? I heard London and Singapore. Anywhere else?

Homo Ludens 31st Aug 2014 12:15

Wolf, buddy, not anymore.
We have now two 777 sims in Doha, and all the training is done in-house.

casablanca 31st Aug 2014 12:52

@ Wolf....RE 777 sims
London, Singapore, Mumbai, and Dubai have all been used recently.
As mentioned, with the second 777 ,mostly in house, but would expect a few to be outsourced if during busy period.
I had heard once the new sim was running well that they would update the older sim which would take several months.

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