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Southpole 9th Oct 2015 18:45

Hi Ldggrup,

I guess this information is not public. And I think they might have sort of different pools depending on the actual need of the company. Cpt or Fo for example, or cpt A320 and cpt 777. rated and no rated.

Just my two cents

Ldggrup 9th Oct 2015 20:42

I agree with you.. How is your joining process coming up.. I hope good and smooth..

Let us know inside story when you reach Doha

zaxon744 11th Oct 2015 13:20

The wait is frustrating
I am rated on a QR type.. Have widebody experience of 3500 hrs (777/787).. Yet in the holding pool since June.. Had interviewed in May..

Heard rumours that "the airline that must not be named" is resuming recruitments in November.. QR must realise that it risks losing guys to it unless some progress is made SOON..

TypeIV 11th Oct 2015 16:46

But from the look of it, with the new improvments QR seems to beat the unnamable carrier. I also heard that there's some kind of career block or "gentlemans' agreement" between the big gulf carriers.

Ex-Brazilian 11th Oct 2015 19:58

I heard that this agreement is valid for the UAE airlines (FZ, EK and EY). QR is another country. So I believe you can change from QR to any other UAE airline in the future with no problem..

Applied 2 months ago, 2000TT and NG rated. Still "NEW" on my status...

TypeIV 12th Oct 2015 12:43

Does anyone have any updated info on the pay?

On PPJN I read that the basic salary is 22500-30000 QAR for FOs. Is there a pay scale? What is a typical take home salary there?

Some friends on the 777 claim they take home well above 10 000 dollars a month.

Che Xindamail 12th Oct 2015 16:09

As much as Abu Dhabi and Dubai no doubt are more fun cities to live in, I'm not so sure that Emirates and the unmentionable one are better to work for anymore. QR has slowly and quietly nibbled its way to the top of the Gulf food chain in the past few years, I think. We had the pay rise last year, provident fund introduction this year as well as a decent and fair roster bidding system, a good annual leave system with 42 (guaranteed!) days per year, as well as a strong move towards a more relaxed training regime. Not perfect, we still do our fair share of nighties, but definitely a completely different company compared to a few years ago.

About the salary, there was a good link here a few weeks ago that was spot on.

mach2mofo 13th Oct 2015 17:07

Hi all. I have heard they have changed the format of the pilot suitability assessment recently. Does anyone have any info or feedback on this? Thanks.

JJ330 13th Oct 2015 18:02

Qatar Airways considers stricter mental health screenings for pilots - Doha News

CaptainProp 13th Oct 2015 21:48

...speaking at an employee health and wellbeing conference in Doha today.
There's an oxymoron for you....


Flybartfcp 13th Oct 2015 22:12

Originally Posted by mach2mofo (Post 9146531)
Hi all. I have heard they have changed the format of the pilot suitability assessment recently. Does anyone have any info or feedback on this? Thanks.

They did. Now you'll be given a personality test, as well as a verbal reasoning and sequence test online as a pre asessment. I was caught totally unaware and I failed the test. I found the last two demanding, because you have a time constraint. I was relaxed, as I taught I would be given a personality test only. A friend of mine which got the test 15 dais before, only got that one. I don't know your opinion, but for me it always take some practice to do those. In my case it was for a DEC position.

viewpoint 23rd Oct 2015 13:42

Quote: Originally Posted by mach2mofo Hi all. I have heard they have changed the form
Hi , any inputs about it? Verbal reasoning and sequences did not say to much , anyone have take the assessment recently and willing to help others? Regards

bravo45 24th Oct 2015 13:40

I am now officially in the pool...

Wonder if they will make everyone in the pool take new tests before or after joining.

FMSPEED 24th Oct 2015 22:25

Does anybody know if Qatar will ever hire NTR Fo's ( no boeing, airbus) again?? i've heard they shut it down for now! Anybody in the pool has been called without boeing or airbus experience??

airfresh 25th Oct 2015 01:47

Talent Pool
Has anyone from the pool (Airbus rated) been called recently?

Stay fresh :cool:

Mr Boombastick 25th Oct 2015 04:18

Anyone been called for rated 777/787 assessments?

Had app in for a while and not heard anything.


PilotBr 26th Oct 2015 17:04

New application
I applied this week for type rated airbus first officer.
Concerning the information that I got here they will update my application only next year.
Let's relax and wait.

Greendotter 27th Oct 2015 10:22

pool news
330 rated..

In talent Pool..
Still swimming, since June :O

sweetdeer 3rd Nov 2015 13:35

this thread is really calm, anybody in the pool has been called recently for a starting date for 787 f/o?

I'm f/o 737 in the pool since september

PilotBr 3rd Nov 2015 14:16

Application on hold
I applied last week for TR First Officer Airbus and received an email today updating that they are looking for A330 and A340 pilots now. I'm A320 first officer and my application will remain on hold.

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