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casablanca 15th Feb 2014 05:49

Initially I would guess the 350 would be staffed from those already here for 6-12 months then start to take new hires. I am only basing that on what I have witnessed on the 787.
@vmax400... I believe the hold pool/ talent pool is synonymous.
@waas. Normally after the positive results from the interview I believe they start to do background checks etc.....I was told this is a 6 week process normally and then they have to factor in training slots, instructor and sim availability, how much notice you are required to give etc...
Unlike the process at Emirates the assessment seems to be valid for more than one year, as many people have been in pool for longer and were eventually successful.
It is ever changing but the emphasis seems to still be on wide-body DEC, followed by first officers. Training and recruitment for second officers seems to be pretty far down the scale and only fit into available gaps.....

Scott_T 15th Feb 2014 06:41

@casablance what kind of background d checks do they do?

waas 15th Feb 2014 10:27

Thanks for the information casablanca!
@scott They use a company named hireright to do the background checks. We were informed to check for any email from them in case they request additional information.

Iver 15th Feb 2014 17:01


Thank you for the insight about the A350. If a type rated A320 pilot is hired into the A320, would he still be seat locked on that aircraft before bidding on another type like the A350/330 or B787/777? Or could that person bid the bigger type when openings arise?

Two related questions: are current Airbus pilots already bidding the A350? Which fleets are proving most popular among current Airbus FOs - A330/350/787/777?


casablanca 15th Feb 2014 21:44

Honestly it is a mystery to me how this fleet allocation goes.
It seems that last year the 787 was pretty exciting and there were lots of transfers from the airbus fleet. As of late I believe most people on the airbus have decided to wait and hopefully get the 350/380 so now they are putting new hires on the 787.
I think if it benefits the company then anything is possible, and with the new arrival 2 new types this year alone, nothing would surprise me.
I heard some cabin crew say they were already scheduled to start training on a380 in March. Still no firm date when the aircraft will enter service, but I believe we have 2 airframes ready.....
The 350 is scheduled for December? But Mr. Baker was quoted as sayin it may be ready early like Oct/ Nov.

Stone_cold 15th Feb 2014 23:42

Are you planning to apply Iver ? To QR or Scoot ? Or anywhere apart from Microsoft Sim ? You have imparted insider know and advice so much on multiple forums for seemingly years now , you should have more than required experience and all the info you need to make a move . Come on , just do it ! I am sure many of us would love to see you make more use of your time ( 1200 + posts ) ??!!

Iver 16th Feb 2014 01:26

Thanks for caring Stone... I have been building my time for years but haven't been in a position to leave my country until recently due to family obligations. I am now competitive from an experience/hours standpoint from my Euro LoCo and I am considering my options since I have had enough cold winters to last me a lifetime. But I am not in a rush - I will continue to ask questions on this and other forums. No doubt the Gulf carriers are of interest (if BA or VS won't take me!) given that is where most of the growth is in the industry going forward.

H.El.Shafey 19th Feb 2014 12:55

what about guys with 320 rating any interviews for FOs

flying apple 22nd Feb 2014 18:15

you need to do a certain ammount of hours in qr before you can upgrade
don't know the details but i've read it before here

Giulu737 24th Feb 2014 19:36

Qatar FO
Hi guys,

I joint pprne few days ago and if u don t mind I ve got few questions about joining qatar. I am a 24 yo FO flying the 737NG for a "fancy European LCC "I have 2100TT with roughly 1600 JET time few hrs aerobatic and so on.

I ve been reading for months all the posts published about QR but there s smtg I can not understand this is why I need your help.i m considering to apply for a fo position but what concerns me is my TT..do I have enough hrs to be considered for this job??and from what I ve got the first period of your stay in doha you are just a SO am I wrong ??and this means that your pay and allowances will be very very low making difficult to survive in an environment that is everyday more expensive.

honestly speaking I wouldn't mind this but I must tell u that the only reasonwhy I m looking into qatar with interest is that I really struggle economically ( last wage 1450 euro gross) and now my girlfriend is pregnant so I thought joining QR could give us a better lifestyle and bit more money.Sorry for my long post but before making such a big decision being a European young guy I felt I needed an advice from more experienced guys :ok:thank you in advance for your help

Cheers :O

ironbutt57 25th Feb 2014 04:51

Why do so many people come on here and ask the same thing over and over??..Go to the website, fill out the short questionnaire, if you meet the criterion, it will allow you to continue...very simple...:ok:

RV6 25th Feb 2014 12:11

Giulu, just a small point, but being pregnant and not married is a crime here. You would have to be able to produce a marriage certificate to sponsor your partner to come to Qatar.

Black Pudding 26th Feb 2014 01:28


You would be stupid to not apply.

Fill the application form in and see what happens.

CDRW 26th Feb 2014 09:27

FlyingOW - I do not think that even if you asked your question to the most senior recruiter, 777 fleet manager, 787 fleet manager, head HR, or even the tea and coffee boy you would get an answer.

Gulu - get your application in !

winterinhell 27th Feb 2014 06:35

latest course for FO?
anybody knows when is the next course for FO? during the interview january end, they said no new course in near future..but apparently they are happily hiring engineers and technician since january tho..they have 2 intakes every month..

glock320 28th Feb 2014 06:22

Dear All
Is I have completed the interview last week ,I am thinking what wold they offer me ,boeing or Airbus

waas 28th Feb 2014 07:42

I am guessing they will offer a nice refreshing swim in 'the pool';)

Obbie 28th Feb 2014 09:32

Hopefully English lessons :rolleyes:

H.El.Shafey 28th Feb 2014 18:07

they never seem to stop recruiting regardless of the amount they have swimming whatever that means, why are they trying to get their hands on anyone they can when it is obvious that they just cant train this ridiculous amount of pilots
ppl leaving?? also where are the crazy deliveries ? my understanding is that planes arrive on a long period of time not all of a sudden

mmorel 28th Feb 2014 18:59

probation period
is it through that you are on probation during the 6 months after the line check and they will interview you again at the end of the probation time?

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