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salamalikum2 24th Jan 2014 12:29

can't believe it..Are you drunk CaptainProp..?:ouch:

if it's the 1st of April fool, you are well ahead of schedule..:ooh:

migair54 24th Jan 2014 17:07

I think that could be one of the few ways to attract captains to KSA, and then also getting people from the pool.

Any thoughts about the delay on the January update? Good or bad?

CaptainProp 24th Jan 2014 18:06

Guys, seriously?!

Migair54 wrote:

Well, im not sure if everybody will be ready to move to Saudi Arabia to fly Al Maha, specially people on the left seat.
QR getting license in Saudi, operating with same livery, same aircraft type etc etc....

.....and I came up with a solution....

"Dear QR First Officer,

We are delighted to inform you that your upgrade to Captain has been approved following the successful completion of your command assessment.

For the first two years you will be based in Dammam operating for Al Maha. Upon completion of these two years you may request to be reassigned back to Doha and Qatar Airways mainline fleet.

Your written confirmation is requested within 24 hours should you accept this great opportunity.



I think you all need to take a break from your computer screens for a while.... :ok:


casablanca 25th Jan 2014 13:21

Re: dual rated on 777-787
I think the plan is to have mixed flying on the 777/787 fleets and our license says 777-787. Currently the instructors are dual rated and fly both but I believe the company is doing a risk assessment and based on results it may or may not happen.

migair54 25th Jan 2014 20:58

I think with the size of both fleets (777&787) dual rating is not a good idea, with years we have seen many incidents and even accidents due to this. Maybe initially to help with traininig but in the long run should be different crews.

SAFARI Fire Fighter 26th Jan 2014 06:42

Captain prop very funny althought not far from the truth methinks :)

people should dust of the old contracts they signed and re-read section PLACE OF WORK

"Your place of work will be in the State of Qatar, but if circumstances require the Company reserves the right, upon giving you written notice and subjest to compliance with any procedure stipulated in the Company's Policies, to transfer you to any place of work inside and outside the State of QATAR"

good luck

CaptainProp 26th Jan 2014 10:44

Well there we go! Consider it done! :}


ironbutt57 26th Jan 2014 13:44

most any airline contract here reads that...standard issue..

Devilspoint 26th Jan 2014 17:14

So is it a letter of offer or a contract?

Have a great day!



migair54 27th Jan 2014 06:33

I got the email.

More or less the same, few F/O, focus on captains, and FTSO on hold for most of the year.
Next update mid year.

They'll keep calling people from the pool and thry ask to reply saying if we would like to wait of withdraw the application.

No much new here, I dont know how much are they affected by the delay of the new airport or other circumstances.

Anywsy, bad news for us waiting.

Flyboy41 27th Jan 2014 07:56


Is the waiting time any different for those who are Boeing or Airbus, or capt or FO positions? Or is it depending on their operational needs right now? I mean for those who passed the interview and swimming in the pool. I got an interview coming up, so if all goes well, what do you guys reckon is the waiting time? Boeing DEC Widebody NTR.
Thanks a bunch

casablanca 27th Jan 2014 08:54

RE: wait time
Many factors can delay it but on average it seems to take 1 day -3 weeks to receive results of interview. Then 6 weeks for a formal offer/ contract and depending on how much notice you are required to give a start date 1-3 months later. I have seen quicker and have definitely seen longer. It seems they are definitely in need of wide body DEC so this is probably the quickest

Flyboy41 27th Jan 2014 09:43

Thanks CasaBlanca, much appreciated.

jayjay340 27th Jan 2014 12:53

Pool To Al Maha?
Anyone think they'll take some F/O or FTSO from the pool and allow dem the option to fly for Qatar Al Maha:O

migair54 27th Jan 2014 16:17

I am almost sure that they'll offerpeople in the pool yo go KSA, they are planning 10 planes the first year, apparently A320, then increasing up to 50 planes during the next 5-6 years, including long haul planes, pretty fast expansion.

Recently I read the conditions Saudia is offering are they're quite good, lot of bonus, 13 months of salary a year, 3% increment a year, fully furnished villa, 5 days off in a row an gen dec inclusion to any destinarion every month, 30 days of holidays...
It looks good and I heard that Nas is offering very high salaries also. So let's see what Al Maha do to attract pilots.

FlyBoy: in your case it should be a fast process.

ironbutt57 28th Jan 2014 05:35

It's the minimum....but for sure you will never get it if you don't apply:ugh: so...don't listen to you're "friend"..apply and update and update as your experience level increases

B-U-S-S 28th Jan 2014 07:12

The information we got during the selction process was that, they select people from the pool after your average performance during the four stages of the selection process.

ATPL quiz

When they need pilots, they take people above a certain average. There was nothing mentioned about that your hours had an influence, so you can very well be selected before a guy with 4000 hours multi crew, who did not perform as well as you.

Good luck.

momo95 28th Jan 2014 14:31


A bit off topic but can someone in the know please tell me roughy how many pilots qr have at the moment. A google search proved to be useless on this.

Thank you,

salamalikum2 28th Jan 2014 16:11


BaronVonBarnstormer 30th Jan 2014 02:26

Good starting point?
Hi All

Perhaps this post is in the wrong place but I'd like to get some answers from people who have experience of Qatar and living in Doha. My situation is that i have an interview for the Qatar Wings MPL Programme with CTC, the basic trajectory being I pay a LOT of money and in return a conditional offer of employment from Qatar with an MPL after training, that becomes an ATPL at the 1500 hour mark. From what I have read the graduates on this course start as a second officer for an undisclosed period and then once the relevant experience is in place, fly the line as an FO on the A320. This route is about as good as it gets in terms of "sponsorship" at the moment (save the BA scheme) so i am trying to weigh up weather it is a viable option for someone in my position.

The main questions I have are:

Would Qatar be a good airline to start my career with? Especially when taking into account the oppertunities in europe; working for easyjet or brianair on a zero hours contract.

Is Doha a good place to live? I'll be in my early to mid 20's with no significant other (at present ;)) or kids to drag with me.

Is the job security good? I have read horror stories about pilots making minor mistakes and then being sacked without warning. The nightmare situation would be if I lost my job before getting the ATPL and being left with a stack of debt and a useless licence. However I have also heard that the growth of the airline is significant so jobs would be fairly secure?

Is the pay significantly better than comparable positions in europe? One of things that attracted me to this scheme was the rumblings of having a much better salary than low hour pilots in europe meaning I could pay off training debts a little faster. Is Qatar also tax free?

Any other things I should know concerning Qatar or starting out in general would be greatly appreciated.


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