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ironbutt57 29th Apr 2012 03:15

@Liberace, according to their website and other info, 2000 PIC on aircraft over 100T is required...thats the minimum, the reality is anyone's guess...

Wings23 29th Apr 2012 08:07

Hi all,

I have been invited for screening at the end of May.

I have a scheduling conflict with my current company and am desperately trying to get hold of Qatar HR to try and re-schedule my interview. Usual story though - no response to email and the phones just ring and ring.

What is the best time from your experience to try and call them?


Timeline - Dec 2011 Applied - Invite Mar 2012. FTSO. ATPL - 3000tt 2000pic multi turbo prop and 500 jet.

Sephore 29th Apr 2012 10:24


as far as I know no way, but who knows.

bond737 29th Apr 2012 10:46


I have been invited for screening at the end of May.

Timeline - Dec 2011 Applied - Invite Mar 2012. FTSO.
QR contacted you in March and invited for an assessment in May? :rolleyes:

QR Recruitment Services Office Hours
Sunday Wednesday 07:00 15:30;
Thursday 07:00 15:00;
Friday & Saturday - Closed

Good Luck!

Wings23 29th Apr 2012 10:49

Thanks Bond - Rightly pointed out. Invited April. Guess im living in the past. Thank you though!

bond737 29th Apr 2012 10:50


Check PM. :cool:

Hope that helps and Good Luck!

upwhereIbelong 29th Apr 2012 11:32

Oh, happy Day
Guys, aft 4 months i received my " pass" email.
Applied for FO!
Am very happy and wanted this to share with my fellow candidates still waiting.
Be strong, it will come!

FL123 29th Apr 2012 11:41

BRILLIANT MAN... BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!! i can imagine how happy you must be now..... WELL DONEEEEEE :ok::ok::ok::ok::ok:
a long wait--- but worth it....

dirk85 29th Apr 2012 12:39

I understand it's a stupid question, but I ask anyway... :}

I barely have the minimum for FTSO, 1100 TT, 700 multipilot jet time, (10 tonnes).

My current job is quickly going to s**t and I expect to be unemployed pretty soon.

Does everyone that meets the requirements get a shot at the interview, or still they can afford to be picky and only call a percentage of the applicants?

I am afraid I already know tha answer, but still... :(

StephanK 29th Apr 2012 13:03

Hi guys.
Just passing by to share my good news.
Received the positive email today :) I couldn't be more happy !
Position. S/O
Interviewed on the Feb 13th 2012 , Frozen atpl with A320 self sponsored type rating :)
I guess ill catch up with most of you in Beautiful Doha !
Be safe and take care guys ! :)


flyer19832007 29th Apr 2012 13:07

Congratulations to all who have been offered a position with QR recently.

I am thinking about applying, but would ideally like a 777/330 FO position. I am already flying a narrow body jet and would rather fly something bigger if I choose to leave the company I am with at the moment (would have to be for the right offer)

Are QR still chopping and changing their rating offers or have they stuck to their original offers of late?

I have heard stories of people being offered 777/330 but then given a 320 rating on arrival.

Regards, Flyer

flyforfood1 29th Apr 2012 13:51


Whats your total time on narrow body? Airbus or Boeing?

flyer19832007 29th Apr 2012 14:25


Neither type buddy, but a modern jet none the less over 30T. 2500hrs total 500 jet. I have no intention of applying until I have 1000 jet anyhow (to fulfill FO requirements)

So basically will be 3000hrs TT 1000 Jet before I even apply.


flyforfood1 29th Apr 2012 15:09

Without putting a downer on it, you'd prob get 320. It seems the current flavour is wide body time or over 3500 jet time total to get a chance at wide body in QR, the 330 is a pretty stagnant fleet, not much (if any) projected growth, although there maybe a few transfers here and there.

Note. This could change at any time though and I stand corrected if its not the case.

flyer19832007 29th Apr 2012 15:23

Yeh figured as much, will probs just throw in an application and see what happens
Having read other threads, by the time I hear back if im successful ill be knocking on the EK requirements door!

Be interested to see how the arrivals of the 787s effects fleet allocation (most likely onto other wb). Might get lucky! Stranger things have happened!

Black Pudding 29th Apr 2012 15:53


You can and should apply for Fast Track Second Officer


dirk85 29th Apr 2012 16:09

I did!

Just trying to figure out if I stand a chance to be called or not.

Does everyone with the requirements get the invitation?

Black Pudding 29th Apr 2012 16:13

Yes you do

Is your application still in the system. Did you upload a passport photo ?

Stick35 29th Apr 2012 16:20

Hi dirk85

I do meet the requirements but i did not get an invitation. Almost 5 months ago i applied. Don't know how they select people.

dirk85 29th Apr 2012 16:39

@Black Pudding

Yes, in the passport copy I was asked to upload there was also a picture. I will keep the application up to date on a weekly basis with the hours flown, you never know...


How much experience are we talking?

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