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Black Pudding 21st Nov 2011 10:04


See you all in Sandy City

21-Lancer 21st Nov 2011 10:14

Congrats to all of you guys!
I hope to get the chance to join you soon!

VintageRed 21st Nov 2011 10:39

So the general consensus is that bad news travels fast, around 2 weeks, and good news takes its time and is anywhere from 3-7 weeks.

Is that a fair assumption?

21-Lancer 21st Nov 2011 13:01

The same for me bond 737.:ugh:

mtr 21st Nov 2011 14:22

Well done guys! Have a nice new start! I m still waiting for the email...3 weeks from the interview...

clearedfortaxi 21st Nov 2011 20:12

Hi guys,

Can anyone give me any contact info for Dusty Miller. I understand he is incharge of recruitment at QR.

Just been made redundant today :{

victor75 22nd Nov 2011 20:51

Thanks for everything but what does dec t7 means?

330airbus 22nd Nov 2011 20:54


Direct Entry Captain Boeing 777

victor75 22nd Nov 2011 21:32

Ok thanks! Do you think that is quicker to begin the type rating for a second officer? because I hope that it won't be to long between the result and the course start!

jibba_jabba 22nd Nov 2011 21:49

patience grasshopper. Once you get the good news you can sit back and relax a bit and enjoy where you are now as you know you will be moving on soon :-)

I think it is quick quick slow slow. some people get lucky and get a smooth run, some wait for a while.
There is a mountain of new people starting and all need visa's, accomodation, sim slots/dates, ground school slots/dates, training capts etc.

So I am not expecting it to be earlier than 2 - 3 months from when I get the contract (hopefully on time within 4weeks).

clearedfortaxi 23rd Nov 2011 05:34

31. Please list all aircraft that you have flown as a Co-Pilot (P2) in other aircraft.
(Note: Refer to the format / syntax and provide each entry on a new line.)

Syntax / Format:
Aircraft Type, Airline Name, Cruise Captain Hours(CC)-Hours / First Officer Hours(FO)-Hours / Second Officer Hours(SO)-Hours, Date of Last Flight

Cessna 500, Airlines Name, CC-1000 / FO-500 / SO-100, 31/12/2010 / 31/01/2010 / 21/12/2010
Dassault Falcon 10, Airlines Name, CC-100 / FO-0 / SO-0, 31/12/2010

Can anyone please confirm that its okay to put in PROP time from Flight School in this section ??

There is no other place to put in times from CESSNA/WARRIORS anywhere else?

no sponsor 23rd Nov 2011 11:18

All had extensive international widebody experience (no Boeing or Airbus time)
What aircraft types then? Antonovs? Tupolevs? C-17s?

What are the general flying/CRM standards in Qatar?

ITO 23rd Nov 2011 21:13

Guys, do you think normal SO scheme are on low priority at the moment ? IMHO I think it can be a bit logic since DEC/FO/F.SO might be given priority especially if they are already type rated as they can get online quicker. But I believe that some of us here went recently to normal SO Interview isn`t it ? Are normal SO Interviews being conducted at the moment ?


ITO 23rd Nov 2011 21:16

@ Winterinhell :
Did you apply for normal SO ? Did you have any reply from QR recruitment team yet ?

winterinhell 24th Nov 2011 01:54

Clearedtotaxy,I guess that's correct..I did put my flying school hours as well..

Positive-Climb 24th Nov 2011 05:15

Good afternoon all,

I have been following the QR thread for over a year now, keeping up to date with all the posts. Especially the ones concerning the busy times at HR. I thoroughly understand that the ladies and gents at the HR department are running almost 24/7 to keep up with the high demand of pilot applications.

But I still remain in doubt about the following. I applied at QR for the Fast Track SO position a while ago. I tick all the boxes, well over 2200 hours TT, over 2000 hours medium turboprop (20ton+), young, single, LPE6, ATPL etc etc. I even went to the presentation in London a couple of weeks ago, asked a few questions and spoke directly to the gentlemen involved in recruitment.

But now the following, it states on your application that if you do NOT hear anything after 90 days after your application has been submitted, you can ASSUME, you are not successful. Has anybody here ever experienced getting a call/email after these 90 days? Or can I really assume my application was rejected (which, considering all the boxes ticked and properly filled in, is a bit strange) Especially taking into account that QR need a lot of pilots the coming months/years. Is it possibly my application is still in the ‘’to do’’ stack as QR is focusing on CPT and FO? Or maybe it got lost in the digital realm? Is it worth a shot to give them a call? Thanks so much guys and gals!

mcrit007 24th Nov 2011 06:46

Guys..can you please advise the following
Mail for intrvw as capt says intrvw followed by sim.Will there be a written then? Those 50 questions??? !!!

Sim detail says 330/t7 sim assessment.Do i assume i'm being considrd for the wide-bodied??or is thr bound to be a slip betwn the lip and the cup??:rolleyes::confused:

Paper Lad 24th Nov 2011 07:23


Assume nothing here, sim assessment usually done on 330 but it doesn't mean that you will get 330. Allocated fleet depends on previous experience but you could fly any of our types.

Sequence for all candidates is (usually): company presentation, written test (multi choice), interview panel and then sim.

Tugnut 24th Nov 2011 10:05

5 weeks from interview to getting the good news. Hang in there, as mentioned in previous post, there is a lot going on for HR at the moment.


av8tordude 24th Nov 2011 12:09

For those who are looking for good info, goto page 173 or click the link...


Unless other candidates who recently interviewed experienced something different, my interview experience should give you an idea of what to expect for your interview. The practice exam I use to prepare for the exam are on page 171. (Note: This is NOT an endorsement of those sites mentioned.)

Good Luck!

PS... 2-weeks and still waiting for positive news.

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