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RED BARON 320 11th Mar 2012 17:13

Hello my fellow Aviators friends, I did the interview at Doha on January 15th, and still waiting for the good news. Im TR in the A320 family, currently flying the A319 for an airline in Latin America, I wish good luck to everybody, cheers

ITO 11th Mar 2012 18:12

Let`s hope that the rumor is true. As the recruiter said during the Interview introduction : ``No news, probably good news``. However, we have people here on board that got bad news after 7 weeks of waiting, and I think others more. Let`s hope that we will not fall in this figure.

Swept 11th Mar 2012 19:41

225 pages of this thread.....Done!
225 pages of this thread.....done! Now where do I apply!

To all those who have posted: Thanks for all your advice, banter and opinions. I will be applying in 3 months as a UK, ex-mil, FJ pilot with 3000hrs and ATPL. I am currently employed by another ME country flying FJs and QA are still interested and want me to apply, so my advice to all is:
1. Don't doubt your own abilty/credibility against all the others applying. If you have the quals they are asking for and they invite you to interview then they like the look of you. Go for it.
2. Living in the ME is not as bad as everyone thinks. Open your eyes, enter with a positive attitude and you will have a great time. They are the friendliest people I have met and if I wasn't getting grey around the edges I would stay in the FJ world forever. The snag is, there is another challenge out there and I want some of it!

I'll clearly be submitting more "I've been waiting for ** months for a reply" posts over the next year but well done to those who have gone before!

potatowings 11th Mar 2012 20:17

Well said Swept.

Why worry if they will or won't give you an interview, go for it and see. If they offer you an interview you have a shot.

As for living in the ME. I too have lived there before and spent some time in Doha. You are so right. Very friendly and hospitable people, but an open mind is essential. But the same goes for Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing or any number of 'non-western' cities that have good opportunities for expat pilots.

upwhereIbelong 11th Mar 2012 21:57

dont forget Biggin Hill .......:mad: -place :}

avs2002ie 12th Mar 2012 02:04

Contract - Email or Post
Quick question for people who have received contracts -

Is it sent my post or email?


av8tordude 12th Mar 2012 03:37

Originally Posted by avs2002ie

Quick question for people who have received contracts -

Is it sent my post or email?


Everything is by email. No phone calls & No Mail!

Tinga 12th Mar 2012 05:27

Originally posted by StephanK

Hi. Anyone heard any news from the February selections ?

Its been a
month since i finished the exams in Doha and still haven't heard anything. I'm
so bored being away from aviation :/
Hey StephanK,
You and I are pretty much on the same time frame. Interviewed mid-Feb (FTSO). Have not heard anything yet (which hopefully means good news). Based on current wait times others are experiencing (like upwhereIbelong & others), I am not holding my breath. I am crossing my fingers though, hoping to receive the good news sooner, than later. Let me know if you hear anything and I will let you know as well if I do ok?;)

StephanK 12th Mar 2012 09:58

Sure man no problems.
Were you on Feb 12th selection morning ?

lotsofplanes 12th Mar 2012 13:22

Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news but i know of 4 guys who got yes's on sunday exactly 4 weeks after their assessment. mixed positions all commercial.
i guess it depends on who is looking after your file post assessment.

RED BARON 320 12th Mar 2012 14:55

Im sure you right, it also depends in your availability, I did my interview 8 weeks ago, still waiting flying my 319 ultil I get the good news...

upwhereIbelong 12th Mar 2012 15:25

its just not right ....!

RED BARON 320 12th Mar 2012 15:39

it isnt, but Im gonna tell you what my friends that fly for QR told me, PATIENCE!, soon well be in course for the 320 or any other ac, we just have to wait a little more...

ryanb5005 12th Mar 2012 16:00

I have a few questions regarding Qatar Airways.

I've read a lot about the actual interview but what about the rest of the process? Did they fly you business class? Was immigration an issue and did they have someone waiting to bring you to the hotel?

What are overnights like at Qatar? Both widebody and a320. Do you stay in decent locations and in nice hotels? Whats per diem like?


Tinga 12th Mar 2012 17:44

No StephanK, I was not on Feb 12th. Mine was a couple of days later. Will definitely announce if I hear something. Please do the same. Thanks.

homesick rae 12th Mar 2012 18:34

Ryan B,

When I was at QR we stayed in the Hilton by the English Garden in MUC - very pleasant and easy to get a tram into the city. Marriot in Slough for LHR. One of the Amaris in BKK. Used to be quite decent layovers but not sure now. In general hotels will be pretty good but someone will always complain that's for sure!



speedhold 12th Mar 2012 20:19

Recieved an email from HR today I interview towards the end of feb . They needed me to resubmit one of my forms again to get clarification on something. In a way it postive news to hear that they are looking at my stuff so hope hear the good news soon.........

RED BARON 320 12th Mar 2012 23:11

I did receive the same email today, asking about my MCC, which we dont require in Latin Amrica or USA, and to resend my frozen atpl, can't wait to hear the good News, btw, I interrviewed for a FO position, 8 weeks ago, cheers

perritopiloto 12th Mar 2012 23:15

Has anyone received the contract recently?
I so, when did you received good news?


StephanK 13th Mar 2012 01:49

well done captain aviator !

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