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74world 23rd Feb 2011 19:24

Daft Wader thanks for the good news, my interview is very soon and I am 747 typed so as you said I can expect a 777 slot.... :ok:

buns 23rd Feb 2011 21:28

You can not expect anything!

BGG 23rd Feb 2011 23:10

Daft Wader,

All new joiners to the B747 in the next couple of courses are B747 or B777 TR.
Do Qatar have 747's? I didn't think they did and after reading your comment went onto their website to see their fleet list...there was no mention of 747's.

loc22550 24th Feb 2011 03:55

TROPICAL DEPRESSION..talking about unfairness..:

Seems we a have now a new ""company policy"" regarding transfer and upgrade (un-official but well in application..)
If you a any grade less than 4 in any of the manoeuvres&procedures during your last LPC/OPC your transfer or upgrade will be delayed eventhough you have 4+ at the overall pilot grading!
Some pilots have already experienced it!

loc22550 24th Feb 2011 09:48

One first officer has already been stopped during his transfer for the reason i mention above.
Or do we have to assume that people are just inventing stories for the "fun"..?

jaarrgh 24th Feb 2011 20:25

Speaking of low morale neighbour..... 12 quid for 24 hrs in Bangalore! Dear god. 50p for every hour! Time to break out the pot noodle!

Daft Wader 26th Feb 2011 05:59

Sorry for typo - I meant B777 not B747 !

You will be placed on whatever fleet they need you on , having Boeing experience , logic would suggest the B777 , but all Logic has to be declaered upon arrival

Daft Wader


Jimbo124 27th Feb 2011 06:19

Protest heading here?
Facebook page calls for Qatar emir's ouster - Yahoo! News


Jimbo124 27th Feb 2011 09:14

I completely agree with you, he is a fantastic leader by all accounts. I just wanted to see whether people believe this has been started within Qatar or is other nationalities stirring up rubbish?!

On another note, has anyone heard any rumours regarding 320 guys being CCQ'd and mixed fleet flying?

loc22550 28th Feb 2011 06:46

Jimbo124..you must be very junior in the airline.
Like many others(salary increase,improvement of roster..) i have heard this rumours for years now....

emmaculate mutio 28th Feb 2011 07:20

qatar recruitment
i havent got any confirmation to attend their interview has any 1 got? am dying of waiting

babysandbox 1st Mar 2011 08:56

The moral is so low here that people would invent everything to survive the big mistake of joyning this socalled "major" airline........:ugh:
The evaluation for command is the same as before, or , I would say even better. The minimum is an average 3.59 during your last 2 LPC/OPC and LC, most probably the guys who where stopped had other problems.....
More and more people are planning to go in the next few months, most of them among those who joined less than 2 years ago from europe....:rolleyes:

Everybody was expecting this new management to improve pilots terms & contract & welfare, the only thing they did is.......APPLY MORE RESTRICTIONS AND AVOID ANY DECISION THAT CLASH WITH OTHER'S OPINION....:D

TROPICAL-DEPRESSION 2nd Mar 2011 07:42

Think about all the problems - This airline will always have problems.
Morale is low, how can it change? Improve the conditions? I am not sure we will se any improvement, positive changes take a lot of time here. Like I said before there have been only few positive changes since the beginning of this thread. As for the management, at least I can say they comunicate information and negative information more than any other management has, also we have to wait and see what positive effect the changes have.

This airline has a lot of problems and they are not capable of solving all of them, so they solve small problems and patch the big ones. These are only some FD related problems.

What happens when pilots leave.
Junior FOs leave, this blocks the transfer of senior FOs to other fleets and others' upgrades too. People are waiting a long time on A320 to go anywhere other than India and Bahrain.

Remember that for anyone to upgrade or transfer, there has to be a slot available to receive the pilot on his new fleet and there has to be a pilot to take his slot on his current fleet.

They need CPs and they want to transfer them to other fleets. They can't upgrade as many FOs and they can't lose a CP from A300/A330/A340/B777 to A320. Solution typed DECs waiting 4-6 months for sim training. SOs who have to wait 6-12 months to start flying and fly 6 months with a cover pilot, FO, before he actually is of any use to this airline, while delaying any other training because the need of a TRI/LI for the SOs.

What's wrong with this? I guess something has to change, maybe attract new qualified FOs who won't want to leave? I think the main problem here is the A320, the only way to attract someone is with widebody, give them something they can't get so many other places, or money.

What a European FO thinks is that he has to chose his airline and stay there that's the only way to get a good job as a CP. So why wait for an upgrade he can't really use, in an airline he doesn't like and that doesn't like him, in a place that he really doesn't like?

I don't blame anyone for leaving, I just want the airline to start doing the right thing.

babysandbox 2nd Mar 2011 09:53

I almost totally agree with your assertions...
But how can it be that ethiad is upgrading 8 people a month? how can it be that everybody else has a structured training and qatar airways simply struggle everyday wasting a lot of money because of training delays?
The answer is not easy but I can tell you that at a certain point you MUST win or loose the battle for an efficent organization.
There are a lot of very experienced first officer on all fleet, better qualified and experienced than a lot of "coming from nowhere" DEC's. So the decision is to invest in internal resources and create a virtually perfect career path, or not.
The result may be very different in one or the other way: you loose people or you gain them....just as is happening to more reputable airlines, where people join because they know that the airline is serious regarding fairness in career...

We'll see what will come in the next months towards the end of the year, where most people will decide about their future.

Regarding the Flt Ops management, they should have the courage of being innovative and courageous......two words that are very difficult to fit in this airline.

Best regards

ask26 2nd Mar 2011 10:57

Havenīt 3 guys got fired recently?

SeniorEagle 2nd Mar 2011 11:05

Qatar & Civil Unrest
Will the civil unrest involve Qatar also?

Paper Lad 2nd Mar 2011 12:19

Will the civil unrest involve Qatar also?

Only the pilots from the 320 fleet:rolleyes:

Fubaliera 2nd Mar 2011 15:23

Human resources here is diabolical. Nothing will ever change unless the changes come from the chairman and board of directors.
No changes will come frm flights ops, especially now that the EVPFO is related to the accountable manager of the airline.
The middle management frm flt ops is just gonna follow orders frm the EVPFO so nothing will change.

loc22550 2nd Mar 2011 16:07

good one Paper Lad.:hmm:
Babysanbox..i don't think everybody was expecting any improvement here..only the junior("naive") one maybe..the senior one get used to the well known management technic here, i'm talking off course about the famous "Carrot agitated in front of donkeys(pilots) nose" technic.. in application for years now in Qr and still in application today:our New 320 F.M keep promising new guys during their Probation interview (after 6 months) an improvement of the roster, salary..bla bla bla....bla bla bla...

The only good news for the A-320 fleet this week(and this one unlike many others is well confirmed!!)....: we get rid of one indian destination/layover...:O..:BLR has been taken by the A-330.

vivesaan 3rd Mar 2011 16:45

Latest QR info Feb 2011
To surprise knowledge test is totally changed and forget about previous threads and Q&A, new sets are taken from JAA data base (50 questions mixed), so study those and you will succeed. Second phase and personal interview is more or less same, split in two parts, first knowledge about company, CEO name and ruling family, aircraft fleet and orders, gas to fuel innovation, and other personal questions, think easy. Second part suppose to be tech knowledge but forget about it, it is most frustrating and irritating part, questions like explain situation you were not popular?? or you had chance to delegate job but you did not and regret for??explain conflict situation?? explain situation you had a foot on but you regretted?? may be few more but you lucky if you go even trough those haha. How unskilled (psychology) interviewer (pilot) will conclude your profile from answers, still remarkable isn't it? Third phase SIM is as per info given A330 usually and basics, follow standard SOP and callouts and you are good.
Do your prep in phases importance, knowledge test than shrink Q&A and last SIM (you pass first two, last one is peanut). Good luck to all.

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