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Capt Krunch 11th Nov 2011 15:25


I know guys who have 7 kids :ugh:.. no one cares how many kids you have. Moreover QA does not sponsor your kids, you do. they enter the country on a family visa based on your resident / work permit. QA does however pay a certain amount towards school fees but only for a maximum of 3 kids, after that its up to you to pay. Keep in mind School fees in Qatar and very high.

wembadios 11th Nov 2011 15:33

Do you know if the health insurance cover the whole family regardless of the amount of children or is it only for wife and 3 kids

Non Zero 11th Nov 2011 17:52

Insurance cover all your family dependents ...

Tugnut 12th Nov 2011 08:56

Over a month after interview and still no word. This after being told during the road show that they are so desperate don't be surprised to hear within a week, and then being told by the team on the day that we would hear within 3 weeks!

I am aware that they have to do certain background checks and that this is a huge recruitment drive however, surely they could issue conditional offers of employment so the candidate's know's roughly where they stand!

imnotwhoyouthinkiam 12th Nov 2011 09:06

I was wondering about accomidation and I see that there are a few spots outside of Doha that are close by the airport, namely Al-Wakrah and Um-Said. They look very close to the airport, does anyone know what living in these smaller towns is like. I mean is it nicer, quiter? Is there suitable accomidation?

Whats the driving time like? I hear that Doha traffic is pretty bad so might be quicker to the airport from these towns than from some parts of Doha.

How about facilities?

Canute 12th Nov 2011 11:24

I am interested to know when you become liable to repay the Bond on the fast track SO scheme.
If I turn up and they have put me on a different fleet, or in totally unacceptable accomodation, can I go before I am online, or am I liable for the lot from the day I turn up?

CDNATPL 13th Nov 2011 03:07

Does anyone know what the process is for the HR department after your assessment? (assuming you were successful). What I mean is what is left to do? Do they contact previous employers, do a criminal search, etc etc?


VintageRed 13th Nov 2011 05:54

Hi guys,

Im just filling in the recruitment checklist and i wanted to confirm something.

LST = latest skills test, does that mean a route check?

LPC = latest proficiency check, does that mean sim check?

Thanks guys.


jothlina 13th Nov 2011 06:56

So how many are waiting for the successful email after the interview? seems like quite a few? waiting for 4 weeks isn't great for planning is it!

DragOverLift 13th Nov 2011 07:03

I've got the interview results after two weeks :D telling me I will get the contract and fleet assignment in no more than 4 weeks :eek:. And still nothing...

I am getting slightly nervous :confused:

Anyone facing :ugh: the same?

gdukkoq 13th Nov 2011 07:46

Same here, it's been 4 weeks already, I called them, they said not to worry, just running late coz they took 1 week vacation.

DragOverLift 13th Nov 2011 09:14

Thanks. Feeling better not being the only one.

Is it true they may assign you a WB, and at short term tell you "sorry, you go on the 320". It might be a problem for me as I'd need some off days in a row to get back home to see my family staying home.

Off days in a row WB: 5 to 6 :ok:

Off days in a row 320: be happy if you have 3 :(

Anyone experience?

DragOverLift 13th Nov 2011 15:42

Call them. 6 weeks is too long.

Capt Krunch 13th Nov 2011 18:10


Off days in a row WB: 5 to 6
That used to be the case on the 777 fleet but those are days gone by, same goes for the 330 fleet. Once upon a long time ago we used to have 8 days off in a row on that fleet.. 1 aircraft soon became more than 30 and that was the end of that, same holds true for the 777 fleet, now nearing 30 aircraft in the fleet and growing, and with the new found duty time proceedure it makes it even worse, for F/O's in particular. I fly with many guys that have greater than 100hrs in a month, try to squeeze 6 days off in a row into that.. Not a chance mate. ..

Planning a commuting lifestyle in this place is a mistake. You will only find yourself wanting to leave, or staying and hating it..

Some just learn to live with it.. And compromise :{

Poisoned by compromise

blusky75 13th Nov 2011 18:30

Hey guys,

I heard a voice that next year they could offer commuting contracts also for who is already working...

Is there something "true" in this?

DragOverLift 13th Nov 2011 19:48

Thanks for the info. So whatever 320 or WB, you fly like hell. Well, it does not disturb me much, but if you cannot align several days off in a row, that might be a decision not to come. By the way what are the new duty time regulation. Any link on the net? Could you post an example of monthly schedule on T7 or 330?

gdukkoq 13th Nov 2011 22:29

How could you be so sure to get WB ? You coming from WB ?

A330 man 13th Nov 2011 23:46


By the way what are the new duty time regulation

check the link below, there is a discussion going on regarding the new log book hoirs regulations.


victor75 14th Nov 2011 11:57

Hi all!

Anyone get an answer from soon Interview?? cause I still waiting...

stud7094 14th Nov 2011 15:03

Does Qatar send an email confirming that they received my application or do they jusy send one to invite for an interview?:8


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