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AriGold 12th Feb 2011 00:25

Qatar Executive
Anybody able to give me any info on the Qatar Executive 605 job? I am a rated FO with 716 hours on type.

Is it true that Qatar is hiring with 1000 hours of jet over 20,000 KG? I mean, I know thats the minimum, but are they really taking guys with say 1400 Total time and 1000 Jet? I doubt it, right? I'm putting in my application, with the expectation to keep updating it on file.

I hear a lot of bad things about every airline. Every job has its good and bad, is any job perfect? Yeah, a job where a pilot can work whenever he wants, gets 100k/month, and has gorgeous F/A's serving him coffee and pressing his/her feet.

I think some of you guys need to focus on the good. I've been with some bad corporate companies, and I doubt anybody has had it worse than I have at Qatar!

You guys should be happy with what you got, a lot of people would kill to be in your seats!:ok:

loc22550 12th Feb 2011 06:49

Kijangnim i hope the software problem you mention regarding salary increase will be fixed soon...because we might need it asap...:sad:Just noticed that the gas price has "jumped" from 0.7 QR to 1.0 QR..eventhough still "cheap" its a 43% jump in one step!!!:ugh:
The question is ..Whats next..is the inflation back on track in Qatar....?

Dogslay 12th Feb 2011 23:09

Second Officer Upgrade
Just a quick question. Do Fast Track second officers get upgraded to the right seat or is that a no go?

showbiz 14th Feb 2011 08:04

LOC22550 and Fubaleira thank you for your reply and Paperlad thanks for your post.

Creeps looking in windows.... deal with that when and if I need to.

Do most guys run 2 cars up there? As a 320 driver you must be going back and forth to the airport a lot so I would think you can't rely on Taxi's or expect to be dropped off.

showbiz 14th Feb 2011 08:31

One more thing.....

Transition to A330/B777 from the A320. I understand there is no seniority list or other system in place to facilitate fleet moves.

What is the average and current time for transition? With DEC's joining on the 'Widebody fleet' it will obviously be impeding senior LHS A320 guys wanting (and waiting) to move across another fleet.

Qatari515 14th Feb 2011 20:36

Good post and very true! Especially the seniority list part.

Pilots on A320 are screwed left,right and center. Management claims they are the backbone of the airline yet they are totally on their own.

No transfers, few upgrades, shortage of captains and instructors, dumping ground for second officers and all other nutcases they can recruit but for who no real place is visible.

Combine that with a virtually non existing fleet management ( the previous one who was never there,the current one yet having to prove themselves but looking promising) and a training management left to one clown and his croonie ( the last one being ok but stuck in the shadow of the ugly guy ), and it becomes easy to see the recipe for disaster.

Stay far away from the 320 fleet...

loc22550 15th Feb 2011 01:36

....320 pilots are well underpaid for duty performed...you must be very lucky if you get more than 2 days off in a row..unlike our colleagues on 777 or 330 who can enjoy sometime 5..6 days off in a row,unfair roster,training guys taking all the good destinations and/or schedule (daytime flight...).
Showbiz i think its very difficult to predict the time for transition and to give you an accurate figure as rules here keep changing like the wind direction.
I do agree..Stay Away!

dboy 15th Feb 2011 08:20

So if read ppjn, an 320 driver gets an average of 5000$ a month. I would not call this really underpaid, if i c what you sometimes earn in europe.

tcas II 15th Feb 2011 19:38

Dear loc
Are you sure 777 and 330 often get 4-5 days off in a row? how come I never get more than 3 days off in a row? Even when I bid or request 4 days off but I never get it! I am in 777 fleet.

loc22550 16th Feb 2011 03:52

TCAS:YES i'm SURE.."Some " people get it(unless they lie to me)..but yes maybe you a have to be "lucky" as well... i mean in "good" relationship with the roster department:mad:

Dboy A-320 taxi driver are underpaid... For the Duty we perform, compared to 330 or 777 guys.No doubt about it.( Thats why we used to have special 320 allowance before...), + we definitely deserve some compensations for all the injustice we had to face now for years on this fleet, like watching all the new guys going straight to 330/777, upgrade from right to left on long a haul, second officer put straight on 330 etc...

Hakeem 16th Feb 2011 08:56

@ Loc22550
Is it, that the second officers now a days get on to 330 and not on 320???? Because i apparently heard that only locals get onto 330 where the others on 320... Please clarify....


jamieboy 16th Feb 2011 09:10

When I went for my interview I'm sure I was told that the bond for non-type rated was 2 years. Looking on the careers website it states that the bond is for three years. Could someone please clarify?

loc22550 16th Feb 2011 09:10

Off course Hakeem ..this is for locals....!
Still Unfair Imho...Any Second officer joining straight on 330 is basically taking the seat of a senior 320 F/O would could have been transfered to the330...

Hakeem 16th Feb 2011 09:31

@ Loc22550
I agree I'm not saying its fair.... I just asked to confirm that the SOs now a days getting on to 320....

Thanks for the reply mate!!!!


BGG 16th Feb 2011 18:06

Jamieboy...I was also thinking the same thing...heard the bond was two years but it says three on Qatar's website...is there anybody who could clarify at all?

Also, at what point are you informed of which fleet has been selected for you as a new starter?


gottofly 17th Feb 2011 09:09

Anybody who can confirm how people are getting 2 yrs bond instead of 3 yrs MINIMUM as per the website?anything in particular that the company is considering maybe in terms of hours,command experience etc???/or is it 2 yrs for guys who are already fluing the bus?

windshear-a-head 17th Feb 2011 09:28

The bond depends on whether your already type rated or not, the latest is:-

Airbus -> Airbus (CCQ) - 1 year bond @ $10000
Boeing -> Airbus - 2 year bond @ $50000
Airbus -> Boeing - 2 year bond @ $50000
Boeing -> Boeing - 2 year bond @ $30000
Command Upgrade -> 2 year bond @ $30000

2nd Officer Fast track - 3 year bond @ $50000
2nd Officer - 5 year bond @ $50000

All of these bonds commence after final line check and decrease at a monthly rate and are taken from the current Part 'A' revision. :ok:

gottofly 17th Feb 2011 11:13

windshear.....thank u..

that makes some sense now.

I am coming for an interview for A320 Captain..could u tell me avg time to complete the trg ,paperwork etc and get on line?i am currently flying the 737ng .

Are the villas given by company furnished?

thanks in advance

buns 17th Feb 2011 11:17

It will take up to 6 months to be released on line. For some it has taken even longer!

The villas are furnished.

windshear-a-head 17th Feb 2011 11:37

I think the training is moving a little quicker than it was so probably 6 months at the longest (320 fleet) including your line training, in case your wondering I think its 24 (incl line check) sectors if your coming from Boeing going to Airbus.

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