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Smirnoff N21 9th Jul 2008 21:53

salamalikum2 no one farts in QR without his approval but as everything else it's interpreted as legitimate course of action by QR. The pilot involved should have simply declared safety related reason and QR would've backed off but since F/O they are a bit more aggressive. General rule is very valid for QR try to [email protected]@k around as much as only possible. Hopefully they'll have enough brain to register existing offer of employment letters with the labour department to manifest them as legitimate other wise guys 1 month notice is your good right with full payout.
Don't take it personally take it on the rocks!!!:ok:

tuan74 9th Jul 2008 23:46

One more famous quote in QR....

" NOT ALLOWED...!!!!!! "


BUSTRASH 10th Jul 2008 02:26

Hi guys
Is there any slowdown in interviewing or hiring. Or is it still going full on.

loc22550 10th Jul 2008 07:45

Back to the original topic(QR salary)..,eventhough we recieve what they call a salary "increase", 'official" rumor from office says there will be nothing to celebrate...:just 1000 or 2000 QR more only on the basic. or something like that..if.. we ever get something...again just a rumor.
So basicaly..3..4%...on the total package.(infaltion here 15+%,probably even worse next year...!).
(let's not even talk of the devaluation of the qatari riyal....:uhoh:)

Are they expecting to stop the exodus and attract a lot of people with such a figure...........????:=

P.Clostermann 10th Jul 2008 07:58

For those of you with balls!
In case they deduct anything from your salary, without your approval or acknowledgement, this is where you should read:

Article (64)

A worker shall, before his recourse to the competent tribunal, appeal to his employer against the penalty inflicted on him within seven days of being aware of such penalty. The appeal shall be decided upon within seven days of its submission. The appeal is considered rejected if this period lapses.

In the event of rejection of an appeal or if it is not decided upon within the above period, the worker may appeal to the Department against the penalty inflicted on him with seven days of the date of rejection.

The Department shall decide on the worker's appeal within seven days of the date of the registration of the appeal. The Department's decision shall be final.

As an exception the worker may appeal against the penalty of dismissal from work to the competent court.

If the court decides that the dismissal is arbitrary or in violation of the' provisions of this law, it shall either annual the dismissal, orders the return the worker to his work and payment of his wages for the period he was not allowed to work in implementation of such penalty or payment of a suitable compensation. Such compensation shall include the wages and other benefits denied to him as a result of such dismissal.

The whole thing can be found on:

Embassy of Qatar - The Labour Law

I know, some of you will start now saying that QR is untouchable blablabla....

Believe me, they are not that untouchable. On top of that, the allegations about the maffia practices are true, so in case they would deduct something which you think is not correct, just threaten with this and they will turn 180 degrees!

Believe me, I have tried it and it works!

Its always the same song: People who dont know their rights will get abused, people who know their rights might stand a chance!

Just learn how to fence for yourself!

cleared to land 10th Jul 2008 07:59

there is a fresh rumour that there will be an increase and it will be announced this month. anybody any input on that?

loc22550 10th Jul 2008 08:51

cleared to Land:
Just keep your bottle of champagne in the fridge...Don't open it yet...:bored:

PIPE RIDER 10th Jul 2008 18:30

Very easy;

1- US pulls out of Iraq
2-Oil barrel goes back to 80 us
3-US dollar makes and Incredible comeback against Euro
4-Landlords in Qatar start acting according to the law
5-And Girls skate on G-strings on the corniche,

Then that is the only way there will be a Salary rise.....:cool:

Got it, Clr 2 lnd?

cleared to land 11th Jul 2008 08:04

Guys I understand your pessimism. Trust me. But the last think I heard is the CEO told someone he already signed for -9% on the basic. Ooops +9%. Sorry. :ok:

CEO PITA 11th Jul 2008 23:16

9 %
9 % for F/O basic 18k is 1620 rials .
9 % for Capt basic 26k is 2340 rials

Sorry its not increament its insolt for pilots .

Inflation 15 % . Eletricity +30 % since last year .
Rent in 3 y went double the price .
Anything below 40 % on basic its a joke . Last salary increament was 2 y back since then inflation went 30% up means 40% inceament is onlt 10 %.
9 % increament is actually -31 % or reall one we should get .

Lulu qatar 12th Jul 2008 00:14

9 %
9 % WOOOOO cool i can start going to Starbucks again instead shewarma shop which i started since 1y becouse Starbucks start to become expencive for QR F/O .But naw with 9 % i will go back.

loc22550 12th Jul 2008 05:45

Cleared to land:

Believe it when you will see it.
well 9% on the basic only......we might not even see and feel the difference!:ugh::ugh:
Just another insult in the face of the crew....

notanotherhilton 12th Jul 2008 08:17

How did increasing salary ever decrease inflation?

CEO PITA 12th Jul 2008 22:03

nAw with 9 % i suggest you to come back to youre favorite airline !

Jo Banana 13th Jul 2008 07:24

:{any idea if the education allowance is going up?...if no improvement on education allowance.........I am outta here!!!!!!

notanotherhilton 13th Jul 2008 08:58

Yes its only in Doha there is record inflation and high food prices. ONLY IN DOHA!

QTRminator 13th Jul 2008 11:21

Didnt see anyone claiming its only in Doha where there is inflation, but fact is it is one of (if not the highest) the highest in the ME with its "estimated" 15%:{ and for sure also higher than were you are, notanotherhilton.

notanotherhilton 13th Jul 2008 11:23

For sure its higher and it will stay high, just like my 41% tax and insurance rate, my 30% increase in energy bills, my 35% increase in food bills, my increased morgage repayments, - all in the last 12 months.

You cant have it all unfortunatley.

QTRminator 13th Jul 2008 11:43

That´s right, we can´t have it all. But for finding it worth to relocate to-/stay in- the ME it has to be a lot better than home and not just slightly better.Otherwise people will do like you obviously did, move back, but it seems like you´re missing Doha, if I read in between the lines. In Europe you know that the worth of your salary and your cost of living will be fairly predictable and you have pension and social security etc, but here we´re caught by surprise every week.
Its fast approaching that its only slightly better or equal here compared to home and that will cause people to make diversion-plans. And for people considering to come, its not so easy to know all the hidden costs and problems within the package, cause it looks really good on paper. Its not bad but its getting worse, for sure.

notanotherhilton 13th Jul 2008 12:01

If I dont supplement my pension with 8% of my current salary (the 59% thats left), my pension will just about keep a roof over my head when I retire. The days of big final salary pensions are as dead as the dodo in most European Airlines. I pay taxes for social security that would just about keep me above the poverty line if I ever needed it. My household costs have increased massively in the last 12 months, something I was never able to predict a year ago.

I dont miss Doha, I did my time and was happy to move back to raise my family close to our extended families. Thats where my priority lies now. A personal choice. You cant go the Gulf and expect all the familiarity of home plus a kings ransom as well any more. The world is not like that any more, Ex Pat flying is not like that anymore. Perhaps a more reasonable and realistic appraisal of the pros and cons BEFORE moving would prevent the personal anger and completely unjustified BS I read on here. Life is WAY to short to be piss*d off all the time. If your not happy do something about it.

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