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FO DMId 30th Aug 2009 21:53

Thanks, didn't know if your interview was as a type rating conversion FO.

I guess it is. Thanks for the info!

Random75 30th Aug 2009 22:31

Hi. I sent my application vis snail mail. Will the company acknowledge with an email they have received it or is it a case of waiting to see if application is successful?

ATB, Random75

Metro man 31st Aug 2009 01:56

QR employ PILOTS not type ratings, they will allocate you to a fleet depending on THEIR needs at the time you join.

You cannot guess your way through the test. Answer the questions you know the answer to first, then go back to the others. Some of them are similar. Out of the four possible answers, one you can scratch straight away, one after a bit of thought. That leaves two choices, if you have two similar questions you are not sure of have an "each way bet", answer the first and second one differently and one will be correct. With a 70% pass mark this will not get you through the exam if used for every question, but will at least get you a few marks.

There are no points deducted for wrong answers so even a random guess is better than nothing.

Read "Ace the Technical Pilot Interview" and try to expand on what's being asked and look at possible variations ie

"What happens to your indicated airspeed if the pitot tube is blocked at the start of descent ?"

Therefore read up on instruments so you can answer "What happens to your airspeed if the static vent is blocked at the start of climb ?"

There are at least thirteen exam papers, you will get a different one to your neighbour. Comparing afterwards we found the questions asked were very different, but most of us PASSED.

Know VMCA, VMCG, WET/CONTAMINATED runway definitions as these are recurring questions in the personal interview.

As far as I know the new interview format only started at the beginning of August, I know pilots who attended the roadshows in March and they said the tech quiz was a joke. So disregard everything not recent except for OBVIOUS stuff such as "Tell me about yourself" and "Why do you want to work for us ?" These two questions will be asked in interviews twenty years in the future at airlines that don't even exist today.

littlejet 31st Aug 2009 15:49

i think u are right, maybe i am good at test taking since i never fail a written test before.


VV001 31st Aug 2009 19:16

Interview results
Hi again everyone. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any friends or "Mates" that may have gotten an acceptance e-mail within the 2-4 weeks time frame as we were told at the interview. I interviewed on August 13-14. One guy in the interview group got his acceptance e-mail in 7 days. I have not received anything yet. My understanding is that if you don't hear anything in 7-8 days, then you didn't get it :sad:. But i am just trying not to lose all hope. So do you guys know of anyone who interviewed recently and was given a thumbs up at or around the 2-4 weeks window?
Thanks and good luck to all :ok:

Fubaliera 1st Sep 2009 08:37

Thats not true, it could take alot longer, depending were they need you. If you made it to the sim, and were able to intercept a radial, im sure your in. good luck

tuan74 1st Sep 2009 11:50

Able to intercept a radial.....hahaha...that's really funny stuff fubie....:ok:

sad but true.....:ugh::ugh::ugh:

Fubaliera 1st Sep 2009 17:02

EPR, your getting on my nerves, my point was the sim was the easy part. If you past step one and two. Let me tell ya Epr in unlikely event you do pass the interview, with that mentality you have you gonna have a hard time here

VV001 1st Sep 2009 20:08

Thanks for your reply Fubaliera. I do appreciate your effort to give me some hope here.
I did intercept the radials, briefed and shot the approaches, dealt with the malfunction as well as called for all the appropriate checklists and flaps (on schedule) using the same phraseology as they expected. I do however, have to say that i have never flown an Airbus before and the speed tape was messing with my head. I had also not touched an airplane since February (furloughed on March 1st) and i still walked out of there feeling relatively good!

Guys, you know what's interesting? I asked a question because i have been waiting for 3 weeks now and no answer from Qatar Airways yet. What i got in return was one answer from Fub., and a whole bunch of irrelevant comments from others. This forum will be much more useful if we all just stick to the point.

If you go back just a few pages, you can see that i posted some things about my interview to try to help. So at least be courteous enough to return the favor!!!

Thanks again for the reply Fubaliera :D

Good luck to all :ok:

manazir66 1st Sep 2009 20:18

Not sure if this will help...but I did foud a PDF file on JAA ATPL AIR LAW.... so you you are interestred send me an email [email protected] and I will reply with the attachment. (its 98.0 MB)

Metro man 2nd Sep 2009 06:27

They've just advertised in the latest Flight International for First Officers.
2000 total
500 jet >20ton
500 EFIS
Level 4 English

manazir66 2nd Sep 2009 16:38

Hello EPT...I was trying to go on
but its telling me that the question are not available....

DQ4 2nd Sep 2009 17:11

Are Qatar taking DEC's at present? if so onto which fleet?

Captain Oryx 2nd Sep 2009 17:30


If you are not already in the que, they will not process you until first quarter of next year.

I'd recommend you hold off on the app. until then.

Good Luck!!!

Aerodmb 2nd Sep 2009 20:23

So they aren't accepting apps anymore until the the 1st quarter of next year? For those of us who sent the app in recently (less than 2 weeks), how should we update?

Captain Oryx 3rd Sep 2009 07:18


"...On the inside"? No, a reliable source who spoke with someone in the know.

Aerodmb- The response was in answer to the question, "Are Qatar taking DEC's at present?" Qatar is still seeking, and processing F/O applications.

In answer to the next question, I have no idea which fleets. It all depends on needs of the airline, and applicant's qualifications.

Good Luck!

Schickfuss 3rd Sep 2009 18:31

Qatar Interview
Hello everybody ,a friend of mine he just came back from the interview process in Qatar ...he can not passed the written .He told me about there are 50 questions most of then are bases in aerodynamics and MET ,4 choices ,no diagrams ,a metar interpretation,about speeds ,a question how to calculate true altitude of an airport ...I got my interview invitation for OCT 28 ,after that I could give everybody more information .good luck

Aerodmb 3rd Sep 2009 23:56

Thank you Captain Oryx

ABOOD13 4th Sep 2009 00:06

Qatar Airways
Hello every body, what are the recommendations if you want to work with Qatar Airways?

toby320 4th Sep 2009 21:09

hi, plenty of post related of the interview, and that great but I would like to know if someone know any thing about the salary and package for a captain A320? any info I really appreciate

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