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salamalikum2 15th Mar 2008 09:14

oops...1 euro=1,57U$....."EVACUATE -EVACUATE- EVACUATE......":\

HurryUp&Retire 15th Mar 2008 13:33

the dollar goes up and down. Its a cycle, eventually it will bounce back. hang in there

salamalikum2 15th Mar 2008 16:15

Really....? Well V/S Euro there is no sign of cycle at all yet....
Indeed since the creation of Euro (2002), the dollar NEVER stops going down v/s euro for the last 7 years almost...Not really what i call a cycle.., unless it has a very very very long Period....:uhoh:
Since i joined Q.A. my salary has been devaluated by more than 40%!!!!
Slowly but surely if think continues to deteriorated like that,iīm really start thinking of going back home ....Enough is enough.

HurryUp&Retire 16th Mar 2008 00:58

US is nearly in rescission, i would not expect the dollar to be doing well. Seems like Mr Bush F ed it up nicely for us. I would guess a year or so (but once again i am not economy expert)

Smirnoff N21 16th Mar 2008 06:29

Read the other day on reuters a comment of S&P's.
Apparently the sub prime mortgage write downs are over and with the bailout of major financials in the wall street recovery should be somewhere next year. My bet goes to re-value of QAR. It's currently undervalued by about 30%.

Don't take it personally take it on the rocks!!!:ok:

loc22550 16th Mar 2008 15:41

They are more Prompt and fast to increase the price of a barrel of oil(on a daily basis almost, in order to save their own interest to compensate the crash of the U$,make sure they donīt loose anything..).....than revaluate the QR or increase our salary to ease the pain of all the expats working for them!!
But is anybody really surprised by this kind of attitude...Welcome to Qatar..

9.G 16th Mar 2008 18:03

US greenback is diving no end in sight. Oil is soaring one of main reasons is vast money flow into commodities as safe heaven from depreciating US $.
Todays paper says Qatar is losing immense amount of money due to fix rate.
Dear CEO let your fantasy fly otherwise your planes won't.

loc22550 17th Mar 2008 03:25

indeed...iīm afraid the situation will not improve...some pilots are slowly but surely starting packing....simply because they canīt afford to stay here...!
Welcome to a 5 stars airlines!!

salamalikum2 19th Mar 2008 09:29

One of my colleague told me he recieved from reliable source(:uhoh:) that Q.A. is gone increase the salary in April...:ouch:
Probably Q.A is soo desperated that they just continue to agitate carrots in front of the nose of the crews!(when i see my salary in a continious free fall+ inflation+......:{)

Valdemort 19th Mar 2008 11:10

Yes someone from 1 investment CO told me that he has information about 15% for April .

Inshalah :ok:

loc22550 19th Mar 2008 11:53

The last 2 MONTHS ONLY my salary has been devaluated by 10%!!:ugh::ugh:
Donīt even dare to look further behind.....

Valdemort 19th Mar 2008 12:47

C'est la vie

NLDS72 19th Mar 2008 15:14

I was in the process of interviewing the first week of March...anyone know when can I expect an answer?Does it take more than 2 weeks?

CEO PITA 20th Mar 2008 12:57

You can expect all to look pink to you and big salary and low coast of living ,nice big airplanes and fast upgrade . BUT BE ALERT ITS AL LIES !
1) 8 y to upgrade as per actual
2)You can be terminated for drinking orange juce
3)mistreated by cabin crew with no respect abd back up by CEO
4)No salary increament + 15 % inflation rate
5)Memos like NOT ALOWED there is about 100 ot them
6}Did you saw Doha ?

B-737 20th Mar 2008 22:49

Can someone explain me please why orange juice is forbidden in qatar airways?That sounds really stupid!Explain pls!

loc22550 21st Mar 2008 04:32

If it was the only stupid think here, Q.A would be a great airline.........!But...to be more precise as far as i knowm the famous "fresh" orange juice on board is dedicated to the first and/or business class passenger(the only think Q.A cares) and not for the crew(Q.A. doesnīt care at all)...But honestly i can live with this "orange juice rule" ...:hmm:
In my opinion,There is much more important issues here:salary devaluation,inflation,roster,..Doha..,if it continue like that(in a very short term) believe me people Wonīt be able to live with it!(some people are already preparing to leave,because they canīt afford to stay here,Welcome To Doha!).

salamalikum2 12th Apr 2008 09:32

B-737..."breaking news..": No salary increase:{..but it seems that now we have a special dedicated fresh orange juice bottle for cockpit crew on board....When i think that i was going to resign in the near future, this great news for sure will change my mind...:ouch::\

hansqr 14th Apr 2008 22:30

its harsh for us.... minimum rest in layovers and no rest on osaka flight.
ive experienced it... almost 11 hours 30 min, we dont have the right to close our eyes..
if u do so, you are called to the office and may be TERMINATE..

CEO PITA 15th Apr 2008 17:12

If you are QR cabin crew and KIX -DOH take 1259 min you can not sleep or have rest . If you do it and someone report you you will get TERMINATED by Salia Snake or AAB.
We saw it we know it !

salamalikum2 16th Apr 2008 03:53

agree ..for the cabin crew.Thought it was for cockpit crew.
Off course.. everybody knowns that we have idiot spy amongst the c.c ready the report other colleagues to the office..Qatar airways CRM....!

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