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oryxbollocks 15th Feb 2008 07:09

No, I'm sorry Vodka, but I agree with Schneider on this. For a start, a lot of pilots, new to the company who didn't even know Renato, would have contributed something. However they may not wish to contribute the 'minimum' amount. The wording was poor and will not help in collecting money for his family.

And wouldn't it be nice if the company matched the contributions of the pilots? Too much to expect, I guess.


Smirnoff N21 15th Feb 2008 09:33

New statement:
"The beauty of the soul shines out when a man bears with composure one heavy mischance after another, not because he does not feel them, but because he is a man of high and heroic temper." Dear colleagues, good men must die, but death cannot kill their names thus in commemoration to our recently passed away fellow aviator Mr. Renato it's being decided to set up a complimentary fund to help out his family and to pay the tribute. Please feel free to contribute any amount you deem appropriate however to achieve a reasonable amount a contribution of 500 QR is highly appreciated. It's not only an act of financial support but rather a gesture of praise to the deceased and compassion on his loved once. The courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of the final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy. RIP Renato.

By the way I believe QR has transfered 15000 US right away without being bureaucratic. I stand to be corrected.
Hope that appeal will make people change their mind. Thanks.

Don't take it personally take it on the rocks!!!:ok:

shneidertrophy 15th Feb 2008 11:08

Hold your horses son!

I think , reading your first post, that you understood me wrong. It has nothing to do with ego, au contraire!

All I wanted to point out here was the once more totally inappropriate behavior of the people pretending to be our managers!

A quickly drafted, badly written piece of paper, telling everybody to contribute a minimum of 500QR without ANY explanation where the money will go to, without any guarantee, is regarded highly inappropriate where I come from!
Remember…900 pilots X 500QR = A LOT OF MONEY to give to a secretary!

Most people who received this letter did not even know Renato, so a little bit more explanation would not have harmed anyone!

On the other hand, if they would have written a letter in the same style as you did here, many more people would feel willing to contribute, I am sure.

We all should contribute, that’s a fact! I will just do that because I have known the man personally!

That 15000US you are talking about….keep your feet on the ground please. Renato has worked here for over 9 years….this is just his legal gratuity they paid his family! Nice to see they did it without hassle but it is their legal right!

Once more…I just wanted to point out the attitude of certain managers towards the pilot community….

RIP Renato!

Smirnoff N21 15th Feb 2008 12:01

No hard feelings Schneider whatsoever!!! We're all set then, I suppose!!!
It's QR's illness bad communication anyway regardless of the matter.
I do expect the management to come up with the info about the processing and how the it's been settled. It requires a wee bit of patience and some credit towards the management, I agree. A fraud is rather unlikely to happen. Glad you feel the same like me. Hope our contribution will mitigate the pain of his loved once in some way.

Don't take it personally take it on the rocks!!!:ok:

the letter 15th Feb 2008 16:30

What's happened with CSD Emma (can't remember her surname but she was from Northern Europe. Denmark, or so.)? She worked with QR from 2000 to 2003! Sweet girl!

Bat600 15th Feb 2008 20:04

Very nice! :E

loc22550 16th Feb 2008 07:13

Fuel policy....:} what a joke...As a Captain I decide the fuel i want to take..not the dispatcher..what kind of help you get from those guys...!!!??
There are just there to handle you the paper..
For info without taking any extra i would have to divert already 2 or 3 times the last 2 weeks coming back to doha due to traffic , zigzag radar vector...and if You think anythink was mentioned in the flight plan..you are dreaming...BS statistic...
When you are in your 3rd or 4 night flight in a row with minimum rest during day time:ugh::ugh:, and you are tired, the last think i want to do is to divert when it's cavok at my destination..just because of this stupid fuel policy , made by people confortably seated in their office!!!
Then go ahead and try to explain your passenger why you divert and why all of them are gone miss their connection in doha...
And if you are lucky and have" VVIP" on board...you will be probably called during ...your days off...to come to the office to justify yourself and asking why you didn't take extra fuel.....:ugh:

cavelino rampante 16th Feb 2008 07:29

As a Captain I decide how much much fuel goes on my aircraft nobody else. End of story.

Valdemort 16th Feb 2008 08:47

Regarding salary := .... They have enough crew for the moment , so don't expect anything for this year even provident funds , unless a big exodus of pilots starts . There are a lot of opportunities out of ME .

Smirnoff N21 16th Feb 2008 17:42

This country's plague and our pain is the soaring inflation.
Inflation can't be effectively fought only but rising the income at least not in Qatar since the market is pure monopoly. The moment expats have a pay rise everything shoots up, you name, it housing, utilities, grocery etc. Average costs of living is about 20000 QAR at the moment. It looks like a vicious circuit without a chance of a break through, doesn't it? It's an issue which has and eventually will be addressed on the statutory level. There's no other way but either to drop the peg to US $ or strengthen the QAR like Kuwait or China. Highly sensitive topic and can't nor won't it be done without approval from DC.
All other mediocre attempts like rising the depository pledge with CBQ to take the cash out of the market or limiting the rent hikes seemed to be in vain. Should the appreciation of QAR happen that's equates to a pay rise in a way. I bet that's what the management is places their bid on.

Nonetheless it'd be nice if the housing issue was addressed to start with.
Why isn't marital status taken into account? Why didn't senior people get the chance to bid for the company accommodation but have simply been offered left overs? How come a young f/o being bachelor gets a three bed room apartment and a senior FO with two kids gets a two bed room one?
Why do some captains stay in the apartments and some f/o in a villa?
Our welfare isn't taken care of whatsoever.
Provident fund wouldn't that be nice? How long was it now 3 years?

Don't take it personally take it on the rocks!!!:ok:

9.G 17th Feb 2008 14:06

Welfare in QR is far fetched from it's meaning. Just doesn't exist. Housing is assigned on random basis seems to be very arbitrary. Apparently CEO decides now who gets what. Agree that people with family must have priority over those staying alone in Doha.

Haven't met anyone not being pissed off by the new fuel rules. It's ridiculous and makes no sense at all. Fuel decision is mine and that's how it's going to stay. Justification is always the same ATC weather etc.

Someone mentioned pay rise? Don't see it coming on the other hand don't see myself here much longer. We've been fooled with a pseudo pay rise last year why would CEO gives us anything this year?

Qatari515 17th Feb 2008 14:48

Once more, the only thing they seem to be doing is playing games with us...

This whole fuel policy seems to be a joke, a far fetched cry from reality made up by a management wannabee who gets all his knowledge, literally, out the books!

The initial fuel saving programme was an exact copy of a fuel saving programme desugned 10 years ago by some major airlines. Since then a lot of it has been changed. Only at QR we will try the whole thing over again! Problem is that this guy proposes these things to the upper management people, and they all BLINDLY believe him!

God may know why! And on top of that, they pay millions of USD for these things as well!

The Packs off on GND thing to save fuel when at the gate....Now that really is a joke! You either switch bleed on or off. By switching one pack off and maintaining the same temp demand through the AC system, the only thing happening is that the other pack will work harder and demand more bleed air!
This was confirmed by the engineers as well.
And if you want to have proof, just have a look at the APU ECAM page and then switch the second pack on. The APU EGT will not change a single degree and will stabilise at the same temp as with one pack on....proving that the APU does not work any harder!

Now this new "begging for fuel policy" .....as a pilot/crew/captain one has to be stupid to follow this blindly! Ok, we could all go on a massive diversion exercise in the coming months just to feed data to the statistics!

But how would that feel professionally? Who will have to do the explaining when an aircraft declares a low fuel state in EWR next time? Right....the PIC of that airplane!
And still in aviation law it is clearly written that the captain carries the final responsibility in all decisions taken regarding his flight! ALL decisions!

QR is desperately trying to be a major player in the field, hereby implementing policies for which this outfit is not yet ready by far!
Maybe these hotshot managers should first try to solve some of the more imminent problems hanging above their heads ( crewing, training, general policies, flight safety etc) before they start fooling around snobbishly with these fancy new theories, with as a sole purpose trying to impress the GMFO and the CEO!

But nothing will change until.....cheese....holes....lining up....PROBLEM!

Its a five star MICKEY MOUSE airline and everybody involved in it knows this very well!


CEO PITA 17th Feb 2008 16:19

So you want to say that 2 cpt one with a kids and one single should both pay accomodation 12 000 but single one will get for that apartment and married will get 4 bed. house ??? joking or what ?
I have 1 kid and i agree if i pay 12 k for 4 bed. house and my friend single capt is in apartment he should pay 8 like f/os do .

Smirnoff N21 17th Feb 2008 17:37

Dear C.P.
you don't measure the company accommodation in terms of money as it's just an unavoidable expenditure. You never would even think in terms of money if the option wasn't there thus to say a villa is worth 12k and 3 br = 10000, 2 br =8000 is inconsistent. I think it's a real joke to allot a bachelor a villa regardless whether commander or not. It gets worse those single guys take a company villa and let the other couple of buddies move in refunding 3/4 of the housing allowance. QR doesn't distinct values of the company accommodation therefore social and marital status of the applicant as well as seniority must prevail. Take a chill pill dude there's lot more going on than you think.

Don't take it personally take it on the rocks!!!:ok:

CEO PITA 17th Feb 2008 19:44

Why would i be jelues on someone who chouse to share and save money thats there choice and i shouldnt care but thing is that wh have to have same money or type of accomodation becouse if i have 3 kids and am capt am doing same job as single capt so why should he be treated as lower staff . Senority ?? There are a lot capt and f/o s with 4 dig s/n which has not been given villa or f/o s apartment and fo new jojners its a part of deal thats not good for this people becouse longer you stay in QR worse you are treated !
Single pilots dont cost airline for school and tickets and medical so that means that we should take 12 k and let them stay in same apartment with f/o s or mechanic ? Am against that . I have 1 kid and it was my decision i dont deserve more or less of any other capt in QR .
Etihad is simple : Villas for all pilots ! You want to share ? I dont care. But if i start counting o he is sharing and i have wife and kid so i will not save so much and i get jelues thats a different story. Thats means i would be an ash...l !

CEO PITA 17th Feb 2008 19:51

Dont you think bachelors have girlfrends in QR ? So see 4 girlfrends 4 bedroom !
Or he might want to rent it out or share it with 4 other familly member .
Or maybe he need 2 rooms for all the money he is saving in QR becouse he is single and dont have to spend on wife and her inportant staff.
In Doha and QR there is a lot of single people if you dont make same conditions as other why would they stay when other airlines gives same conditions . Remember Qatar has money so you want to save on fuel and bechelors and water and paper ?? he he he
Any airline started to save money in extreme got crash !

Tintin 17th Feb 2008 22:42

man, I can't follow you!!!!! what was your score?????

Johny Walker 18th Feb 2008 06:05

Ceo Pita may I suggest you get involved in serious discussions once you use a razor instead of a towel otherwise you a perfect candidate for the upcoming meeting. CEO will love your none sense. :ugh:

CEO PITA 18th Feb 2008 17:54

Forget it ! No meeting this year !!! What you want him to tell us ? No salary increament no provident fond no roster changes no better treatment.
No meeting this year !

NA 18th Feb 2008 19:22

Coming back to the issue of Captain Renato, knowing the Man for many years, It's a disgrace what some of you are commenting regarding the proposed donation letter:

1-If you are too stingy to donate 500 Riyals for Renato family (the price of a dinner with your girlfriend in any Doha restaurant), fine it's your right, but don't try to cover it by making it a political stand against management, just say I'm stingy and I'm proud of it.

2- the 500 Riyals is the minimum in order not to breach the dignity of a very proud Man, it's a shame to see a pilot with a 50,000 QR+ salary coming with a 50 QR donation, this is not a supermarket my friends, have some dignity and bee proud to be a pilot.

3- In regards the letter wording, this is not a Soap Opera my friend, where they try to make you cry in order to keep you watching the tv, it's simple: a proud man and a colleague that has a family has died, only 47 years old, you stupid piece of sh..... you want more explanations in the letter to provoke you to donate ??? and you dare to make the letter wording the excuse not pay, how low you can be, I wonder.

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