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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 19th Aug 2005, 12:47
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Every country ringadingling metioned above including Canada, every single country in South America, and the Baltic states. That should complete of how the list will look in 5 years time.
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Old 20th Aug 2005, 03:21
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News 03

Current Fleet of Emirates

Boeing 747-400 04
Airbus A310-300 01
Airbus A330-200 29
Airbus A340-300 08
Airbus A340-500 08
Boeing 777-200 09
Boeing 777-300 16

Airbus A380-800 06

Total 75

Reg Aircraft Type cn ln Delivery Date Fate Status Remarks

A6- Airbus A380-861 011 F-WWSH On Order
A6- Airbus A380-861 013 F-WWSJ On Order
A6- Airbus A380-861 016 F-WWSM On Order
A6- Airbus A380-861 017 F-WWSN On Order
A6- Airbus A380-861 019 F-WWSP On Order
A6- Airbus A380-861 025 On Order lsd from ILFC
A6-EAA Airbus A330-243 348 15.12.2000 F-WWYK
A6-EAB Airbus A330-243 365 30.11.2000 F-WWKB
A6-EAC Airbus A330-243 372 21.12.2000 F-WWYQ
A6-EAD Airbus A330-243 382 26.01.2001 F-WWYR
A6-EAE Airbus A330-243 384 31.01.2001 F-WWYS
A6-EAF Airbus A330-243 392 28.03.2001 F-WWYX
A6-EAG Airbus A330-243 396 06.04.2001 F-WWKJ
A6-EAH Airbus A330-243 409 22.06.2001 F-WWKT
A6-EAI Airbus A330-243 437 26.11.2001 F-WWYI
A6-EAJ Airbus A330-243 451 29.01.2002 F-WWKE
A6-EAK Airbus A330-243 452 27.02.2002 F-WWKF
A6-EAL Airbus A330-243 462 12.03.2002 F-WWKK lsd from ILFC
A6-EAM Airbus A330-243 491 19.09.2002 F-WWYO
A6-EAN Airbus A330-243 494 13.09.2002 F-WWKJ
A6-EAO Airbus A330-243 509 07.03.2003 F-WWYX
A6-EAP Airbus A330-243 525 02.04.2003 F-WWKV
A6-EAQ Airbus A330-243 518 29.04.2003 F-WWKT
A6-EAR Airbus A330-243 536 24.06.2003 F-WWYF
A6-EAS Airbus A330-243 455 09.10.2003 F-WWKH ntu G-WWBC British Midland
A6-EBA Boeing 777-31H(ER) 32706 506 25.03.2005
A6-EBB Boeing 777-36N(ER) 32789 508 30.03.2005 lsd from GECAS
A6-EBC Boeing 777-36N(ER) 32790 512 19.04.2005 lsd from GECAS
A6-EBD Boeing 777-31H(ER) 33501 516 16.05.2005 N5022E lsd from ILFC
A6-EBE Boeing 777-36N(ER) 32788 532 On Order lsd from GECAS
A6-EBF Boeing 777-31H(ER) 32708 536 On Order lsd from ILFC
A6-EBG Boeing 777-36N(ER) 33862 535 On Order lsd from GECAS
A6-EBH Boeing 777-31H(ER) 32707 539 On Order lsd from ILFC
A6-EBI Boeing 777-36N(ER) 32785 540 On Order lsd from GECAS
A6-EBJ Boeing 777-36N(ER) 32787 542 On Order lsd from GECAS
A6-EBN Boeing 777-36N(ER) 32791 On Order lsd from GECAS
A6-EBO Boeing 777-36N(ER) 32792 On Order lsd from GECAS
A6-EKL Airbus A310-308 667 30.03.1993 F-WWCZ
A6-EKQ Airbus A330-243 248 10.03.1999 F-WWKL
A6-EKR Airbus A330-243 251 31.03.1999 F-WWKO
A6-EKS Airbus A330-243 283 07.07.1999 F-WWKH
A6-EKT Airbus A330-243 293 25.08.1999 F-WWKR
A6-EKU Airbus A330-243 295 22.09.1999 F-WWYF
A6-EKV Airbus A330-243 314 24.01.2000 F-WWYR
A6-EKW Airbus A330-243 316 28.01.2000 F-WWYS
A6-EKX Airbus A330-243 326 17.03.2000 F-WWYV
A6-EKY Airbus A330-243 328 23.03.2000 F-WWYX
A6-EKZ Airbus A330-243 345 27.10.2000 F-WWYI
A6-EMD Boeing 777-21H 27247 30 05.06.1996
A6-EME Boeing 777-21H 27248 33 03.07.1996
A6-EMF Boeing 777-21H 27249 42 16.10.1996
A6-EMG Boeing 777-21H(ER) 27252 63 11.04.1997 N5020K
A6-EMH Boeing 777-21H(ER) 27251 54 15.05.1997
A6-EMI Boeing 777-21H(ER) 27250 47 25.07.1997 N5028Y
A6-EMJ Boeing 777-21H(ER) 27253 91 30.09.1997
A6-EMK Boeing 777-21H 29324 171 30.10.1998
A6-EML Boeing 777-21H 29325 176 25.11.1998
A6-EMM Boeing 777-31H 29062 256 12.11.1999
A6-EMN Boeing 777-31H 29063 262 23.12.1999
A6-EMO Boeing 777-31H 28680 300 26.09.2000 lsd from ILFC
A6-EMP Boeing 777-31H 29395 326 22.03.2001 N50281 lsd from ILFC
A6-EMQ Boeing 777-31H 32697 396 24.04.2002 lsd from ILFC
A6-EMR Boeing 777-31H 29396 402 19.05.2002 lsd from ILFC
A6-EMS Boeing 777-31H 29067 408 02.07.2002 N50281
A6-EMT Boeing 777-31H 32699 414 03.09.2002 N5014K lsd from ILFC
A6-EMU Boeing 777-31H 29064 418 30.09.2002
A6-EMV Boeing 777-31H 28687 432 27.02.2003 lsd from ILFC
A6-EMW Boeing 777-31H 32700 434 28.03.2003 lsd from ILFC
A6-EMX Boeing 777-31H 32702 444 24.06.2003 lsd from ILFC
A6-ERA Airbus A340-541 457 22.11.2003 F-WWTI
A6-ERB Airbus A340-541 471 23.10.2003 F-WWTK
A6-ERC Airbus A340-541 485 29.11.2003 F-WWTL
A6-ERD Airbus A340-541 520 03.12.2003 F-WWTS
A6-ERE Airbus A340-541 572 21.05.2004 F-WWTV
A6-ERF Airbus A340-541 394 30.07.2004 F-WWAI, F-WWTE
A6-ERG Airbus A340-541 608 30.11.2004 F-WWTX
A6-ERH Airbus A340-541 611 17.12.2004 F-WWTY
A6-ERI Airbus A340-541 685 F-WWTP On Order
A6-ERJ Airbus A340-541 694 F-WWTQ On Order
A6-ERM Airbus A340-313X 236 09.01.2004 F-WWJP, 9V-SJN, D-AIFL
A6-ERN Airbus A340-313X 166 06.02.2004 F-WWJZ, 9V-SJH, D-ASIC dmgd @ JNB 09.04.04 when ran off runway during takeoff
A6-ERO Airbus A340-313X 163 16.04.2004 F-WWJR, 9V-SJG, D-ASIB
A6-ERP Airbus A340-313X 185 08.03.2004 F-WWJK, 9V-SJI, D-AGBM
A6-ERQ Airbus A340-313X 190 27.02.2004 F-WWJX, 9V-SJJ, D-AJGP
A6-ERR Airbus A340-313X 202 14.04.2004 F-WWJS, 9V-SJK, D-ASID
A6-ERS Airbus A340-313X 139 25.03.2004 F-WWJA, 9V-SJD, N73748, 7T-VKM, D-ASIM
A6-ERT Airbus A340-313X 149 10.05.2004 F-WWJJ, 9V-SJE, N73797, 7T-VKN lsd
N408MC Boeing 747-47UF(SCD) 29261 1192 09.02.2001 lsd
N415MC Boeing 747-47UF(SCD) 32837 1304 23.09.2004 slsd
N497MC Boeing 747-47UF(SCD) 29258 1220 21.08.2004
N498MC Boeing 747-47UF(SCD) 29259 1227 06.01.2005
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Old 21st Aug 2005, 10:38
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Where do you get your WRONG information??

Last time I checked EK had flying 2 A310's, with a few more on order.
Also, we ordered 45 A380, we have some A340-600 coming which you don't mention.

Although I don't doubt your good intentions, it makes me wonder how valuable the rest of your postings are.

BTW, no big preparations are needed for the interview. If you have a rotten personality, you won't get in, even with 'good grades'. On the other hand, you don't have to be 'Chuck Yeager' as long as the mentality is right.

Good luck,

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Old 22nd Aug 2005, 00:22
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Thanks! I know there are some info missing ! But is very difficult to get it, so I hope that you guys help me(us) with the "missing info".

-02 A310
-45 A380
-xx A340-600


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I don't think that knowing how many aircraft Ek has got will swing the balance in your favour at the interview. When they asked me I just said lots, with lots more on order and probably lots more to come after that.
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Old 23rd Aug 2005, 13:46
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That's it!

I have been reading this forum for several years and I joined EK some time ago in spite of what was said here. Never responded before but the post by RINGADINGDING about all of the different nationalites was very illuminating. I have listened to all of the supposed reasons why apparently so many EK pilots are p****d off and none of them really pass inspection. I will agree that there have been changes and that some of them have been to the detriment of the pilot body. When compared with the recent experiences of our brethren especially in North America and parts of Europe these complaint's almost pale into insignificance. The following is my synopsis of the complaints as I understand them:

1) Upgrade "delayed" due DEC's. The operative word here is "delayed". At AA, DL, USAir, Air Canada, United and the former SwissAir, Capt's have been demoted to F/O's and F/O's have been furloughed. Has anybody noticed the age of an F/O from any of the US majors on a European layover lately?

2) No transition upgrades. I agree that this is a stupid policy but 5 more 777's before the end of 2005 and 1 new plane a month for the next 90-odd months. I'll go to Ladbroke's and place a bet about a change in this policy shortly.

3) Changes in T&C's and FDTL requirements. The operative word here is "changes". Some of the changes have resulted in a paycut some haven't. The most onerous one - factoring - no longer exists. Once again the pilots at the aforementioned carriers have experienced such things as 40% paycuts, complete loss of pensions, reduction in medical coverage and ultimately job losses.

4) Changes in accomadation. I don't know how to respond to this one because I haven't met anyone or met anyone who has met anyone who has been forced out of accomadation due to increases in rent or been forced to pay anything towards rent.

5) Overwork. Maybe I am too philosophical about this one but as long as there's work there's pay and as long as there is pay there's food and shelter for my family. Maybe if some of the contributors to Pprune would stop doing their damndest to discourage every potential applicant who ventures forth a question, EK could hire more pilots and possibly ease the workload.

6) Inflation. My very basic understanding of economics tells me that a city growing at such a rapid rate will experience inflation because supply cannot keep time with demand until the rate of growth either slows or stops. It is that same rapid growth that is resulting in so many shiny new aircraft for us to operate.

7) Sand & Heat. These two have been here since before biblical times and I suspect will be here long after Boeing and Airbus merge and establish a new manufacturing facility in Darfur for the A-377-LR. In other words nothing has changed since you accepted the job.

The reason that RINDADINGDING's post opened my eyes is that I now suspect that the discontent is not really about any of the foregoing or even a combination of them. Maybe the real source of discontent is that the EPC, like the Augusta Golf Course (home of the Masters) was a private club with an "exclusive" membership. In the past the "BOARD OF DIRECTORS" could "control" the type of members and just let in a few "undesirables" for appearances sake. But with a new push for expanded membership and not enough of the "right sort" applying they are being forced to look further afield and the original members are not happy.

I'm off fishing - where is my can of worms?

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Old 23rd Aug 2005, 14:33
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I have to agree that banging on about nationality is a very strange thing to do. I have flown with many nationalities and found fine pilots from all corners of the globe. I see Russians were mentioned in this string and I've flown with many Russians. Those selected for my previous employer were of the highest professional standard. That is true of the amazing array of nationalities I have operated with. Country does not equal stupid in this day and age.

I'm afraid I don't quite agree with some of your other postings. The rumour buster quite clearly implies that some people will have to move out to the new 600+ villas being built in silicon city (they may turn out to be be quite nice, but they are not finished yet so it's difficult to say). Various grades of employees have already been asked to move out of their company accomodation or pay the difference in the new lease fees. This is common knowledge. Ask around a bit more and you'll meet those involved.

The US situation makes me feel for the pilots and their families in N. America. They are welcome to join the various expanding airlines in the Middle East. I'm sure they will be made as welcome as I have been.
Unfortunately the strange bankruptcy laws in the USA have allowed this problem to drag on. If 1 or 2 US operators had gone bust when market conditions demanded then this would not be the acute problem it is now. I too have been made redundant. It's awful but it's commercial life. I'm not an economist but the US government is trying to prop up (or even nationalise) in an American free market. It just won't work.

If Dubai and Emirates are booming (and leading to inflation), shouldn't the fruits of this success be passed on to the employee WITHOUT a large negative change in working conditions? I'm specifically refering to the reduction in over time payments. This is also leading to increased working hours.

If you wish to reward without inflationary wage increases than lump sum into the provident scheme would not affect Dubaiís inflation rates (at least in the short term).

I'm not against DEC's. But an airline should apply promotion policy in a sensible and flexible manner. An F/O should not have to be stuck on the 310 fleet with no escape (as you agree) BUT Emirates donít explain this problem at the interview which THEN leads to a Pi@@ed off F/O as you put it.

What are you talking about with the EPC comments?

I'm sorry but you sound like you've gone completely and utterly barking mad.

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I agree SCUDSY I probably have gone completely and utterly barking mad . What with the oppressive conditions that I have to work under. When I mentioned the EPC I meant the the EK pilot body as opposed to the actual club which in my opinion is a tremendous positive. Couldn't join the equivalent of Nad Al Sheba @ home, at least not for AED2,750. As soon as I sent the post I realised that it might be misconstrued and for this I apologise. Hopefully you will at least understand, if not agree with my conclusion.
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ok, see what you mean. EPC membership is very, very good. Wouldn't be here still without it!
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read my post again!!

Hint. Where are the western engineers at the building sites ORRRRR maybe the landscaping sites ORRRRRRR the majority of many other MID management positions on offer in the UAE. Ill tell you in properly paid jobs comensurate with their qualifications BUT NOT in the UAE!!

Im not talking about some EPC CLUB that the so called ELITE class are only entitled to or the professionalism of crews from any of the countries mentioned above BUT put simply READ THE last LINE of my post!!


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I think I understood perfectly what you meant in your post and my understanding was reinforced by your subsequent one. We are not in the West and your insinuation that qualified engineers and mid-level managers et al come only from the West is repugnant and probably not even worthy of a response.

BUT --------

Did you attend the CRM courses when you joined EK? That's the one where they tell you that there are flight crew here from all of those different countries and maybe it might be a good idea to put away prejudices in the interest of flight safety. Does swiss chees ring a bell?

BTW there are a group of engineers that play golf at Nad Al Sheba on Saturday mornings. I was fortunate enough to join them once. They come from California and Toronto (that's in Canada by the way).

You might want top checkout my post to SCUDSY. !


What does the last line of your post mean anyway? Are you suggesting that the EK pilot body will be somewhat more reflective of the ever increasing route structure in 5 years. Or are the only qualified pilots also only from the West?

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Old 24th Aug 2005, 02:25
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As i read Ringadings Post he is only saying as i understand it that if you already have a job then only if you come from all those 3rd World Countries he listed or if you are unemployed is it worth joining EK.
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I suspect that my Pprune contributory career will come to an end with this post. It has to be said that the intellectual level of discussion by some of the EK pilots is rather low. Bit surprising really considering that most of the contributors appear to come from places "where excellence in aviation standards" are truly "bywords". My only question is how much did those words cost you?

This is a rumour network but occassionally a little fact would really be appreciated. TRIMOTOR tells us that training failure rates have increased. Is that as a percentage or in overall numbers? Where is he getting his information? I am not disputing what he has asserted because I have no data and wouldn't know where to get it except maybe at one of the local pubs. Hopefully none of the trainers are cut from the same cloth as RINGADINGDING & TRIMOTOR. If any are could this be a partial explanation for the those increased failure rates that we have just been told about?

To any potential applicants might I suggest that you spend a little money and come to Dubai possibly before completing the application. The information you receive here can be somewhat prejudiced. Nothing beats seeing things with your own eyes it might not be for you and then again it might be.

To my former co-contributers I am really sorry that when you look to the right or left on the flight deck these days you are no longer just looking in the mirror. The world has moved on and I respectfully suggest that you stay in front of the aircraft. Rumour has it that EK is now accepting applications from places other than those centre of aviation excellence Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Western Europe.

Wait a bit had an idea!

Dearest wife bring an old white sheet (company provided of course) and sharp scissors!
#1 son (got to start them early you know) commence cutting eyeholes!

Hmmm just think of the uniform cost saving.

Going to the numbers.

ATSU out.
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Old 24th Aug 2005, 08:15
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Culture not color!

As much as I dislike the insinuation that people of one race are inferior to another, I also have a big problem, ATSU, with people like you who try to make any comment about aviation CULTURE turn into a discussion on racism. It has been tried before on this forum and I believe the conclusion from those threads was that we enjoy a very diverse and professional culture on EK flight decks.
However, and I am sure that you will agree, the fact remains that some regions have a less than healthy aviation culture and certainly not as mature as those that are currently inhabited by populations of a predominantly pale complexion.
There is enough hatred, violence and racism going around and I would suggest that you find your son an activity other than one that will only foster further hatred and fear between people of diffent colors.
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Yep ATSU, you completely missed the point of RDD's post.
That aside, what is happening in the company is that standards are being compromised for the sake of profitability.
This includes recruitment and manning. As the company has continually driven down wages, the package has become less attractive to people from Western countries, this means that naturally the company will look to recruit from countries that have a lower payed workforce.
Compromising on pilot standards, irrelevant of were they are recruited from is not clever, especially when your manpower planning is so desperate that your pilot body is flying 95 hours a month, every month.
The company is significantly multi-cultural, this arguably does not enhance safety, possibly the reverse. However, you do develop strategies to support the diversity, some do this better than others.
So here is the question, putting individuals aside, does recruiting from countries with a lower cost workforce, enhance or compromise safety? (for all you fence sitters you can choose neutral )
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Old 24th Aug 2005, 14:14
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GREAT someone on my wavelength!!

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Old 24th Aug 2005, 14:18
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Boy ATSU, if I was moderating this, you'd be out on your ear mate!

Racial discrimination is not being hinted at other than by you. Cultural diffences aside, there are significant, sorry SIGNIFICANT!!! differences between the licencing standards, operational standards and behavioural standards of different states. I believe that is what is being alluded to here. Not race, creed or colour, but good ol' fashioned licencing standards and flying background.

If you have worked hard for your ATPL, been awarded it by a reputable authority. Have flown a decent number of hours on decent equipment on world wide routes witha well regulated airline. You have a good general attitude. You enjoy your time at work and behave like a decent human being, you are a team player, you believe that you are a member of the crew, just like the most junior grade 2, that you have no 'chips' on your shoulders. When I see your name on my roster, You make me look forward to spending 14 hours in a flightdeck with you and you do not have 'unsociable hygiene standards.' Then I do not care if you are a one-armed Uzbekhistani with a different coloured skin and funny shaped eyes. I do not care what accent you have, I do not care what your religious beliefs are and I do not care whether you are able to do my job tomorrow. The fact that I have absolute trust and faith in you is ALL I CARE ABOUT WHEN YOU ARE MY PARTNER!!

Ruserious, I think you know which side of the fence I firmly stand.

Rant over and standing by for incoming....
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OK you guys got me - I'm weak. This will absolutely be my last post as I realize that it can be habit forming. I really appreciate the debate though, finally it reflects some measured thinking.

So judging by the responses the main area of discontent is really not the ones listed in my original post but the claim that the EK compensation package is no longer attractive to pilots "who have worked hard for their ATPL, been awarded it by a reputable authority and have flown a decent number of hours on worlwide routes in decent equipment with a well regulated airline". Maybe those same pilots from countries with "predominantly pale complexions".

"And some of my best friends are (insert your choice of a race other than pale complected)".

As an American niece of mine would say "are you guys for real?"

You guys seem to have buttressed my theory if not proved it outright. This is probably the first time I have heard that the hiring of third worlders is compromising safety at EK on Pprune and that gentlemen is where I think your intellectual argument really breaks down. Once again I ask where is the evidence? Which of the recent incidents, all of which had happy outcomes (thank the Lord), was a direct result of this type of hiring?

In fact most of them were resolved well due to the professionalism of the flight crews wherever they came from. Please don't start listing their individual nationalities. I really don't want to know and you will only be strengthening my argument.

Let's be honest the reason that EK is not getting the same applicants it has traditionally gotten is because things aren't as bad as they were there. I have no data for this statement but I believe that most people would not choose to leave home if conditions there were acceptable. Pilots are infamous next-door-neighbour gardeners and now maybe the grass is looking a little less brown at home but those seniority numbers were sacrificed.

Guys I don't really believe that you are necessarily racist but you are definitely not being intellectually honest. If things at home (whichever populace pale complected place that may be) were as bad as they were 5, 10, 15 years ago would you really be talking about EK hiring third worlders? Upon reflection you probably would because EK might hire some of them and then those guys would be taking the jobs of better qualified guys from home. Right?

Do you have any items for the logbook?
No me neither. Is that the bus? Let's have the securing aircraft checklist my dear fellow.

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Old 24th Aug 2005, 19:57
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lets no forget the two pilots who almost wrote off a perfectly good Emirates A340 at JNB not so long ago were of the "paler complexion"

so glad to be leaving the Gulf what a sorry mess its turning in to!

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