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CRJ700 9th Mar 2003 16:00

Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
I have an upcoming interview with emirates, ANY heads up or info would be greatly appreciated:D


capeaviation 9th Mar 2003 18:54

Emirates Interview
Just be yourself, don't pretend to be someone else.
The interview is straight forward.
They have about 400 captains and 400 F/O's now, I guess time to command will be 7-9 years which is not bad for a major airline.
Just heard a rumour that they will look into hiring direct entry typerated captains because of the expansion this year.
Good luck

ernestkgann 10th Mar 2003 08:57

Cape, do you work for Emirates?

chinny 10th Mar 2003 09:36

:ok: Good luck CRJ-when are you going?

BUSTACLOUD 10th Mar 2003 13:05


7-9years to command?

Direct Entry type rated captains??

Not what I have heard!

Do you work for the airline?

NTM 10th Mar 2003 13:41

I would like to know if you could run down your history about the EK interview:
-When did you apply ?? How long before you heard anything ??etc..
-Also what is your flying experience ??
I have filled up th online application about a month ago and patiently waiting :)

Thanks for your input....:p

capeaviation 10th Mar 2003 16:07


yes, I work for them.
2010 EK should have 100 airplanes, lets say 8 crews per airplane gives you about 1600+ pilots.
Lets say they need 800 captains and they have 400 now, they have to upgrade 400 F/O's ahead of you.
3 Years ago it was down to 3 years of even shorter (fast track sometimes 18 month) to command but it is slowing down now.
Was just told that they need event. direct entry captains, so if you are not on the fast track it will take a while to get a command.
But its a taxfee job and if you and your wife like Dubai its a great life, just if you don't like Dubai it can be a problem.

fullforward 10th Mar 2003 20:52

Hi, Cape!

Firstly, congrats for joining a so shinny commercial aviation icon.
Some questions;
1. Considering were you from how easy was for you to mix up into Dubai?
2. How long it usually takes for high timers ( say more than 12,000 TT and in excess off 9,000 airline PIC time) get the left seat?
3. How a prospective war is affecting recruitment and how you think it could affect?

Good flights!

capeaviation 11th Mar 2003 12:03

the first few years were ok, but then it starting going on my nerves, I find it very difficult to adopt, many pilots and especially their wife’s get fed up.
I know many cases where wife’s left their husbands and children.
Having said that some people love it, guess everybody is different.
Time to command for a 12.000 plus, it depends what you have flown before but as I said it will be slowing down, if you are lucky you can bypass people, but then you still have to pass your upgrade.
Don't think the war will effect Emirates at all.
It's a difficult decision to give up a command to join Emirates as a F/O, as I said it could take a while until you move in the left hand seat again, nothing is guaranteed, you will hear that during your interview a few times.
As you probably read in previous posts EK doesn't always stick to the contract, they like to change things like allowances, school fees and so on, don't forget there is no union and you are alone.

CRJ700 11th Mar 2003 12:29


JoeCo 12th Mar 2003 04:57


Congrats on getting an interview!! Best of luck!! Let us know how it went.

P.S. I got your email. Check for reply!

CRJdude 12th Mar 2003 13:36


Check your PM


fullforward 12th Mar 2003 13:58


Thank you!
Were you a journalist before being a pilot? Your text is excellent: clear, objective to the point, unbiased...

Of course, this is a step, on old timers case, that demands a lot of head scratching before a decision.
I have more than 9,000 narrow body command plus 3,000 wide body.


capeaviation 12th Mar 2003 18:34

thanks for the flowers.
Now listen to my opinion, I gave up a widebody command and I wouldn't do it again, not for EK.
If you want money, there are better Airlines out there, if you want lifestyle, I am not so sure if EK is the place to be.
There is A new DFO and he makes it harder to enjoy the life here, but there a few more things what I don't mention here.

The grass is not always greener on the other side.

That was my personal opinion, please whoever doesn't agree don't be to hard on me.

NTM 12th Mar 2003 18:41


I got a question.
Who do you consider to be better than EK, out there, right now ???

Dumpvalve 13th Mar 2003 05:56

Hi Capeaviaton, I just want to comment on one of your statements. "many pilots and their wives are fed up, and in many cases wives have left husband and children." define "many" in any walk of life there will always be separations and divorces, in 3 of the cases I know where their have been separations, the wives have chosen to stay in Dubai, and they will tell you that there were cracks in their marriage long before they got here. Emigrating is not for everyone, and some woman cannot bear to be away from their families, Dubai cannot be blamed for that, surely before emigrating, you discuss those points at lenght. Dubai might not be your lifestyle, but there are lots of us here that love the lifestyle, I for one have learned so much since I arrived here, maybe because I came with an open mind - I have taken up golf, learnt to sail, tried sandboarding, gone camping in the desert, we pop down to the beach for a bbq on a regular basis and watch the sun set, gone to see some good live shows and comedians from the U.K. we have just had the Dubai golf classic, the tennis tournament, the horse racing is coming up shortly, went to the dog show last week, going to extreme sports this week-end. Dubai, like anywhere is what you make of it.

Jefferson Starship 13th Mar 2003 09:02


There are many like you who enjoy Dubai while at the same time there are many who dislike the place - it depends on where you came from, what you are used to and what you use as a comparison.

If you lived in a council house in Lower Putney where the sun doesn't work, then Dubai would appeal to you. If on the other hand you are used to proper golf courses, grass, trees, water, sunny skies and civilized driving, then Dubai is.....Dubai.

Jefferson Starship 13th Mar 2003 10:30


I admire you for what you left behind in support of your husband I hope he know how lucky he is!

Your last question leaves me a bit baffled - "...what is the challenge of straight roads?"

It seems to me that there are many here who find these straight roads a MAJOR challenge! Witness the wrecks alongside Shk. Zayed Rd. The mind boggles!

Dump, this is not a case of 'when we' - I appreciate that one should make the best of one's situation and I agree that people planning on joining should hear all sides - in Calamityjane and my case (and a few hundred others) what WE think of the place is as valid as what you think. Fair comment?

capeaviation 13th Mar 2003 12:56

As I said before, for some it's a great place for some it isn't, it depends what you have to give up.
I am just saying that you should think about it before you make this big step.

PS: I'd rather live here than on a certain European island where the sun never shines.

PSS: The last comment deserves some serious bashing.

wagtail23 13th Mar 2003 13:46

in support of Calamity Jane
...Dumpvalve, she is indeed my wife, honest, and Jeff, I do realise just how lucky I am, thank you

We did leave behind a great deal that we love and treasure, but we also realise that there are opportunities are here to be taken. But we do love getting out of the place and getting a dose of reality.

But as the national insurance has increased by 1%, pay by 0% and council tax by 18%, we just think we're better off here than the uk, PROFESSIONALLY. But personally, I would also rather be back in old blighty, living in my own house etc................but will have to wait until conditions are right to make that move, how ever long that may be!!

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