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Dan 98 10th Nov 2006 21:42

Hi Fancy Navigator,
I start my Induction on the 11th of Dec at East Mids, break for Xmas and then out to CAE on the 1st of Jan to start the TR.
So far Ryanair have been prompt, friendly and provided all information, contract, joining instructions etc..... I have emailed them a couple of times with questions and both times have had very prompt responses.
Will let you know how it goes!!
All the best to those with assessments coming up.

sawotanao 11th Nov 2006 07:51

I too passed the sim this week, my start date is 9, Jan '07.That same day I got another offer of interview for a Jet job!!.....nothing for 16 months, then two in the same week!Good luck to everyone. Pm me for any info on FR sim asse'.:ok:

727Man 11th Nov 2006 09:18

Can anyone tell me if they have had to pay for the assesment at Ryanair, I to have an assessment coming up and they want to charge me for it? I just thought that this practice had stopped some time ago?

tablet 11th Nov 2006 10:52

I personally was not charged for the assessment, but there were a couple of guys there on the day that had.

I am intrigued as to how FR work out start dates. I did the assessment at the beginning of October and offered a start date of Jan 29. Others who have done the assessment within the last few weeks seem to be getting earlier start dates.


Avadoo 11th Nov 2006 11:27

727. I did'nt pay for assessment either, I was invited as a result of attending their recruitment day in August, however the other eleven, all via CAE, did !

Tablet. I think people may be allocated earlier TR slots due to cancellations, its probably easier to fill cancellations from the last batch of interviewees than re-schedule ones already in the system! However if you want an earlier slot why not give them a ring, someone could have cancelled just this morning ;)

embraer 195 11th Nov 2006 12:44

Hi Dan 98,

Thank you very much for your input. It was very clear and useful. All the best with the course!!!;)


Embraer 195

David_Lid Air 12th Nov 2006 14:06

So.. I just got a call from Scandinavian Aviation Academy, and I am going to attend in a pre assessment day, the 19th November at SAS Flight Academy in Stockholm. It only took me 2 weeks to get an answer :ooh: .

Is there anyone that have experience from this?

It seems like we will get some ATPL questions and also a english test, after that it will be a interview.

What type of ATPL questions can I expect?

Cheers :)

Shock Wave 12th Nov 2006 16:17

hi david check your pm

B737_FL410 14th Nov 2006 11:03

Hello everybody,

I have my assessment in December in EMA. I'm type rated B737 so I would like to know what kind of questions I could expect with my interview.
Someone who can help me with this?? That would be great!!!!!

Thanks already!!


final.approach 16th Nov 2006 13:33

Hi all,just a short question..I have sent my application to CAE some weeks ago, but how long does it usually takes to get an answer?Do you know if there will be assessment days soon? For your info, I've just finished my ab initio training in Italy.Thanks

Colibris 16th Nov 2006 17:03


I've been waiting 10 months before being called by CAE. Some others waited only a few weeks.

And yes, they're hiring intensively.

Good luck

Jinkster 16th Nov 2006 17:27

final app,
have you chased them up?

RJELLISUK 17th Nov 2006 10:23

Ryanair Assessment
Hi all,

I had the assessment at East Mids yesterday thurs 16th. I went in sim at 10 and interview at 12. Had an email waiting for me when I got home to essex and IT SAID I PASSED AND HAVE GOT THE JOB. Aaaaaaaaahhhh. Scarey as first job and only 21!!!!! 203hrs TT. Start CAE t/r 1st Jan. Cant wait. If anyone is up 4 assessment then you can PM me. Biggest tip, Fly the profiles on ms flight sim using the wilco 737-300 set at 40,000kg and just try to ignor N1 instead of EPR settings.



David_Lid Air 17th Nov 2006 10:40

Does the B737-200 sim in East Midlands have the 300 MCP? Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS :ok:

RJELLISUK 17th Nov 2006 11:04

Ryanair Assessment

The answer is yes, It is extremely similar. Also there is an ADF needle on the actuall HSI so it maked tracking very easy as you can put the CDI on the required TRK. http://www.airliners.net/open.file/711494/L/
This link shows a 732 very similar. You have 2 course selectors on the mcp, one for both sides, 1 hdg sel which moves both bugs, and the speed window which moves the orange bug on the ASI. Also you use the mcp alt window so you get alt alert +- 1000ft.
Hope that helps


RJELLISUK 17th Nov 2006 11:35


Actually these are more accurate as they show the red ADF needle on the HSI and the correct spherical ADI as used.


David_Lid Air 17th Nov 2006 11:41

Originally Posted by RJELLISUK (Post 2970873)

Actually these are more accurate as they show the red ADF needle on the HSI and the correct spherical ADI as used.


Looks great :) , thanks for the info. I may have some questions later when I am about to do the assessment in East Mids (if I pass the tests now on sunday), so be prepared for a PM :}

RJELLISUK 17th Nov 2006 12:12

Ryanair Assessment
Look forward to hearing from you.
Good luck Sunday,



EGAC_Ramper 17th Nov 2006 13:14

Congratulations RJELLISUK and good luck David_Lid Air.

Actually see you out in CAE RJELLISUK! :ok:

tablet 17th Nov 2006 13:35

Anyone else due to start type rating on 29th January with SAS Flight Academy?

Or will be the only one paying 10 quid a pint over there!:eek:

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