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thunderbird-1 20th Apr 2006 22:03

For the Oral can you choose one aircraft that you have flown or they will check on your logbook your last aircraft.
Do you have a link or the name of the school in Dublin which have 732 sim.

nickphuk 21st Apr 2006 14:05

737-200 Sim in Dublin.
Try contacting either Parc Aviaiton, or

zooloflyer 21st Apr 2006 20:55

Of course the reaction from the pilot community should be very strong when it concerns SSTR - basically every one is against it, right? - so it's just a question of stopping applying for the SSTR's and the system dies...but then, a 'natural' selection would see the light of day and I understand some guys rather prefer buying their way in for now...

Strontium Dog 22nd Apr 2006 15:36

Just a quick question to those in the know, this is one that's of curiosity rather than major importance.

Do they use Jepps or Aerads on the Sim assessment?

This would just help me to fine tune my prep.
I can & do use both, but like I say, it would help me to fine tune things.:p

Cheers fellas,

SD :ok:

T668BFJ 22nd Apr 2006 18:20

Jeppeson, from what I have been told.

Strontium Dog 23rd Apr 2006 10:31

Cheers Dude. :)

sawotanao 27th Apr 2006 20:18

FR Assessment June anyone?
Anyone got an assessment coming up in June at Ema? If so PM me.:ok:
Cheers S'

BongleBear 1st May 2006 18:03

zooloflyer, i take it by your exteme bitterness that you're unemployed? not getting any younger either mate, 31 this year? hey come and apply to ryanair, they'll give you a chance! chin up

zooloflyer 1st May 2006 20:24

I am employed and even paid for the moment - miracles do happen - but always available for an upgrade!

Unfortunately I applied through their affiliated schools months ago - before I even knew about the massive amount of cash you need in order to get through the first year(s)...

Sorry mate, cannot afford MOL's airline. I am quite happy flying daily and am waiting patiently for recruitment by an airline a little closer to home.

You're right, just turned out 30 and losing my sense of adventure...

Good luck to you too and SSTR's will always get the worst out of me, sorry if that hurts you.

BongleBear 2nd May 2006 08:00

any chance you might change your mind when in a few years youre considered too much of a training risk for an airline to invest in you, so you have no choice except to invest in yourself? i completely understand your side of this, it is frustrating that airlines can now get away with sstr's but you have to remember that an airline is a business, it's simple supply and demand, with contracts going to the highest bidders.

zooloflyer 2nd May 2006 11:28

Nothing wrong with investing but you still need the funds if you want to.

A little patience might also help - for Belgium, there were about 600 licenced pilots available in 2002 after the Sabena bankrupt. Nowadays this number went down to less than 90 and not many new guys starting the training so I think outlook is fairly positive and that SSTR is not a very good investment for now unless you failed all selections over the last couple of months/years...


Fergal20 20th Jun 2006 14:28

Ryanair Sim Check change
Hi everybody,

I heard from a good source that the Leeds SID is no longer the route being used for the Ryanair sim check. I hear that it is now one of the Luton SID's with an NDB approach back into Luton. Has anybody heard the same and also which of the SID's from Luton is being used?


Global Pilot 21st Jun 2006 10:06


It shouldn't matter what SID you are asked to use! A SID is a SID is a SID.
To prepare for a SIM check, concentrate on your IF. Make sure your scan is super fast and you will be fine. The instructor is looking for you ability to learn quickly and interaction with your sim partner, he wants to know if you will make it through the type course.

Don't concentrate on any one SID then whatever one you get you will be just be able to fly it. I am not saying dont be prepared, you should be but if your scan is good you will do alright.

Fergal20 21st Jun 2006 11:12

Hey GP,

I agree, but as you've said there is no harm in being prepared. I'm sure there are people practicing the Leeds SID over and over, so I just thought it would be good to let them know that it might have changed.

Telstar 23rd Oct 2006 12:54

Has anybody got the latest profile for the sim? My friend has an interview soon and it seems to have changed since I did it. P.M if you prefer!

Wounded Knee 26th Oct 2006 22:47

I've had the Sim assessment today at the Brussels' CAE Centre. I was among the first wave of candidates to be graded in Brussels.

First we had 63 ATPL Questions followed by 60 English Language questions (people from the UK and Ireland don't have to sit this last test)

This all followed by the sim assessment which was on the 737-300 simulator. Brussels SID and 2 approaches (1 VOR and 1 ILS).

If this all is positive the people from Ryanair invite you for the personal interview at East Midlands!!

TolTol 27th Oct 2006 11:33

So are they no longer having their assessments in EMA?

Wounded Knee 27th Oct 2006 13:18

I think it has to do with capacity! So you could be invited to both places.

James7 27th Oct 2006 16:19

Assessment still being done at EMA. 737-200 very old simulator. Very nice bunch of guys there. Interview very pleasant and the sim session straight forward. Luton westerly departure, few turns / steep turns. Ndb app and landing. Just take it easy when you go visual as so easy to overcontrol, as you only get half visual. This was a very practical assessment - no stupid questions, no psycho tests and no tricks.

flyingoli 30th Oct 2006 11:59

Hello, just a small post to know if somebody have already received an answer following an assessement in CAE/BRU?

Happy landing,


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