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pilot31 15th Jun 2005 08:46

Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)
What is a dress-code for pilot Ryanair interview?

Craggenmore 15th Jun 2005 10:04

1. Suit and tie
2. highly polished black shoes
3. Clean shaven (unless its part of your heritage/always had a beard)
4. No dirt under the nails
5. Cut the fluff from the back of your hair line
6. Tidy up your chops (sideburns)
7. Any flesh that is on show must be clean (Oo Errrrrr Missus!!)

Look like you mean business then you will act the business. Your next interview may not arrive for another year...

jamestkirk 15th Jun 2005 10:28

OR :
A shell suit in green, white and gold.

Leg warmers

Don't forget the sweat band for your head and embroider it with the Ryanair flight number you took to get there.

Hope this helps and don't hesitate to contact me for more recruitment advice.

Sorry, sat at Shoreham and cannot fly due to :mad: weather.

In all seriousness, coming from a HR background:

1. Don't wear strong after shave for various reasons. If i listed the pyschological reason behind this you would all laugh at me.

2. DON'T wear matching colour shirt and tie (Burton clubbing style). It shows a total lack of taste/individuality. HR people hate it.

3. A prospective employer will base a large amount of their decision on how you would fit in in the first eight seconds of meeting you. Before anyone wants an argument on this, look it up. It important that you have open body language, smile and eye contact every meber of the room eqaully whern you first walk in.

I hope this is a little more helpful than my previous verbose comments.

Good luck

Gin Slinger 15th Jun 2005 11:50

perhaps wear a sign saying "kick here" just above your buttocks :sad:

carbheatout 15th Jun 2005 15:55

Sorry, you're a Boeing 747 driver, and you're asking what to wear for an airline interview? Are you for real?

pilot31 15th Jun 2005 20:53

Just out of curiosity, guys. MOL promotes casual kind of wear, so what they would like to see during interview. And what about dress code in Southwest?
Thank you for all inputs.:ok:

Vee One...Rotate 15th Jun 2005 22:56

I can't believe people still ask if they should dress-down for an airline pilot interview or what to wear full-stop.

Come on - work it out! How would you dress for any other formal job interview!?

Think about the qualities/image your prospective employer is looking for in a new recruit...

Sorry. Rant over.

Mark Noble 16th Jun 2005 02:48

I've nothing to add cause I'm only a newbie but good luck :ok:

despegue 16th Jun 2005 18:22

What always works is a navy-blue or black suit.
Black leather classic shoes, but NOT laquered. They must be clean, also the underside. Wear a white or light blue shirt.

A red tie, without prints on it.Ever Watched the Presidential debates? They always wear red ties because this makes a person look confident, strong and a "leader" without being "dull".

Facial hair is OK for already a while now people. A ringbeard is actually quite distinguished, as long as your beard is trimmed and your haircut is tidy. People who still believe that having facial hair will stand in the way of a job have some catching-up to do, or live in the US.

I have been previously involved in recruiting/selecting for Flight Academies and Airlines.

Troydi 17th Jun 2005 09:32

And for a girl...? Trouser suit or skirt suit? A question that continues to bug me!

hemac 17th Jun 2005 19:51

I would say for the girls lose the beard.

redsnail 17th Jun 2005 20:51

WTF is a ring beard? I really really hope it isn't what I am thinking.
Any way, if it is shouldn't you be wearing trousers or something?

A friend wore a skirt suit to her QF interview. (She got it). I have worn a black trouser suit, no tie, tidy shirt. It's worked too. Wear what ever you're comfortable in. Both work.

shed loads 18th Jun 2005 07:20

What's an 'interview'?

jamestkirk 18th Jun 2005 08:18

Whats an interview
Shed loads

That is pointum exactum.

Cavallier 19th Jun 2005 11:15

1. Don't forget your cheque book
2. A small bowl to put the monkey nuts that they pay you in
3. Remove your spine before you go in
4. Wear something that enables you to bend forward easily

Good Luck

Crazypilot A 19th Jun 2005 13:01

Girlies should be topless! :ok:

Little Miss 19th Jun 2005 13:46


I don t think topless would work!

There again maybe thats where I ve been going wrong in the UK

Dougle Mcguire 13th Aug 2005 21:30

Ryanair Sim Check
Does anyone who has recently done the Ryanair sim check remember the profile of the flight? I would be very interested in speeds and flap retraction/extension schedules. In fact, anything you can remember would be a help.

little-paddy 14th Aug 2005 21:12

RWY 28 out of LPL with the W2T departure. Flap 1 take off. Climbs and decents at assigned speed. Steep turns. Back to the NDB on an assigned bearing (Will you turn the right way to get it?) Engine fire on way back. Into hold ....then out for a procedural Single Engine ILS into 28.

Simple enough......with practice (Hint hint)

Night Freighter 15th Aug 2005 00:42

28???? Mmmmm, don't remember being offered that last time I flew there!!:ok:

little-paddy 17th Aug 2005 14:23

Nicely spotted........RWY is 27.

Other than that.........it is correct.

little-paddy 21st Aug 2005 11:22

By the way hope it all goes well....let us know

Dougle Mcguire 21st Aug 2005 13:38

Fingers Crossed
Cheers Paddy................ Not long to go!!! Will keep you informed. Any important details that you can remember please let me know. Dougle (ah c'mon Ted') Mcguire

Adhemar 1st Sep 2005 10:17

Ryan sim check and interview
Hi to all,

I have been invited by Ryan for an interview and sim check at East Midlands. Any additional information on top of the one provided here above would be greatly welcomed.

Anyone can shed some light on the kind of technical questions related to B733 they could throw at you ?

I am flying 737-300 with 250hrs on type.

Please post or feel free to PM me.

FEDENO 4th Sep 2005 23:37

I heard something about Ryanair hire pilots from South America, is that true?They accept ICAO Licenses?


Gingawings 5th Sep 2005 19:10

are these profiles flown with a flight director or are they flown raw?

Wbrick 9th Oct 2005 13:58

FR interview
I have been invited for a sim assessment with FR at their training center in EMA in about twoo weeks. Any comments or suggestions regarding this assessment & Interview ?


4on4off 9th Oct 2005 19:31

Do yourself a big favour and skip the interview.

Anamorphic 10th Oct 2005 10:05

Wbrick, Check your Personal Messages.

dboy 10th Oct 2005 11:29

What is "FR"?

frogone 10th Oct 2005 11:42

FR= Ryanair.........

Flying Farmer 10th Oct 2005 12:31

FR Aviation at Bournemouth of course, didn't everyone know that :ok: :)

michaelknight 10th Oct 2005 12:49

Don't know about FR at BOH, but I think one can assume it's Ryanair with comments as stated above!

"Do yourself a big favour and skip the interview."

beij 12th Oct 2005 13:14

ryanair interview and grading
Can somebody tell me more about the grading/interview day for ryan air?

Lil' Pilot 12th Oct 2005 17:21

If anyone has some useful info I would also really appreciate that :D

Gnirren 17th Oct 2005 11:45

Seems like engine fire and ILS approaches would be pretty hard to do if you've never flown a 737 before. Are they looking for a general understanding, ability to fly and decision making? You wouldn't know what callouts ryan uses or anything, so I'm finding it hard to understand what would be considered good enough to pass if they expect you to fly to airline standards.

Callouts, flap and powersettings, are you supposed to fly as PF only or PNF as well?

phildewin 18th Oct 2005 13:14

ryanair interview

Somebody know what s exactly the questions that they ask on the Ryanair interview,

for the sim check, could you please tell me with airport they will use ?

Some help will be great, going this month

thanks guys

Mike1981 31st Oct 2005 13:57

Ryanair Technical Interview
Hey folks,

I was just curious if someone could give me any tips/hints on the FR technical interview. I did a search on the forums, but didn't find much other then that it is apparently about the last ME airplane you flew. Is that all they are asking? Or are they asking other general stuff as well? Does someone maybe have some example questions by chance?

This is my first airline interview and I would greatly appreciate any hints or advice. :)

Thanks a lot in advance.

ritchyh 31st Oct 2005 20:21

Hi there

What is your experience?

Cipri 1st Nov 2005 10:52

you will probaby be shown a jepp plate and they will ask you all sort of questions on it, they will ask you to describe some systems of your previous aircraft, no matter it was a 747 or a seneca,

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