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Kinetic 9th Apr 2006 01:27

Snake80, I can sense you're nervous, everyone is at the initial stage but don't get to worked up.

Leeds is currently commonly used though it can vary and is down to the examiners discretion on the day. The most important thing is to try and realx as much as is possible have good CRM and be confident, give a good brief etc. even if you screw something up (I did on 2 manoeuvers initially) don't panic, just say "correcting" and make the changes to get the aircraft back on profile. If you go a bit fast, high/low, left/right they will forgive you if you pick it up and do soemthing about it. If you just sit there and exept the error or panic you will do yourself no favours. They are not looking for perfection.

As for the tech interview, you really must learn the last/current aircraft you flew inside out, they will test you on it. Type of engine normally aspirated / fuel injected??, is it a radial? how many cylinders? nose strut compression pressure? type of wing and flaps. What are the advantages of certain flaps. How much fuel can it hold, max distance/time. These may not be exact questions but similar things have been asked and they will expect you to know your last aircraft inside out. And you will be surprised how much knowlege they have and how many people fall down on this stage not the sim or interview.

I know that one examiner asked a friend in the classroom to brief him as best he could for a VOR approach to RW16 at Dublin. This again may not be asked but it has been and the VOR has an intermediate hard altitude and the VOR is a few miles from the runway (5 from memory) so you will get decreasing mileage to the VOR and then increasing mileage away from the VOR before you reach MDA 5 miles from VOR.

If you get similar or for you sim for another airport/approach I would suggest you do this in a logical flow

first plate brief: "read off top line left to right" VOR app to RW16 VOR freq, inbound course, Int hard alt, MDA, MSA in all sectors you will pass through on approach or poss go around. You then brief the go around procedure. just read the text, then skip the main part of the plate (for now) that shows the lateral and vertical profile.

Down to the bottom brief the min Viz/RVR (CAT c aircraft) and the MDA will also be shown there. plate brief done.

Second actions brief: (you will not be expected to know when to configure but points scoring helps and this should impress him/her) using the main part of the plate (vertical/lateral profile) say what you'll do at certain points.

i.e about 15 miles from touchdown I will reduce to 220 KTS, 12 miles from touchdown I will reduce speed and select flaps 1 and then 5. ( Now if you get the Dublin VOR Q it is a GOTCHA as the VOR is set off the Airfield your 15 miles from touchdown will be 10 miles from VOR). You are unlikely to have to fly it, I expect you will get standard CAT1 ILS. Continue with explainong how you would initially dial up the intermediate hard altitiude in the altitiude window and once you had passed you would then select final MDA and you would ask the instructor (non handling pilot) to monitor the descent from the plate for each of the last 5 miles and call out whether high or low so you could theoretically make corrections accordingly (i.e if at 4 miles you should be 1850ft and 3 miles 1200ft on the chart he/she may call "4 miles 1950 you are 100ft high" to which would call "correcting" and slightly increase decent. If they call " 3 miles 1100ft 100 ft low" you call "correcting" and slightly reduce ROD).
At or before MDA you would either disconnect and land or execute the go around as briefied earlier.

the most important thing to say (good CRM point) at the end when you think you've done any brief real or classroom is

"Have I missed anything important, do you have any advice/experience you may like to include" or words to that effect.

This may all be to much to take in, if so I am sorry, the VOR Dub example may not come up for you. Learn your last aircraft, try to enjoy it and GOOD LUCK ;)

Olof 9th Apr 2006 08:20

Don't make it too big here guys. The hard part is indeed the simulator. Don't freak about making a rock solid performing nailing every alt and speed because if you're a low timer you won't. However, as said before, the do look at your flying skills from a more general view (How do you handle the engine fail, are flying jerky, initiating a G/A if not established etc). Try to nail THAT instead.

As far as the interview goes it is very different depending on who you do it with. Again, nothing too fancy here. No trick questions and no bull shi***. If you're a low-timer they won't come after with you detailed questions regarding your previous a/c. Most of the interview is paper work anyway. The personal interview was nothing too hard either. Some annoying questions like "why should we hire you" or "how do you deal with frustration in life" but in general the guys meant no harm :)

To sum up: Do good in the Sim and stay calm during the interviews. I found the sim extremely difficult but not impossible...I got accepted with a TT of 255h so you can too :cool:

thunderbird-1 10th Apr 2006 21:17

About the tech interview :

Can you describe one of any aircraft that you have flown ? Or do they really want you to describe the last/current aircraft ?

Can it be an airplane that you flew just in a simulator ?? For exemple, in my case, the last aircraft that I flew was a DA40 but after that I did the MCC on EMB120, so If they look at the last page of my logbook they will see simulator E120. As you can imagine it's easyer to describe a DA40 than a E120 :}

Kinetic 10th Apr 2006 21:28

The last real aircraft you flew/pre-flighted had a rating in your licence. For most low timers this will be the twin they did there IR on.

thunderbird-1 10th Apr 2006 21:58

Ok thank's for that quick answer Kinetic. So you can't choose wich aircraft you want to describe.
Do you now how many time you have to wait before being contacted by the school for the interview ?
Anybody has enroll with CAE Aviation Training yet ?
Good night.

aeroarce 14th Apr 2006 12:09

with how many hours are they calling?
Hi You all!
I'm just out from the flight school with 170h. Does anyone know whith how many hours are them calling for examination? I know that as more hours you have will be better but I'm just wondering when can i apply to get a bit of chance and be called 4 examination.

Also does you know if you are fired on any of the exams, Do they give you a seccond attempt after? after a year, or 150 hours or anything similar?

thnks 4 your replies.

Olof 14th Apr 2006 15:20

170h is very little indeed. You can always send an application via SAS or CAE but I doubt that you will be called for interview. It's hard to get an interview with Ryanair unless you have contacts. The ques for SAS and CAE are loooong....

thunderbird-1 14th Apr 2006 16:19

Hy aeroarce,
the mini riquirement is 200h00 for cadet. Look at http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/about...eers&ref=10002 you will find what ever you need.
Good luck, by

Morningstar 19th Apr 2006 13:54

Ryanair (merged)
Hello Folks,

Have assessment day with FR around the corner. Apart from what's already on the forum, are there any news re. recent FR Sim session (program, airports etc) and technical interview ?

Any idea about what was recently asked re. commuter A/C (ATR, DASH etc.) ?

Anything they do not want to hear during the personal interview ?

Telstar 20th Apr 2006 15:03

You'll get a SID out of leeds. General handling, steep turns, climbs and descents at a requested airpseed. NDB tracking. Just general handling, and good instrument skills is whats being looked at. You will get an engine fire and after you've handled it you will do a full proceedural ILS to land. Your performance will be set against the background of your experience level. Make sure you get a few hours in a Jet sim, like the 732 in Dublin or the 727 in Bournemouth. The people who fail are people who weren't instrument and Jet proficient, and weren't prepared.

As for the Oral, you will be asked on your previous aircraft. How does the hear work, systems, engines, how does the heating system work. Make sure you know your systems in detail even and especially if you only flew a seneca.

The HR is a non event. Why do you want to work here? Have you got the reddies for the rating? 5 mins.

richarjm 20th Apr 2006 15:08

Ryanair (merged)
This question has been asked before but no-one seems to have answered it so here goes... Does anyone know how long the wait is from hearing you have passed the Ryanair sim check till hearing your type rating start date? I know a couple of people in that situation who are concerned at having heard nothing so far since hearing they've passed.

TolTol 20th Apr 2006 16:45

I know of 1 guy who passed his sim check in March. He is starting his type rating in June.

wings87 20th Apr 2006 16:52

Are pilots really pay for their drinks at Ryanair?
:} Are you talking about all the :mad: paying for their type rating and get paid the huge amount of 8ooo the first year or the real ones going for DE and then not worried about renewal and bills to pay etc.....

richarjm 20th Apr 2006 17:38

Thanks TolTol, info appreciated.

smith 20th Apr 2006 18:36

Wings 87

Could you be A320 rider in disguise? :ouch:

richarjm 20th Apr 2006 18:41

The reply did seem a bit excessively agressive, still how does A320 manage to get mentioned in so many threads?

zooloflyer 20th Apr 2006 19:31

However he is, he's 200% right - you :mad: fools paying for a TR and :mad: up the market.

Have fun with MOL! Good that all the silly guys end up at Ryanair :ok:

Good luck - go for it guys asap!

zooloflyer 20th Apr 2006 19:32

Also try Sky Europe - far far away - good luck!

richarjm 20th Apr 2006 21:44

This will probably go down like a lead balloon but it's just a thought.
This website is a place to exchange rumours, news and information. Why has it become de rigeur that any post asking for info about FR is fair game for abuse? I am not daft, I realise that they are a deeply unpopular company for various reasons but hurling insults when someone asks for some info from fellow pilots seems to go against the spirit of pprune's job section. Are people who have made the tough decision to go down the FR route to be ostracised altogether? I have received PMs from other members with answers to the original question on this thread who were not willing to admit having gone down the ryanair route. I actually dwelled for some time on asking this legitimate question because I knew the type of replies it would generate.
In my opinion such unconstructive comments belong on a thread on the rights and wrongs of a SSTR, not on a thread asking for advice.
Best regards

sawotanao 20th Apr 2006 21:53

I know a good friend who passed the sim at EMA in Feb '06 has been offered a Type in SAS in Mid June. I think they have problems with getting available Trng Cpt's to line train both FO's & Cpt's once the Type rating is completed... hence delays. Hope this helps.

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