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Jannik23 24th Nov 2006 07:18


How much does the rating cost - and how lon time can you expect to sit and wait for linetraining without pay ??
Asking because I have been accepted on PEgasus Airlines typerating course and 100 hrs linetraining and can be done with all of it in MAy 2007 so dont wanna pay more to Ryan and sit around waiting for 6 months to start linetraining


Cojack 25th Nov 2006 08:29

Well there is problems I can see here Jannik,
If you do the type rating with Pegasus, and want to join Ryanair afterwards, you will need 500 hours on a 737 3-900, If you only have 100 hours you will need to re-do a Ryanair Type Rating. No exceptions.

Jannik23 25th Nov 2006 08:48

Hi Cojack

To be honest I would try to steer clear of Ryanair if possible after all the bad things I have headr. But since I applied to them over 2 yrs ago I finally got a reply 2 days ago (took them 2 yrs to get back to me)

If I have the rating and 100 hrs I should be able to get a job with another 737 carrier no problem - so would definitly not go for Ryanair if I have the rating and 100 hrs.
But dont think I will go to their assesemnt as its 2500 + travel etc more thant the PEgasus course which includes linetraining and I probably wont hear from Ryan again bofore sometime next year and Im scheduealed to start rating early January with Pegasus so wont bail out ion Pegasus to fail Ryan assesments and the have nothing.

Good luck to all ryanair applicants - hope you will get a reply within 2 yrs


David_Lid Air 25th Nov 2006 09:34

Yet I havent been notified if I passed the tests or not, but now it doesnt matter to me anymore, I just got another offer that I will take. So Ryanair, congratulations you just lost a good pilot candidate :}.

If they only where a little bit faster they would have had me. But of course there are so many pilots out there who wants to join RYR so I actually, dont think that they will cry because I gave up on them :).

dartagnan 26th Nov 2006 08:19


give a look at this, and tell me if you want fly for an airline who serves his customers so badly!

David_Lid Air 26th Nov 2006 09:15

Originally Posted by dartagnan (Post 2986563)

give a look at this, and tell me if you want fly for an airline who serves his customers so badly!

:eek: Now my choice feels even better :}

stev 28th Nov 2006 16:03

Starting 15th
Fancy Navigator im starting in Amsterdam on the 15th:ok:

stev 28th Nov 2006 16:06

Start date

Originally Posted by Jinkster (Post 2977917)
Good man for posting ! - NO IDEA!
I'm on your course.

Im with ye Jinkster Irish are takin over:E

RJELLISUK 28th Nov 2006 16:07

CAE 15th Jan
Me too, I start CAE AMS 15th Jan! Everyone at EMA 1st Jan then? What do we do at EMA exactly?


stev 28th Nov 2006 16:15

Dont know exactly think it might be the wet training and admin type stuff. Brookfield told me not to worry about half the forms for the BAA airside pass as they will be going through it with us in EMA. But im not sure what the story is?

RJELLISUK 28th Nov 2006 16:29

Well im on a ryanair contract not brookfields so have not recieved the forms yet, i do have the broookfields ones tho as they offered me a contract 2, i presume they are the same as the pass has 2 b4 ryanair weather ur direct or contract!!:ok:

EGAC_Ramper 28th Nov 2006 18:14

For those wondering what happens at EMA.

Just finished and basically first day was admin, recieving training files etc.
Then this is all followed by 2 days of CRM and 3 days of SEP. The SEp days included secuirty,safety etc with trip to the pool for a few lengths. Also a go on the cabin trainer with escape slide and overwing exit, aswell as this at some god forsaken hour an aircraft visit to have a nosey round and open/close the doors. Finally also included a quick blast in the fire simulator donning personal breathing equipment and putting fires out.

Regards :ok:

RJELLISUK 28th Nov 2006 19:23

Cheers 4 the EMA info, thats grand!! Where did u stay up there. PM me any details of accom, good pubs etc.

Anything much appreciated

ramon76 29th Nov 2006 00:08

Scandinavian Aviation Academy
Please, any feedback about the SAA?
How is the Ryanair assesment? and the MCC?
Among CAE, SAA makes this short of assesments for Ryan SSTR cadets.

Is there a pilot pool after the complection of the process?
Because on Ryanair´s webpage, says this:

(is there a difference between copilots and cadets?)

Pilot Recruitment Update - CO - PILOTS

Our First Officer training courses for 2006 are now fully subscribed. Our next First Officer training courses will commence in April 2007. We are currently inviting applications from 737 type rated First Officers looking to commence training courses from April 2007 onwards.

We have just 25 places left on courses for Captains this year. If you are interested in applying as a Captain please forward your CV to Applications are dealt with on a first come, first served basis. Type rating on the 737-800 is a decided advantage.Courses for cadets will commence in January 2007 at Ryanair approved schools. Applications should be made directly to the schools.

thanks in advance, and good luck!!!


JWSocata 29th Nov 2006 10:17

Hey everybody

I have a question (of course :hmm: )
Recently I have been contacted bij CAE to do the assesment for ryanair. First I've got a day in Amsterdam for ATPL theory questions (MC) and an English test (multiple choice) and the day after a Sim grading on the Boeing 737-300 at CAE Brussel.
My question is, does anybody have an idea what to expect from the ATPL questions and the 733 ride? A lot of my school mates (CAE/NLS) also got invitations but for januari, they will recieve the technical assesment and the ride on the 732. So my way is a bit different. Anybody out there with experience concerning the ATPL and 733?
Thanks a lot!

Jinkster 29th Nov 2006 16:35

I'm offski to EMA on 11th Dec and then to CAE on 2nd Jan.

Cannot wait!!! :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok:

HighLow 30th Nov 2006 21:40

Hi Guys and Girl
i have been spending time practising CLN 2B , and just have a question with regard to the plate at Luton.

Published Inbound NDB DME Track is 257degrees,
Everytime I track 257 on FS the Runway appears to my right when reaching MDA. For the people who have completed the assessment at EMA, did you find the same situation.

The magnetic track from the NDB to the runway on FS is actually 259...
tracking the 257 inbound on the East Midlands Sim, will this produce a similar result....



Jinkster 30th Nov 2006 21:49

High Low,

When i did it in the sim - the runway appeared at 12 o'clock!!

I was pretty chuffed with that.

Perhaps FS2k4 isnt as accurate as the real thing - i wouldnt imagine that the sim at EMA is based on FS2k4!


piloto2006 13th Dec 2006 19:02

Where can I find a 737-200 simulator?
Please, Can you help me?
I have my assestment the 24th of January, and I dont know where can I pactice.
What plate do you think that Im going to perform?
Can you say me more or less the POWER SETTINGS?

Thank you!!

Dan 98 13th Dec 2006 20:29

Ryan Sim
Fr Sim

Hi Piloto2006,
Scroll back a few pages, alot of your questions have been covered. Below is a post I made in response to someone else asking a similar question. They will give you all the power settings on the day, but the main one you need is about 1.25 EPR for level flight 230kts and about 4 degrees nose up attitude. Lots of guys go to Parc or rather Sim Tech in Dublin and use the sim there, i used Real aviation in Yorkshire http://www.realsimulation.co.uk/
Hope it helps.

Hi Embraer 195 & others,
I did the assessment at the end of Sept. The profile was the CLN 6B out of Luton on RWY 26. Establish onto the VOR at 4,000ft. Some general handling nothing too complicated. I got smoke in the toilet my sim partner got pax with a heart attack. Don't get to hung up on the check lists, what they are looking for is good comms between the PF & PNF and with the crew. NITS brief etc.... Remember to squawk 7700 etc.... and radio calls. Back into land on an NDB. I had no single engine stuff but did have to fly the hold and an entry. I know others who didn't. Just be prepared for doing it. If you're not familiar with the 737 get yourself in a sim. The sim at East Mids has an MCP like like you get on a 737-300, it will really help if you're familiar with this for the PNF role, as they look at your performance in both roles.
With regards to tech questions, these were based around aircraft flown: Seneca etc... And some basic stuff on NDB's and a couple of Met questions.
The instructors were all really friendly and relaxed, and I can honestly say I actually quite enjoyed it, better than being sat at home anyway!!
Good luck

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