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Wounded Knee 30th Oct 2006 13:34


like yourself, I'm still waiting for any word from CAE/Bru!!
I know that today is the last day of sim gradings. At least according to the schedule I've received. Perhaps CAE is waiting until the last candidate is finished before passing the results on to Ryanair.

zooloflyer 30th Oct 2006 15:40

Hi Oli - have done the selction at EMA - no ATPL questions there...:ok:

Have gotten a response from FR within 24hrs and a start date for TR within 48hrs! No bullsh... there! Liked that a lot. Financial cońplications are less attractive:\

Most other selections seem to go on and on and on and on...

zooloflyer 31st Oct 2006 13:37

Yeah - i guess people do change from time to time...:ugh:
I admit having gone through some very troubled times.

Fact is that I am in the middle of some selections and I just wanted to go and have a look myself! + have it as a last option - I liked a lot their approach to things although I still have some doubts.

Back here in Belgium I was also able to get to the last rounds of some selections to finally get proposed an SSTR contract or accept the worst conditions.

If you start calculating it hardly makes a difference where you end up but the fact is that FR is a growing company that is successful and where a fast command position is a possibility. As I said, no bull....

We will see what the future brings!

Low flying area 31st Oct 2006 22:41

I have also been accepted and I have to say they are really fast and they don't let you in the fog...like in other companies...

To Zooloflyer: When you talked about SSTR in our beautiful country you are probably speaking about TUI? I would really stay away from them, I heard some scary facts about their SSTR...

Cheers and See you in CAE:)

-8AS 2nd Nov 2006 09:10

Congratulations to those who have recently passed through the selection process and have been accepted into FR! Well done.

nash737 3rd Nov 2006 12:42

are there any latest other informations about sim and interview ?

JRT 4th Nov 2006 15:47

Waiting time from date of application to interview

I was wondering about the time from you sent your application to you got called in for an interview ?

ANd do anyone know about the main difference between SAA test and CAE tests?


zooloflyer 4th Nov 2006 16:56

I logged in through the CAE Amsterdam website and it took more than 6 months...

...but on the selction day there were some guys who just called a couple of weeks ago and got invited straight away.

Good luck.

WildDart 4th Nov 2006 17:43

God some people are stupid in here, just wear formal clothes, but if it was me i wouldn't go full stocks as you can easily look over-dressed.

Streety 4th Nov 2006 19:01


Suggest you wind your neck in fella, because the only person who's looking really stupid is you. Most people don't take too kindly to some spotty 16 year old appearing out of nowhere and telling them what they should all be doing.

If someone has asked for an idea of what they should wear, then it's probably because they want some advice from someone who has been there and done it. Now, I'm sticking my neck out a little here, but I would suggest you have done neither. Until you have, maybe a bit more listening and a little less sounding off about whether people are stupid or not would be in order.

Good luck to the guys who apply.


G-Dawg 6th Nov 2006 20:25

Hi guys, got a sim ride coming up and apart from the SID and STAR and some GH is there anything else that they throw at you, failures for example?? I've recently heard some nightmare stories from guys doing the sim assesment. Sim ride at EME by the way!!!


flyingoli 7th Nov 2006 09:24

Hi guy's,

Just a small post to say that I'm IN...A conversion course and then I will be flying the 737-800, isn't that great?

Best of luck for the others.


Avadoo 7th Nov 2006 10:17

G Dawg,

Recently, a failure somewhere around the profile seems to be the norm, cargo door pops open, toilet fire indication, engine fire warning etc. Just try to maintain good CRM, in clear straightforward English. A fair bit of emphasis is placed on the fact that at Ryan many crew members dont have English as their first language, as could well be the case with your sim partner on the day!

Good luck and enjoy it.:ok:

G-Dawg 7th Nov 2006 16:35

Avadoo, thanks for that appreciate it.

Colibris 8th Nov 2006 13:18

I'm IN too....starting in December....:)

and you're right, as english is not my first language, it was not easy with my partner in the sim. But we did it.

I had a fire in the rear toilets, and the other guy had a passenger having an heart attack.....

Bye ;-)

JRT 8th Nov 2006 14:09

Regarding abnormal procedures on simtest

Was just wondering if you suppose to know the checklist for the abnormal situations that might happen on the sim test.

Any advice what to practise on, is it very important to know 737-200 before you go to the simtest in regard of powersetting, attitudes, speeds, flapsettings, and normal procedures.

And how is it best to prepare for the interview


embraer 195 8th Nov 2006 18:35

Hi guys,

I have an assessment coming up. Those of you who has been through recently could you please share your knowledge of technical questions they ask and sim profile?

Thank you very much:ok:

easyflybywire 9th Nov 2006 16:41

Originally Posted by Colibris (Post 2952833)
I had a fire in the rear toilets, and the other guy had a passenger having an heart attack.....

Hi guys,

is it something they ask to ab initio? Seems a little bit complicated for someone with no line experience at all.

What's your experience Colibris?

I also heard about ILS one engine out. Is it still one of the scenario that may happen?


Dan 98 9th Nov 2006 18:06

Fr Sim
Hi Embraer 195 & others,
I did the assessment at the end of Sept. The profile was the CLN 6B out of Luton on RWY 26. Establish onto the VOR at 4,000ft. Some general handling nothing too complicated. I got smoke in the toilet my sim partner got pax with a heart attack. Don't get to hung up on the check lists, what they are looking for is good comms between the PF & PNF and with the crew. NITS brief etc.... Remember to squawk 7700 etc.... and radio calls. Back into land on an NDB. I had no single engine stuff but did have to fly the hold and an entry. I know others who didn't. Just be prepared for doing it. If you're not familiar with the 737 get yourself in a sim. The sim at East Mids has an MCP like like you get on a 737-300, it will really help if you're familiar with this for the PNF role, as they look at your performance in both roles.
With regards to tech questions, these were based around aircraft flown: Seneca etc... And some basic stuff on NDB's and a couple of Met questions.
The instructors were all really friendly and relaxed, and I can honestly say I actually quite enjoyed it, better than being sat at home anyway!!
Good luck

Colibris 10th Nov 2006 15:44

Hi guys,

Dan explained the assessment in a very good way. It's a very relaxed interview, no tricks.

I'm an Ab-Initio Pilot with a little more than 200 hrs. Don't be afraid with what they could ask. THey want to see that you can think before you speak, and that you're safe in a plane.

Then , of course, you have to fly well. But fly as well as you can. A small training could be usefull depending on your experience.

All the best to everyone ;-)

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