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avi8 29th Mar 2006 12:47

Ryanair (merged)
I have an interview with Ryanair comming up pretty soon, and I'm not type rated.
I Know this has been asked before, but some of the answers are several years old. I would really appreciate if someone who recently has been to East Midlands for an interview could give me some answers:

1. Do they still fly the 737-200 sim? If you're not type rated, what do they expect from your flying? Do you still fly SIDs, STARS etc. Do you know from what airport?

2. What is the interview like? Do they ask operational/technical questions?

3. Are there other tests?

Would really appreciate if someone would help me out!

-8AS 29th Mar 2006 13:12

Definately still -200 sim using Leeds Bradford. Includes SID, General Handling, Hold, Self position to ILS and Single Engine ILS. Looking at general flying ability as well as CRM - consideration taken for those that have not operated in Multi-Crew environment.

Don't know about the interview sorry, haven't done one.

avi8 29th Mar 2006 14:05

Just the kind of info I need! Thank you very much! If anyone knows anything about the interview or if there are other types of tests, I will be very gratefull!

ilbizza 29th Mar 2006 14:20

May i ask you if you did your training at Sas academy? Can you tell me via private message how you managed to get the interview?? please

solo si 29th Mar 2006 16:51

Originally Posted by dodge123
Easyjet are desperate at the moment and are widening there recruitment net. They have just taken 12 low hour people through GECAT on the 737 & A319. The type rating was paid for by the students (16,000 I believe), but guarantueed job after completion. It seems times are changing and CTC are no longer the only route into easyjet for low hour pilots!

Could you PM me regarding your comments on the 12 guys who have gone through the 737TR with Gecat and the current EZY job situation please!


Solo si

dankersoe 29th Mar 2006 17:09

I would be very happy to recieve some info too..

Thank you

Le sok 29th Mar 2006 18:10

Hi jumbo-clingfilm, I have to do the sim test next week.
Can you tell me which departure you flew?


Le Sok:)

Banon 29th Mar 2006 22:31

JUMBOCLING film? why arent u replying to this topic u started off? i see your still posting in the naples forum at http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthr...=213502&page=5

can you give us some information on the contract ryanair offered you?

any one else further information regarding ryanair paying for newly quailfied pilots>?


scroggs 30th Mar 2006 09:13

Here's a couple of threads you might like to read:

Ryanair - A Guide for Prospective Pilot Employees

Ryanair Pay for New Joiners

If you really want to find out what Ryanair are actually like to work for, these two threads will open your eyes. But I wonder how many will just simpy not beleive it and try and go there anyway?


solo si 30th Mar 2006 12:35

Thanks for your thread regarding Ryanair and their quite unbelievable terms and conditions. Where is all this going in terms of career progression and stability for new Pilots? I will praise any successful business for providing a good service to it's staff and customers, however, are people so desperate to work and sell their soul to MOL, just to sit in the RHS of an aeroplane? I live and work at STN and it's an expensive part of the country to live in, even on a half decent salary. How do these guys manage to put food on the table and live...it baffles me?
We have all made big sacrifices to get ourselves into an employable position, however, when does it all stop and life begin, when you join a company like FR?
I don't always agree with you Scroggs, but you have my 100% backing with your comments. I just wish a European law would put an end to these contracts, and pay and treat people properly.
The whole industry is completely money and profit orientated and the staff come a bad second to ' the bottom line'. I'm sorry to say!

SpamCanDriver 30th Mar 2006 18:53

Well thats a good question, and the fact of the matter is many of our cadets cannot afford to live on the crap wages they are given. There have been several reports of guys nearly going bankrupt waiting 10months for line training (all unpaid of course!) and having to sleep in the crewroom or in their cars!

thunderbird-1 30th Mar 2006 19:44

10 month for line training :confused: that sound strange, especially for a cadet which have few experience and will probably need training after having waited so long after the type rating.

SpamCanDriver 31st Mar 2006 09:30

Its not that strange when you think about it thunderbird! The cadets are at the very back of the cue in Ryanair, as we need as many people on line as quickly as possible, to fly the new planes that are sitting on the ground (not that IAA will give us an AOC to fly more than 99 aircraft at the moment! but that an entirely new thread!) and plug the gaps of the many people leaving. And a cadet takes alot longer to get to line check standard than somebody who is already rated with experience. For instance I joined with a rating and experience back in april 05 and finished my sim check ground school line check etc all within about 5 weeks (which is very fast). But I got my mate a cadet a job and he was due to start in June but he didn't and he has only just now got his line check coming up tommorow. So i know first hand that guys waiting around for ages is definately true! Some guys even face the situation of having to do the sim all again as they are not going to do the base check within 6months of their LST, so they wouldnt be able to put the rating on their licence:oh:

european champion 4th Apr 2006 18:33

I just looked again at Ryanair's website,it seems that the only way for a low time pilot to apply is to go through two schools that are conducting pilot assesments.It states very clear that the succesful applicants will have to fund their rating.Anyone knows how much would be the cost?Would they help the pilot getting a loan or facilitate by covering the cost and make him sign a bond?

snake80 5th Apr 2006 08:14

Ryanair interview...PLEASE HELP ME!!!
What I should expect in sim assessment?
IFR procedures in Leeds Airport?
take off from rwy 14 or 32?
Single or both engine ILS?

And what about tech interview?

-8AS 5th Apr 2006 08:50

Leeds, runway used differs but expect the SID with the most demanding work load - ie VOR frequency changes etc. After SID expect general handling followed by self position to S/E ILS. Looking for general flying skills, CRM - use the PNF eg "give me manchester VOR on NAV 1".

Interview - know your current a/c type. If G/A, don't try to bluff Interviewer on G/A tech as two of the three interviewers are IAA examiners as well as FR TRE's! If you don't know an answer say so.

Don't know any of the other types of questions asked at interview as have not done one, maybe someone else on this forum could help.

low n' slow 5th Apr 2006 09:05

Originally Posted by AndyDRHuddleston
What are the chances of people getting straight in with Ryanair if they have already completed a self sponsored type rating with someone like GECAT or alike.
Seems to be the better option in my eyes, you finance it yourself (same as at Ryanair) then you can accelerate the time onto aircraft and hence get your pay sooner. And ultimately there would be no bond! Everyones a winner!!
What do you ppruners think??

I know some mates who had (and still have) a 737 rating and were called to the assessment at ryanair. Out of 5 people, none of them made it. Comparing this to the fact that another bunch of mates not in posession of a 737 rating did the assessment and made it through, I smell something fishy...
I believe that the sim-assessment is set to much harder tolerances for people with a 737 rating than for those without. Therefore, I think buying a TR completely solo and heading off to FR is probably the worst idea ever.

planeshipcar 6th Apr 2006 03:32

still looking for the anwer how they help ie. bonding or self sponsorship. There must be people out who are starting with them who can say more about how they financed there training and about the process of getting in.

BongleBear 6th Apr 2006 10:09

Ryanair waiting list
Hi all, just a quick one- does anyone know if there's much of a wait to start line training after completion of type rating with ryanair? I heard that line training would commence immediately but just heard a rumour that pilots are waiting ages. Any ideas?

Thanks, BBear

ps. this isn't an invite to start abusing the company and tell others how foolish you'd be to join them, it's purely a query, thanks!

Carmoisine 6th Apr 2006 10:25

Yes is the short answer. Up to 9 months if your very unlucky.




Read those threads very carefully.

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