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Mikehotel152 15th Jun 2011 11:19

@lospilotos: There's little point in telling people who have just paid 75000 euro for their training that the one company willing to recruit them irrespective of their aptitude for commercial flying is nasty.

That said, I do not disagree with the points you make.

pacrion 15th Jun 2011 17:59

understood. np :)) cheerss!

flyvirgin 16th Jun 2011 16:21

Does anyone know if Ryanair are still only taking first time applicants?

enduro 17th Jun 2011 00:57

CAE application
I made a mistake and apllied for the ryanair program with CAE but my profile was not completed. Can i reapply or is it only necessary to complete my profile?

minimumunstick 17th Jun 2011 09:29

just complete it

Ovt 21st Jun 2011 09:28

Hi guys,

I did my assessment last thrusday (16th June). Did any of you do it the same day ??. I don't know what I did with the e-mail addresses... so just let me know if any of you are around.

Cheers !

NikB 21st Jun 2011 10:49

Best of luck with your results...any pointers?has anything changed as compared to the previous threads of this thread?something to look out for?
Thanks for the info and best of luck again

Ovt 21st Jun 2011 11:16

Thank you NikB,

I'd say that the assessment hasn't changed at all. Same questions, same requirements in the sim session...

I hope you guys get the call ;)

NikB 21st Jun 2011 11:32

tu tambien amigo, muchas gracias por la info

pacrion 22nd Jun 2011 10:36

Ovt, may I ask you a question. was first time interview with ryr? good luck

Ovt 22nd Jun 2011 11:13

Yes, it was.

Thanks pacrion :)

atalanta89 22nd Jun 2011 13:11

Anyone going to Stansted 30th June for the interview?

joshua87 24th Jun 2011 15:34

Hi all,

I got invited in august to do the Ryanair assessment. I am currently working as a F/O on the Dash 8 with around 2000 hours.

Is there anyone else recently invited for the assessment with experience? Do you get a different offer our do you start with the same pay as an ab initio. Is it possible to get another date for the assesment as i am not able to go on this date.

I am very tempted to go as it is the first jet operator who invited me. I dont see my self moving up in aviation if i stay where i am now.

NikB 24th Jun 2011 18:22

Hi all
One thing i was wondering, what are my prospects of being hired if i have had an aviation incident at the beginning of my flight training?am i doomed and wasting my time???
Any input will be much appreciated

VJW 25th Jun 2011 00:33

NikB - Apply and find out.

joshua87 - once through line training you'll be on the highest FO money as you have +1500 hrs on JAR 25 aircraft. You'll then more then likely be fast tracked to command with once you have 1500 hrs on type. You need 3000 hrs total, 1500 JAR 25 and 1500 on the type. Most FO's meet all this when they hit 3000 hrs as they've been in RYR from the start, however you'll have 3500 hrs before being able to upgrade. Pretty sure that's right and you won't be able to upgrade with 3000TT of which only 1000 is on type.

I've not heard of experienced FO's being hired in a while, especially as the website still currently states, "Please note we are not accepting applications for Non 737 Rated Captains or experienced First Officers at this time."

Strange one! :bored:

waveydavey 25th Jun 2011 06:46

Does anyone know at what point you start getting paid if you are successful? I see the type rating is 6 weeks - is it after that that you earna wage from them, and how much??

NikB 25th Jun 2011 12:48

VJW i already have the assessment coming up in a couple weeks, i was only wondering if there's anyone on here who's been hired with an accident/incident report on his record.
Thanks anyhow :)

VJW 25th Jun 2011 20:21

Ok - well guess it depends on whether they ask you and whether you mention it or not :D

Good luck anyway

Mikehotel152 25th Jun 2011 20:28

I see the type rating is 6 weeks - is it after that that you earna wage from them, and how much??
After the type rating you will be rostered for base training, which is when you and a number of other cadets practice landings in a Boeing 737 up at Nottingham. It may take 2-3 weeks for this to be scheduled and completed due to a lack of available aircraft and suitable weather. Or it could happen within days of finishing the type rating.

After base training you'll find out your line training base. You may have to wait a week or two before you start flying. Then you have 25 or so sectors unpaid training because you will have a safety pilot sitting behind you monitoring and making sure you and the Captain don't screw up. You can expect to have a safety pilot for about 2 weeks, possibly longer if your roster is fairly empty - this could happen if your base only has one line training captain.

Once you're safety pilot released you'll start earning money, but won't get paid until midway through the next month.

So, basically, you won't get a cent from Ryanair until at least 2 months after you complete your type rating. :( And then it's 35.5e an hour.

Edited to correct a typo regarding levels of pay!

zerotohero 26th Jun 2011 00:41


Pretty much 99% sure you are mistaken about the pay scale there, it used to be hours on Jar25 for payrise then it changed to Ryanair JAR25 hours for pay scales!

so start at the bottom and work up same as everyone else

stand to be corrected but pretty sure its in a contract of a new joiner I have kicking around on my hard drive somewhere in black and white.

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