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EGAC_Ramper 17th Nov 2006 13:14

Congratulations RJELLISUK and good luck David_Lid Air.

Actually see you out in CAE RJELLISUK! :ok:

tablet 17th Nov 2006 13:35

Anyone else due to start type rating on 29th January with SAS Flight Academy?

Or will be the only one paying 10 quid a pint over there!:eek:

Bertie Bassett 17th Nov 2006 15:22

After checking the posting age of some of the successful candidates, has anyone the wrong side of 30 been successful or even got as far as the assessment days? No, I thought not :ugh:

Good luck to all the 'lucky' candidates!

tablet 17th Nov 2006 15:59


I'm 34, so yes.


EGAC_Ramper 17th Nov 2006 16:26

And also Bertie friend of mine is 32 and starts TR early december so not all doom and gloom!

Avadoo 17th Nov 2006 16:37


38yr old, modular via various schools, part time ppl instructor and no contacts in Ryan. After eight years from trial lesson to recent success,
all I can say is, if you really want it, stick at it!!

Bertie Bassett 17th Nov 2006 20:02

Avadoo, EGAC_Ramper and tablet,

Thanks, the replies provide a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

mac.2.02 18th Nov 2006 14:37

Thanks for all the great info so far.:D
Does anyone have any copy of the plates of Luton apt. Ex. CLN 6B and the app for RWY26. And I need the power settings and flight profile as well if someone has it please pass it to me.
Is there a panel interview with 2-3 interviewers or is there only one interview guy?:rolleyes:
:ok: :ok: :ok:

Avadoo 18th Nov 2006 15:26


Two interviewers, 1 human resources and 1 sim assessor.

Airfield plates can be downloaded if you log onto ' NATS '.

I would recommend at least a one hour session in a 732 sim if possible.
I know some guys have prepared with six hour sim sessions and still been
unsuccessful on the day !!

sawotanao 18th Nov 2006 15:53

I agree, I felt much happier having had some B732 sim time. Also you can download the SID & APP' Plates from the uk AIP, website:www.ais.org.uk.

RJELLISUK 19th Nov 2006 11:17

Plates for ryanair sim assessment
I downloaded the actual jepp plates free off thomsonfly recritment page as sim assessment the same. The approach plate is the same although thomson fly the ils and we fly the ndb. Just use the FAT and the loc spot heights for the profile. remember it is a full procedual app so learn the enteries for the hold style join.
It is at the botton of the pilot recruitment page,



Pilot Billy 19th Nov 2006 21:13

Yes Tablet, I'm due to start the TR at SAS on 29th Jan, tho still tryin to raise the cash. Am also the wrong side of 30! Anybody know any bank managers that are open minded and have a sense of adventure?!! :ugh:

RJELLISUK 21st Nov 2006 10:23

Anywhere know of anywhere good 2 stay while at CAE?



Jinkster 21st Nov 2006 10:25

Good man for posting ! - NO IDEA!

I'm on your course.


raceeend 21st Nov 2006 11:43

CAE accomodation

Other students at CAE wil help you with accomodation, I have visited some students I know from my ATPL class and saw that they have proper accomodation not to far from CAE.

There also is a school campus next door where students of the Aviation college next to CAE live.

So, don't worry, There is a place to stay.

:) Raceeend :)

AndyDRHuddleston 21st Nov 2006 11:46


Did you both not get the email from Latha re accommodation? I have it and can forward it on if you want.

See you both in EMA on 11th!


INSIDEVIEW 21st Nov 2006 16:24

I just recieved an email from CAE to breakdown again my Flighthours...GOOD SIGN ???

David_Lid Air 23rd Nov 2006 12:20

I think I failed the pre assessment tests :{ , ok I am not that surprised because I was sick and could barely tink that day. But at least they could give me a call and let me know:confused: , the other guys have been told whether they failed or passed, but I have been told nothing :ugh:.

Should I give them a call? I have sent an e-mail but no response :uhoh: , and before I did these tests they replied very fast.

Oh well. I think I need to activate plan b.

Jinkster 23rd Nov 2006 12:38

I heard from them 20mins after my sim ride by email

David_Lid Air 23rd Nov 2006 12:42

Originally Posted by Jinkster (Post 2981881)
I heard from them 20mins after my sim ride by email

Ok :) .. I havent done the sim ride yet. I did some theoretical tests, those who pass those may go to england and do the sim thing :} .. A school here in Sweden provide Ryanair with pilots.

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