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Aerospace101 26th Oct 2008 22:02

I think it was the basics that let him down.
I think most failures at TR or training in general comes down to capacity more than anything. And this is exactly what the airlines look for in their sim assessments.

Cervantes88 27th Oct 2008 08:06

IrishJetDriver, thanks for the reply. I am along way off 43 so hope for me yet! Was the chap you were referring to chopped half way through the course, or nearer the beginning? What happens if you are slipping as the training progresses? Do they give remedial training or is that the end?

PAJ 2nd Dec 2008 09:29

Losing an arm to Virtual Aviation will be nothing compared to the both arms, both legs you will lose to o'leary!:}

Captain Asad 5th Dec 2008 00:33

I have an assesment booked with ryanair in christmas week.

any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated.

Captain Asad

Daniel777 8th Dec 2008 08:41


I am estimating to complete my training by summer and planning to apply to Ryanair.

What are the outlooks for the recruitment a that time?
Will there be many low hour pilot positions available due to the arriving aircraft and the new routes opening?( If I'm correct, right know a number of pilots with 500 hrs+type are waiting to start the type rating).

Any thoughs or advice about the assessment?

Thank you,


IrishJetdriver 8th Dec 2008 13:39

Ryanair are not actively training right now. There are no courses until March. Anyone who gets throught the assessment is in a holding pool until a course is scheduled for them. How long this wait can be is uncertain. I know places are being offered for July next year.

The airline is still expanding, however the amount of people leaving is almost zero so there is less demand for crew than perhaps a year ago.

There are far more applicants for jobs than there are jobs available so the competition will be tough. I suspect that most applicants will not be offered a place.

To have a chance you must have your theoretical knowledge at top level, know all you can about Ryanair, its history and the future, and most of all make sure your skills are at a good standard.

garyo 8th Dec 2008 13:47

Getting an assessement
I see several posters stating that they have either gone through an assessment with Ryanair or are "booked" for one shortly.
Is this the luck of the draw? My application is with them for months but heard nothing apart from an acknowledgement.

Does anyone know of any other airline recruiting low hrs pilots??? Have yet to do my TR. Can this be done in US or anywhere else? Should I consider funding this first and hoping to get a placement afterwards?

Feel the longer I am without flying experience the more difficult it will be to get anything.

Any suggestions?:)

IrishJetdriver 8th Dec 2008 18:47

I mean that there are more applicants than jobs. Don't expect that because you can pay you should get in. Doesn't work that way. If you get selected for assessment and you pass, then you are in the holding pool. You just have to wait for a course to be offered. It could be a long wait. I do know that you got in the holding pool but not knowing anything definite is very frustrating!

As far as the other comment about getting a TR is concerned, then I strongly advise not to do so without a 100% watertight job guarantee. The FR course is good in that respect as if you get in the pool and don't get called then you don't pay for a TR and not have a job after.

BALLSOUT 8th Dec 2008 22:04

I would say that you are best not to do the type rating first. I think you have a much better chance of being taken on if you need the type ratiing. You can then go through the Ryanair machine. They need to keep their courses busy and their sims going. If you get your own type rating, I think you may not be very interesting to them at all. It is a whole different ball game comming to them from another airline with experience on type, but if you have just done a type rating course at some other school, all you have done is do them out of the course fees. Not a good idea!

KFTW 14th Dec 2008 13:13

How many chance you get for an assessment?
Is there anyone who has called for twice or mare than twice for assessment?R they hiring?



papahilliou 14th Dec 2008 13:39

RyanAir Assessment
Hi guys,

About RyanAir assessment, does anybody know about any questions to prepare, or has any documents about it?

Other question is about the Sim Check. What to prepare, which plates, RWY, which exercices ?



Subhuman 15th Dec 2008 09:50


I can confirm that CAE are forwarding CV's and they in turn are getting assessment dates.

Now time for me to go study the 737NG :)

Captain Asad 24th Dec 2008 15:29

Ryanair Sim Assessment
PPL / CPL / ME / IR / MCC - £65,000

Ryanair Sim Assessment - £ 260

Sim Preparation - £ 600

New Suit for Interview - £ 200

Travel Cost / Hotel - £ 150

Getting rejected on Christmas Eve by email even though interview and sim assessment went well.............ABSOLUTELY F**KIN PRICELESS!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:

smith 24th Dec 2008 16:46

PPL / CPL / ME / IR / MCC - £65,000

Ryanair Sim Assessment - £ 260

Sim Preparation - £ 600

New Suit for Interview - £ 200

Travel Cost / Hotel - £ 150

Getting rejected on Christmas Eve by email even though interview and sim assessment went well.............ABSOLUTELY F**KIN PRICELESS!!!!!!!!
At least you saved the £22k on the TR:D

SD. 24th Dec 2008 17:07

I would be inclined to say that they can be a bit more selective than in previous better times for the industry.

Also, the pass percentage rate for the assessments has never been that high. I heard a rumour of only 20% get through, how strong that rumour is I don't know.

tupues 24th Dec 2008 20:16

Don't feel too bad. It's a myth that all you need is cash to get into Ryanair. The fact that they took on so many new FOs in the last couple of years made it look like it was easy to get in when really the % of applicants that made it through was quite low.

FrankAbagnale 24th Dec 2008 23:00

:ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh: :ugh::ugh:

DUB-GREG 25th Dec 2008 23:22

Myself and a friend both got through this month.

Waiting to hear when the TR will be.

Sorry to hear the bad news, keep the head up and I think you can re-apply again in a few months? Anyone else confirm this?

mason 26th Dec 2008 09:21

Hi Lads ,
Can some of you who were at the recent sim check shed some light on the tech questions that were asked and the Sim detail ?

Best regards and good luck .

Captain Asad 26th Dec 2008 18:56

Ryanair Sim Assessment
Ladies and Gents

Here's a little summary of what happened on my Assessment and some tips for anyone who's got an assessment coming up.

There were seven of us there on the day and i was last for the interview and the sim assessment so be prepared to wait around for a long time but the plus point in that is you get an idea of what everyone else is being asked in interview and the sim assessment.

technical interview lasted about 15 mins for me, whereas some were grilled for over 40 mins. I suppose if you tell them what they're asking, it should be straightforward. Try not to waffle on too much because they ask leading questions. the more you talk, the more they take you deeper into conversation.

HR Guy went first. First thing i was asked is what i know about Ryanair i.e Fleet size type of airplane, bases, rosters and how they work, number of sectors etc keep your answers short, simple but to the point. Then things about how i got into flying etc. this part was very straightforward.
Then the tech guy started and the first thing he asked was to explain what an airspeed indicator (ASI) was and how it worked. He tried to make it harder by wanting me to explain to him in layman terms, so anytime i said something like dynamic pressure he would interrupt and ask me to explain that as well. In a way i was leading him to the next questions. Then he asked what the Altimeter was and how it worked. same kind of thing. In both of these questions he was looking for specific terms for me to mention ie. expanding and contracting capsule, calibrated pointer, density decrease with height etc. He then asked me about the kind of engine on 737. CFM56 with a high bypass engine, and i had to explain to him how a high bypass engine works, where and how much thrust is generated, how much is bypassed etc.

In summary, know all you can about the 737-800 and Ryanair. HR guy seems to ask straightforward questions about Ryanair to see if you've done your homework. Tech guys can ask anything at all and its a stroke of luck. Everything they ask has been studied by us in our groundschool so we do know it. It sometimes seems hard to explain when asked directly.

one of the other guys for the interview was asked about what kind of elevator system the 737 has. another was asked about stability and another was asked about general spin recoveries and stall characteristics(maybe because he was an instructor). Every interview is different.

Sim assessment - in the morning we were given a basic brief about the 737 display and were handed plates for E Mids. we were told we would be doing a Trent 1N departure (BUT nobody on the day actually did it) along with NDB and ILS plates for E Mids.

When we got into the sim we were given a new clearance - '' Climb 2000ft on RW Heading, Upon reaching right turn Hdg 090 climbing to 5000ft''

everybody was given this clearance. Levelled off at 5k and we were given left and right turns onto hdgs followed by speed increases and decreases. Try to maintain all the speed, altitude and hdg clearances.
This was followd by an emergency. I had a left engine failure. My partner had a fire in the rear toliets. Most others were told of passengers having heart attacks. In all cases we requested a return to E Mids. I called for the checklist, he immediately said complete and gave me back both engines after i made a radio call to request Vectors for an approach. he paused the sim so we could brief the plates and then carried out an NDB approach. my first approac was good and about 100ft from the threshold he instructed me to go around. when i cleaned up the aircaft, the sim was frozen and he put us back on to a 4 mile final which we landed and stopped on the runway centreline. Thats the end of the Sim assessment.

Apologies for going on abit too long but hope this helps. Best of luck wth your assessment. Let me know how it goes. http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/thumbs.gif
Any other questions, just ask.

Captain Asad

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