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iome 4th Jun 2021 08:36

No Ryanair pilot is home unpaid. Unless you are talking about the various contractors that enjoyed a reduced taxation and overall higher earnings. They are service providers, most of them despise unions and were happy to make more money than the regular guys.

Something along the line "you've made your bed, now lie in it"

hargreaves99 4th Jun 2021 09:17

Well, the guy I know has been at home for months on "flight pay only". ie no pay

Banana Joe 4th Jun 2021 09:37

The guy you know is probably a contractor then.

Negan 4th Jun 2021 10:04

Hi, almost all of your post was incorrect with mostly false information. Don't come spouting nonsense when you yourself have no idea what's happening in the company.

DaveDurban 4th Jun 2021 11:15


Your continues stream of nonsense really makes me wonder from what angle you are coming here. Iome is some sort of nickname for Eddie Wilson?
Ryanair has not paid a single pilot since Covid unless they where actively flying that month, with the exception of annual leave pay. Crews were entirely dependant on Furlough schemes by the respective country, which in some cases was as low as €600 a month, (1/10th of most skipper salaries) and RYR did not top this up.

So please, stop your spew of complete nonsense, you look like a tool who has no idea whats going on.

A320LGW 4th Jun 2021 11:45


Sorry to inform you that you are mistaken. I would agree the contractor type tend to be the anti union type. In this case however there are Ryanair employed pilots who are currently making their claim to IALPA and BALPA regarding this whole cadet line training fiasco whilst they are home on unpaid leave.

iome 4th Jun 2021 11:50


😁 Someone is feeling the heat.

What nonsense? I replied to a post saying crew sat home unpaid, which is untrue. Only the contractors are home unpaid, but that is in the nature of their employment.
The rest are getting paid, as you rightly said, through furlough, ERTE, cassa integrazione, you name it.
I never said who paid what. Your attack is unnecessary.

Not one duty in May, all C19 and only got 2500. Some countries offer better schemes, I hear Greece is not good at all whilst Italy one of the best although some delays in getting paid due to their employment laws.

EW you say? Paranoia LVL 100

Anyways I hope your day get better.

Contact Approach 9th Jun 2021 12:36

What a profession! Pay 120K for training, pay another 30k for a job and then get paid absolutely nothing with rights less than those at maccy D's. Short sighted is an understatement!

giorgio89 23rd Jun 2021 10:28

Online assessment tech questions
Hello to everyone,
Do you guys know a reliable db question bank for the tech questions in the e-cut online assessment?

Subnet 23rd Jun 2021 10:44

Hi ! The questions are from the whole ATPL question bank but without calculations

viviti 23rd Jun 2021 11:01

Hi guys,
Message for whoever did the pre assessment with Ryanair in the last months
Anyone remember the 3 video interview question?

Subnet 23rd Jun 2021 14:58

For me it was :
-What was the hardest part of your flight training ?
-Why Ryanair ?
-What could you bring us ? (Something like that)

Ld0 23rd Jun 2021 16:41

I was asked -Why do you wanna work for Ryanair, -Why should we hire you, -What was the hardest part of your training.
Other people got -Tell us about yourself - Tell us something interesting about you - What would you do if a captain doesn't follow SOPs -Why do you wanna be a pilot
Good luck!

Perseas 23rd Jun 2021 19:37

"Why should we hire you?"
They really have a sense of humour :)

iome 24th Jun 2021 12:44

First batch of cadets 2021 are starting line training next week.
STN FOs will be pissed, more furlough days

JackTorrance 24th Jun 2021 12:54

I knew they are starting the base training, not the line training..

BoeingLudo737 24th Jun 2021 17:02

There are people doing line training

Contact Approach 24th Jun 2021 17:26


I was wondering about this? Whats the general thoughts of the current FOs who aren’t flying due to the LT cadets? Cheaper labour for RYR I guess....

A320LGW 25th Jun 2021 00:04

They started this week and FOs across all 80+ bases should be pissed, as should anyone who cares about this profession.

Jetdriver 7th Aug 2021 00:17

Thread continued Here

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