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piloto2006 13th Dec 2006 21:24

Do you know the other simulator addresses?
I preffer to go to Dublin because Im from Spain and I think that is very dificult to me go to North Yorkshire, is there any airport near?

Do you Know where can I find the normal procedures of boeing 737-200 for the assessment?

Thank you very much.

easyflybywire 13th Dec 2006 22:31

Hi Piloto,

You can also find a 737-200 simulator in Belgium @ Brussels
Have a look at www.sfa.be and ask them.

Good luck

Dutchpilots 13th Dec 2006 22:57

Change of SID
Hi all,

I had the assessment the 8th of Dec. Before I went I checked PPRuNe all time for the latest info.

Since it had been a great help for me, I want to continue the tradition. I must say that the posts here reflex pretty much what is done in EMA so nothing to add on that really.

The SID was different tough. It was a Compton 3B (CPT 3B). It starts the same as the CLN 6B. The climb was to 5000' and as a PNF I got a pax with a hardattack. As a PF I got bagage wich was not ok, so had to turn back to Luton. The approach was the same: to LUT, entry and then get established for the NDB/DME rwy 26.

Fortunatily it was good enough and I passed the assessment. I can start the course the 19th of Feb.

I you have a Q about it, I'll be happy to try and answer them.

Good luck for those that are awaiting and congrets for those who already made it.

Greetz Dutch

piloto2006 14th Dec 2006 05:30

Where do you perform the Sim training before to go to the assessment?
Where Can I find the normal procedures?
how was the interviews?

thank you very much!!

Dan 98 14th Dec 2006 08:09

Parc Aviation Dublin
They have a 737-200 sim, contact them and they will give you a contact of someone at Sim Tech, who will sort you out. One word of warning, they will probably tell you that you need 4hrs etc... I personally think this is a little over kill at 250Euro's an hour. couple of hours should be sufficent unless yo are really struggling.
Also check your PM.


PAPI-74 14th Dec 2006 18:38

Be very careful with Parc. Don't trust them as far as you could throw them. I did my MCC there and they (the instructors) fed me all sorts of Bull about potential sim rides and the majority of students have 20hrs on their sim prior to the Ryan Air Check.
One of their guys owns part of the sim, so it is a pocket lining exercise. All you need to be able to do is a SID, ILS and a few emergencies, maybe a hold. 20hrs my arse.
In fact, pay for a TR with no job at the end (happened to a mate of mine who paid for their TR 737), my arse. They claim to place 100% of their TR Grads. Phaww! what's that smell?

If you play the game of paying for it, be prepared to loose it. Do it the old fashioned way and instruct first, than the natural progression of TP. Why is everyone so keen to go straight to Jets and engage the Auto-pilot?
Enjoy those years working your way up the ladder. There are plenty of years to sit fat and happy watching a computer at work, so why spend another 25k getting there, or has FO changed to MUG these days.

Let me have it!!!!

INSIDEVIEW 20th Dec 2006 14:10

Ryanair Sim Prep
Hi there
i was wondering if anyone can tell me where to find a sim to prepare for FR Sim Assesment?

Dublin one is no longer used ...so maybe anyone has a different idea?

Is there a chance to use the one in EMA ?


Avadoo 20th Dec 2006 15:12

There's a 200 sim at 'realsimulation.co.uk' approx 1 1/2 hrs north of EMA
- by car that is!
The people there seem to do a good job preparing candidates for Ryan.

Good Luck.

Jinkster 20th Dec 2006 17:25

Go to Simtech

Rhodes13 21st Dec 2006 15:01

A couple of Q's
Hi guys been reading this post with interest and was wondering if any of the luck could answer a few questions I have.

How long was it between you submitting your application through CAE and receiving a phone call for an interview. Have submitted about three weeks ago and still no news, although I do suspect that over the holiday season not much will be done.

Do hours have a bearing on how fast you are called up e.g I have 1300 hours with plenty of charter airline experience?

Any help or tips of advice most appreciated.



INSIDEVIEW 21st Dec 2006 15:09

well i updated mine for nearly one year ..then call came .actually email telling me to sent again hours.
i have 1300 ...no rating .."Airline Experience" Island hopping ....
so ...just keep on updating ...

mimi737 24th Dec 2006 20:46

Interview ryanair
Hello guys,

I got an inetrview with raynair in a few weeks and I need info about ryanair technical assessment.type of qustions...

Thank you

TurboJ 27th Dec 2006 10:05


Does anyone know when you actually start getting PAID ?

Is it when you start line training or when you are cleared to line?


airbusito 30th Dec 2006 11:29

ei dudes! I have the interview on january, but I have some questions about it!
I know that the sim check is in Luton, but what charts do they use, Jeppesen, Atlas, the Aip??? how is the weather, i mean, wind? clouds? In the ndb app how is the visibility?? do you see the rwy on the minimuns or before?

In the technical assessment I know that they ask about the last airplane Ive flown, but for example the last multi engine I flew was a Seneca two months ago, but since then, Ive done a lot of single engine hours working, so what should I study, the Seneca or the SE??

And, to conclude, what kind of questiones do the ask in the interview?? Please tell me what they asked you exactly because Ive never done any interview before so I dont know how to start preparing it...

Thank you very much

yoda1 31st Dec 2006 06:11


Does anyone know when you actually start getting PAID ?

Is it when you start line training or when you are cleared to line?


I am a First Officer in Ryanair and here is exactly how I am being payed in the first 12 months:

Type rating (4-6 WEEKS):

No pay

You then wait 2-4 weeks for base training without pay. After base training you are on the training contract basic rate for 6 months. This is an annual rate of 8700 pounds. However, you do not start getting payed this until after line training. Line training takes 2-3 months so you are therefore only payed on this rate for 3-4 months. Sounds complicated? It is purposely so.Not only that, but the company reduces this initial rate by 1000 pounds every year or so without notice. Next year you might therefore expect the rate to be 7700 pounds.

So, from the start of type rating until conclusion of line training you will only have earned about 750 pounds (half sector pay after safety pilot release and no basic salary yet).

About 3.5 months now remain until you finish your training contract. On the annual rate of 8700 (remember this will reduce eventually) you will earn 2530 basic in this time. Also, you will earn 2800 sector pay.

To sum up so far:

Day 1 to completion of line check ( 4 months) = 750 pounds

Line check to end of training contract (3.5 months) = 5330 pounds

Total after 7.5 months with the company = 6080 pounds.

It will now have been 6 months since base check. You will now go on the basic second officer terms. This amounts to a basic annual rate of 14000 pounds and half sector pay for a further 6 months.

In these 6 months you will therefore earn 7000 pounds basic and about 4800 pounds sector pay. This basic rate is also being reduced annually without notice.

Ok, here are the final figures (before tax) for the first 12 months after the base check:

Basic pay: 9530 pounds

Sector pay: 8350 pounds

Total: 17880 Pounds.

You can expect to remain on second officer pay scale for 18 months after line check. This will probably increase to a greater time period as time goes by.

piloto2006 1st Jan 2007 20:00

The assessment
I,m going to go to the assessment the 24 of January.
Someone has the assessment the same day?

airbusito 8th Jan 2007 18:32

i have it on 30th.

good luck!

nash737 9th Jan 2007 16:54

Hello guys,

I got an interview with raynair the 17 january and I need latest info about ryanair technical assessment.type of qustions...

Thank you in advance !

piloto2006 10th Jan 2007 15:30

I need too the latest information, I have the assessment the 24 of January.

Thank you!!

jfslaats 10th Jan 2007 16:46

Originally Posted by nash737 (Post 3059215)
Hello guys,

I got an interview with raynair the 17 january and I need latest info about ryanair technical assessment.type of qustions...

Thank you in advance !

I've got also assesment on the 17th. According the invitation it should be questions about your current a/c type. :rolleyes:

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