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sabredog 9th Aug 2011 21:24

Thank you for your interest,Spook.
Originally, it was captioned as an Airpark near San Luis Obispo,California. On further investigation to provide clues ,I could not find it under that designation, only the Regional airport. Rather than cause a further delay and possible controversy, I thought the best course of action would be to declare it void and start again. Still reseaching it though!

RegDep 9th Aug 2011 21:24

How about "Silver Springs", but probably not in Nevada or Arizona? Or what do you think sabredog?

sabredog 9th Aug 2011 21:52

Silver Springs is a strong contender,Regdep. But the odd shaped hardstandings/pans/dispersals appear to be missing, but everything else appears to fit.
On that assumption,Regdep. You have control.

RegDep 9th Aug 2011 22:16

Well, it has to be OH. I thought the "hardstandings" in the picture were, in fact, cul-de-sacs of the streets that had been pre-paved before the housing construction starts…..

sycamore 9th Aug 2011 23:05

Thought it more likely to be a heliport...

Duckbutt 11th Aug 2011 10:00

If its OH then, what about this:


descol 11th Aug 2011 15:13

Scotland ?

sabredog 11th Aug 2011 15:24

Tresco Sea Plane Base.

Duckbutt 11th Aug 2011 15:46

Sabredog has it and control.

sabredog 11th Aug 2011 17:48

Thank you,DB.
Open House.

jindabyne 11th Aug 2011 18:54

My first if I may ---


RegDep 11th Aug 2011 19:35

Hot or cold climate?

sabredog 11th Aug 2011 19:38

Wadi Ayn airstrip,Aden.

jindabyne 11th Aug 2011 19:53

Good detection sabre - you have the stone

sabredog 11th Aug 2011 19:57

Thank you,Jindabyne. A very good first contribution to the thread.
Open House.

Noyade 12th Aug 2011 00:07

Not sure if the camouflage was unique to this Base, but here goes...


sabredog 12th Aug 2011 10:07

Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base?

Noyade 12th Aug 2011 11:38

'Tis Korat sabredog. :ok:

Your control.


sabredog 12th Aug 2011 11:47

Thank you,Noyade. The squadron codes were a good clue!
Open House.

descol 12th Aug 2011 16:09

Try this one


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