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Max Tow 19th Mar 2021 11:00

U.A.E. perhaps, Dubai?

descol 19th Mar 2021 11:05

Jeez Mg - that's some change in Aeon - I took the photo I posted in 1996 when on a UK monitoring visit

OUAQUKGF Ops 19th Mar 2021 17:52

Well if Max Tow hasn't got it with DXB I guess perhaps that this is SHJ (Sharjah) and that you were probably about to depart to Afghanistan?

However 0924 (a.m) camera timing must be set for elsewhere - probably an Australian time zone - say typically Canberra - giving a time at Sharjah of 0224 a.m.

mgahan 19th Mar 2021 23:17

Back online after a restful night.

I did mean to crop out the camera time as it may have caused some confusion. Too late now.

the aircraft was operated by Daallo but Max probably knows that.

mgahan 21st Mar 2021 08:44

Sorry folks - while waiting patiently for the 24 hour rule clock to tick over the internet (and SMS and lots of other things) went off line here in paradise. just back now and I will confirm Max T has it with Dubai. We were headed to Kandahar for an inspection.

All yours Max.

Now to tackle a 28 hour backlog of emails (mainly jokes as it is the weekend) but first maybe a read of this morning's paper.

Max Tow 21st Mar 2021 09:05

Thanks MG - I see that aircraft, if it's S9-SAO, came to a sad end the following year. Hopefully nothing to do with the clear liquid breakfast.

Here's something for the weekend from soggy SYD:

In the beginning...


OUAQUKGF Ops 21st Mar 2021 19:42

Mingaladon Burma?

Self loading bear 21st Mar 2021 19:52

P2 Palembang Sumatra?
based on the lucky find that this might be the same aircraft?


Max Tow 21st Mar 2021 22:22

Two "rights" on the East of Suez guesses but two "wrongs" on suggested locations. And therein lies a clue.
Slightly later photos....



Asturias56 22nd Mar 2021 08:22

SE Asia? could be Malaya

Max Tow 22nd Mar 2021 08:50

To the East of Suez and ex-Empire, but not Malaya.
The airfield has changed its name since above photos taken - both named after former top men in the neighbourhood.
By the way,SLB's Hurricane has a somewhat different paint scheme (note the tail tricolour height and letter nearer to roundel) and is not the one shown.
Oh, and just to confuse, the current main runway is neither of the marked pair on my carefully cropped map. Photo below looks down old and across new.

Same but current view as original photo

Asturias56 23rd Mar 2021 08:44

Sri Lanka?

Max Tow 23rd Mar 2021 09:26

Not Sri Lanka


OUAQUKGF Ops 23rd Mar 2021 10:07

Are we in The Philippines ? Briefly part of 'The Empire'

Max Tow 23rd Mar 2021 12:31

Not Philippines, and you've left the ocean. A couple of clues before I sign off which should hopefully get you there - a modern shot and visitors in 1940.



Asturias56 23rd Mar 2021 17:39

Sub-continent perhaps?

OUAQUKGF Ops 23rd Mar 2021 18:43

Tengah - Singapore?

Max Tow 23rd Mar 2021 20:44

Good morning from sunny SYD!
Sorry, again two rights on the ocean and two wrongs on the location.
As mentioned, you'll find it East of Suez after some degrees and before the magnificent wonders of the Far East.
Those aircraft in the last photo would not be found in any other theatre, but you're right, the Luftwaffe wasn't the adversary.
Here's a photo of the area now after take-off


jensdad 23rd Mar 2021 21:59

I know Pondicherry was a French colony (I'm guessing they're French aircraft of some type in the second last photo) so could it be that fantastically named city?

Max Tow 23rd Mar 2021 22:19

No, not a French colony and I think Asturias already got a "nul points" with that general area.
You are right to pick up on my uncharacteristically lavish wording in the last clue, which may have numerical connotations for the guidance of a navigator.

p.s. to jensdad: There is indeed a French connection on the bomber aircraft in the photo, but perhaps not in the way you intended.
In case you're unfamiliar, they have dependable engines!


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