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sycamore 8th Mar 2021 22:56

Ground temp,-55*C,and you will fog it out....

Google ,`D H-T,explorer/Commando for further info...

Max Tow 8th Mar 2021 23:24

An adventurous but sadly short life!
Expedition report here (I see H-T originally named the island after Neville Chamberlain)..

OH declared

Flap40 9th Mar 2021 11:25

I doubt this will last long....


OUAQUKGF Ops 9th Mar 2021 13:03

Well if this is the same Yacht she sails under the Portuguese Flag........


A bit more digging. So is the Aerodrome that of Cascais where this yacht appears to be based?

Asturias56 9th Mar 2021 15:23

Its overhead - must be Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, Madeira, commonly known as Madeira Airport (Portuguese: Aeroporto da Madeira) or Funchal Airport (Aeroporto do Funchal) or Saint Catherine Airport (Aeroporto de Santa Catarina) (IATA: FNC, ICAO: LPMA),

Self loading bear 9th Mar 2021 16:42

Not everybody likes him but he is a great footbalplayer.
I can understand the Madeirians want honor him with an Aeroporto.
But he surely does not deserve such a statue:


Asturias56 10th Mar 2021 07:56

last time we were there we were taken for an Island tour by a tiny young lady in an enormous Merc - we mentioned we'd seen a top of the line Ferrari parked in town the day before and she indicated it belonged to the Island's most famous son.

"Ah" says Senora A "He keeps it here to impress the home-town girls"

The young lady curled her lip. "Him? He bought it to impress HIS MOTHER!" :p

Asturias56 10th Mar 2021 07:58

And yes its an awful statue - and its not the only one - there are several around Europe and they are all grim - I think its the hair that's the problem

Flap40 10th Mar 2021 08:39

I think it's better than the first attempt....


Flap40 10th Mar 2021 11:29

Well, that's the 24hrs up and so it's congratulations to Asturias56. Over the years we've had many arial views of airports but I don't think we have previously had a view from below.

Asturias56 10th Mar 2021 15:47

Thankyou - for several minutes I was peering into the background of the OP looking for the runway until the penny dropped :ugh:. The combination of overhead, those pillars and being sea side reminded me immediately of FNC (and its interesting landings).

Lets try this:-


chevvron 10th Mar 2021 16:58


Self loading bear 10th Mar 2021 20:01

Originally Posted by Flap40 (Post 11005746)
Well, that's the 24hrs up and so it's congratulations to Asturias56. Over the years we've had many arial views of airports but I don't think we have previously had a view from below.

I did a view of the viaduct of Luxembourg Findel about 2 years back.
But that is not below the runway itself. Only lights on top of it.

Flap40 10th Mar 2021 20:34

True, i'd forgotten that one.

OUAQUKGF Ops 10th Mar 2021 20:54

Indian Subcontinent ?

Asturias56 11th Mar 2021 07:31

The challenge isn't in the UK nor on the sub-continent

It's quite a pleasant spot but doesn't have any scheduled services


OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Mar 2021 08:56

Former Soviet Union?

Asturias56 11th Mar 2021 09:20

No , not the FSU. One of those places that has been occasionally important in the history of it's own country but hasn't bothered the bulk of history. Quite a reasonable sized spot but not a major tourist area either.

No important figures from here either - not even dodgy , diving footballers...............

OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Mar 2021 18:52

Well, I hesitate to ask if it is in Scandinavia - but you never know!

sycamore 11th Mar 2021 19:31

Occasional use as a drag strip...judging by the tyre/oil tracks...?

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