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Self loading bear 3rd Mar 2021 19:35

Originally Posted by Asturias56 (Post 11001226)
I have to apologise to Bear - I hadn't realised until he started hacking through the undergrowth in W Africa just how like a red soil strip it looked! By then all I could do was to ask him to check his assumptions.......

No need to apologize,
I had not much to go on, so made the assumption that it would be an English native country farthest away from Australia as possible.

Not realizing it could be a Great Britain overseas territory as well.
No worries, I have found two new wonderful places with equally non-descriptive surroundings.
That will be old school Jenkins criptic challenges.

Asturias56 4th Mar 2021 09:10

Before that terror is unleashed on us lats see what we can do on BSDs challenge

Could be a lake or the sea, two high winged aircraft there - plus quite good roads for such snow bound country

Are we in N America (including Greenland)?

BSD 4th Mar 2021 13:07

We are indeed. I've a feeling this won't last!

Asturias56 4th Mar 2021 15:00

N America with mountains - but no trees - that restricts it to very high or way, way north

Is it above 10,000 ft AMSL?

BSD 4th Mar 2021 15:06

Not much above seal level....

Self loading bear 4th Mar 2021 16:13

Artic bay airport?

India Four Two 4th Mar 2021 16:39

I see some similarities with Arctic Bay, but there are no glaciers nearby to source those icebergs. I think this strip is more likely to be in Greenland.

Sideshow Bob 4th Mar 2021 19:39

Originally Posted by India Four Two (Post 11001884)
I think this strip is more likely to be in Greenland.

I agree, having spent time in Newfoundland, it doesn't look like Northern Canada. I was surprised by how few airstrip there are in Greenland and again how few are dirt. Is it Daneborg Station?

teusje 5th Mar 2021 15:27

Zackenberg Station maybe?

BSD 6th Mar 2021 10:48

Another photo. taken as we came overhead before turning to the left into the downwind leg......


sycamore 6th Mar 2021 19:34

Kulusuk, BGKK,Greenland....

India Four Two 7th Mar 2021 07:50

I think sycamore is on target!

BSD 7th Mar 2021 16:38

I'm thinking enough time has elapsed for me to declare sycamore is on the money and now has the con.

Fascinating place. Built I believe in the late fifties by the US to support the construction of the DEW (distant early warning) line, Sea Bass, Sob Story etc.

Now that I've cracked uploading, here are 3 more. On the ramp, taking on the most expensive fuel in the entire world (at the time0 paid for in cash, US$ only. And one on departure.

Leaving SondreStromfjord (now Kangerlussuaq) the lady in the met office said "you won't get a better day than this to cross Greenland" It was spectacular.


sycamore 7th Mar 2021 18:51

OK,bit lucky trawling around G`Land....however,with a clear passage,here`s one ,named after a friend who lives 10 miles from me...there was an airstrip there mid`70`s,but not showing on GE....Another pic later...
it is an island

Self loading bear 8th Mar 2021 04:13

After Tranquility Bay,
the moon-like strips are back in fashion!

Cape Verde Islands?

sycamore 8th Mar 2021 10:24

Sorry Bear,but you don`t need a swimsuit here,sunscreen,yes,but fur preferred; about the same distance from your country to here ,as to CVs.

Asturias56 8th Mar 2021 17:08

Are we n N Canada? there scenery looks like Hudson's bay - tho it could be the Khatanga Gulf sort of place in N Russia - but I doubt the base would be named after your mate............

sycamore 8th Mar 2021 18:18

A56,correct...couple of little `clues` in with photo...my friend`s father named it((family name).
If you go half as far as Bear,starting from near `MissPiggy`s mishap,you should be close,but it won`t be `warmer`.......

Max Tow 8th Mar 2021 21:45

Well, starting from Miss Piggy wreck in Churchill and going c 2000km N brings us to Haig-Thomas Island, but I see no aerodrome? OH if correct (SLB had one ready?).

sycamore 8th Mar 2021 22:53

copywright;rkkomiersowski.. I was about to give some nav .help from Miss`Piggy;,in my Herk, t/o,climb,180/12 mins,cruise FL200,300KTS,3hrs40,descen 249kts 9.5 mins,turn Final,land.. You have control for a gravel t/off ,MAX TOW.....

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