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Sideshow Bob 25th Mar 2021 13:02

24hrs is up, OUAQUKGF is spot on it's Seeb during Enduring Freedom/Operation Veritas. The dispersal is now under the Stands for the new terminal. The accommodation site can still be seen just to the west of the two taxiways connecting the now two runways. It was an interesting time, along with the RAFO normal contingent of Strikemasters, Hueys and Hercs and the Omani Royal Flight 747SP, there was a varied collection of Coalition arircraft including E-4s B-1Bs, Hercs UK & US, the odd Greyhound resupply, Canberras , Tristars, VC10s (until they were asked to leave due to being too noisy), Chinooks, and of course the Nimrod MR2s.
MR2 over Afghanistan, a long way from the sea
5* accomadation
North side of the airfield on the approach
206 Sqn Crew 2 ready to go (no badges, just rank slides)

OUAQUKGF Ops 25th Mar 2021 14:01

Bob - Many thanks for gently leading me to Seeb. A most interesting challenge - I had never heard of 'The Boulevard' until now and then in the previous exhausting challenge Max had us chasing around the place - conjuring up strange looking aeroplanes that one had never seen, let alone heard of. Thank you both very much. Slightly cooler climes now, tho' the winter temperatures in the the Gulf I remember as being very pleasant.


Asturias56 25th Mar 2021 16:45

In England's green and pleasant land?

OUAQUKGF Ops 25th Mar 2021 17:15

I'm sure it is a green and pleasant land but it is not in England.

OUAQUKGF Ops 25th Mar 2021 19:23


A clue tomorrow morning. That prop looks vaguely familiar.......

Max Tow 26th Mar 2021 05:06

Thanks for the kind words! Is it N.America &/or a Mustang prop? Also, is 15L grass as otherwise seems too quiet for parallel hard runways?

OUAQUKGF Ops 26th Mar 2021 07:09

No and Yes.

OUAQUKGF Ops 26th Mar 2021 07:13


Mercury and Messerschmitt

G-ARZG 26th Mar 2021 08:36

Sannicolau Mare, Romania? OH if correct

Max Tow 26th Mar 2021 08:44

Looks a bit like the chap waiting at South Kensington tube, who I used to walk past every day, but no airport there and it's not LHR! So on investigation, it seems sculptor Imre Varga made a few of Mr.B with the same distinctive leg-wear and hat, including one for his home town of Siofok (not to be confused with O.P.'s home of Niofok).
That's not a very aeronautical path to a guess - in fact, more like "Which Composer?" - without any idea how the "Mercury & Messerschmitt" fitted in, but on further thought in this edit, could it simply be Freddy's house in S.Ken and a 109 prop? Trying to start with an answer and then fitting the clues, which is a bit unsatisfactory.
There may of course be other statues in locations which also got one from Mr Varga, but the grass/asphalt parallels and unusual Minecraft-like "R" runway letter seem to fit.
OH if correct as I'm looking forward to resuming air travel this w/e so I'll be seeing real airports instead of sepia images for a change. Yay!


OUAQUKGF Ops 26th Mar 2021 09:24


Airfield here since 1932...

Asturias56 26th Mar 2021 10:09

Originally Posted by G-ARZG (Post 11016586)
Sannicolau Mare, Romania? OH if correct

don't think there's an airfield there TBH

chevvron 26th Mar 2021 10:29

HA- registration is Hungary not Romania so Budapest/Franz Liszt or to be correct Ferenc Liszt.
Bugger, that's runway 13R and L.

G-ARZG 26th Mar 2021 10:43

Originally Posted by Asturias56 (Post 11016664)
don't think there's an airfield there TBH

I was misled by Air Britain pics of AN2"s at that name. Somewhere near, I suspect

Asturias56 26th Mar 2021 11:24

I think it a statue of one of the Bata shoe making family - they started in Zlin (now Austria) was Moravia) but I can't see any airport nor any with that heading nearby

OUAQUKGF Ops 26th Mar 2021 12:08

Originally Posted by chevvron (Post 11016684)
HA- registration is Hungary not Romania so Budapest/Franz Liszt or to be correct Ferenc Liszt.
Bugger, that's runway 13R and L.

Chevvron - sadly not Budapest (altho in the 1920s you could take this seaplane from the Danube in Budapest to the town in question) . Nor Liszt - this chap not so easy on the ear.


OUAQUKGF Ops 26th Mar 2021 12:11

Asturias56. I could say your answer is a load of old cobblers - that is very rude of me but no hurt intended!

OUAQUKGF Ops 26th Mar 2021 12:16

G-ARZG - Sorry not Romania. Central Europe yes. You mention AN2 - was that in connection with the propeller? Certainly AN2s have visited this airfield but I think the prop is from an AN26.

Max Tow 26th Mar 2021 12:24

not so fast...in fairness to Chevvron & Asturias, a search brings up our man in Budapest, clearly modelling his new line in garden wellies...



OUAQUKGF Ops 26th Mar 2021 14:02

Yes Bartok is all over the place..... However I hope my comments are taken in the good spirit that was meant. I guess Asturias couldn't quite read the inscription on the base of the statue. Max Tow has it with Siofok Hungary. Tony Spooner's very good autobiography 'In Full Flight' recalls a flying visit to Siofok in the late 1930s. I was interested to see if the airfield still existed. I chucked in a couple of minor Red Herrings with the Statue: Mercury = Crater on the Planet named after Bartok. Messerschmitt = ME210 flown by the sculptor Varga Hungarian Air Force WW2. The image I posted of the statue is from that in Siofok - Varga's birth-place. Incidentally re Chevvron's contribution Varga produced statues of Liszt too !

Taken prior to the laying of the new runway in 2018. Looking towards the resort town of Siofok with Lake Balaton beyond.

Parachuting appears to be very popular here: Suggest you turn down the volume.

Lisunov LI-2 at Siofok. Photo credit: Janos Tamas

You can turn the volume up for this. Filmed I think at Budaors Airfield:

Max Tow has declared Open House.

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