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Asturias56 26th Mar 2021 14:20

Originally Posted by OUAQUKGF Ops (Post 11016755)
Asturias56. I could say your answer is a load of old cobblers - that is very rude of me but no hurt intended!

Absolutely no offence taken - I was going cross-eyed trying to read the words on the statue and searching for statues of mid Europeans with hats and coats took me to Bata............................... :ok:

G-ARZG 26th Mar 2021 14:26

Originally Posted by OUAQUKGF Ops (Post 11016760)
G-ARZG - Sorry not Romania. Central Europe yes. You mention AN2 - was that in connection with the propeller? Certainly AN2s have visited this airfield but I think the prop is from an AN26.

Bartok's birthplace, Air Britain AN2 photo


Asturias56 28th Mar 2021 08:34

Since MaxTow declared OH here's oen to fil in some time

OUAQUKGF Ops 29th Mar 2021 08:27

United Kingdom ?

Asturias56 29th Mar 2021 13:24

Sorry - correct Continent tho'........... it's quite old but I'm having problems finding any old pictures - heres a modern one and a tiny old one


Asturias56 30th Mar 2021 17:08

The land was zoned as an airfield in WW1 but operations didn't start until the late 20's since when its been in constant use. has International flights.

OUAQUKGF Ops 30th Mar 2021 19:14

Central Europe?

jensdad 30th Mar 2021 23:29

Looks like a pretty sizeable town or city in the distance there. Has a Balkan look about it. Pristina?

Asturias56 31st Mar 2021 08:04

For a given value of Central I'd say it was Central Europe - old & new - again aplogies for the older pics - I'm stuck with the size PS Jensdad is back!!!


jensdad 31st Mar 2021 14:36

I've been lurking in the background but just didn't have any idea about any of the challenges!
Looks like Wizzair fly there, so that narrows it down to every airfield in Central Europe :) I'll take my last (for the moment) stab at Kosice?

Asturias56 31st Mar 2021 14:51


It was used by at least 3 airforces in WW2 - maybe 4

India Four Two 1st Apr 2021 05:10

maybe 4
An airfield in Italy?

Asturias56 1st Apr 2021 11:34

No - quite a way from the sea


OUAQUKGF Ops 1st Apr 2021 13:22

Cluj Airport Romania ? I had been working my way through the Carpathians and came across it at much the same time that Asturias posted his latest images. Looking back I see that G-ARZG mentions the place on the previous challenge.

Asturias56 2nd Apr 2021 08:02

wait til 1400......................


OUAQUKGF Ops 2nd Apr 2021 08:30

Sorry I don't understand ?

Asturias56 2nd Apr 2021 11:35

24 hour rule - I have to wait a day to confirm (page up or search) - I don't want to be in the sin bin again :(

Yes its Cluj - I was reminded of it when G-ARZG suggested it as an answer - I used to work in Romania - it's quite a big operation. Over to OUAQ :ok:

OUAQUKGF Ops 2nd Apr 2021 12:53

Thanks Asturias. I was under the impression that the 24 Hour Rule meant that a correct answer could not be confirmed until 24 Hours had elapsed from the time of the start of the challenge. Perhaps a Moderator could clear this up for all of us?

OUAQUKGF Ops 2nd Apr 2021 15:38



The Bunkers of the Golf Course provided aviators with a landmark for the adjacent airfield.

Dressed for the weather - a British Summer Past ?

OUAQUKGF Ops 2nd Apr 2021 21:12


A once familiar resident of the town.............

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