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Self loading bear 11th Mar 2021 20:24

Originally Posted by sycamore (Post 11006747)
Occasional use as a drag strip...judging by the tyre/oil tracks...?

And the Volvo advertising sign...

Self loading bear 11th Mar 2021 20:37

Norra Upplands Tierp?

chevvron 12th Mar 2021 01:19

Originally Posted by sycamore (Post 11006747)
Occasional use as a drag strip...judging by the tyre/oil tracks...?

Mantorp Park or Anderstorp then.

Asturias56 12th Mar 2021 06:54

It's not in Scandinavia but it does have an associated motor sports facility.


Archer4 12th Mar 2021 09:24

The plane in the second picture (behind the orange tent) is an ultravia pelican. If this is in Europe, I can make a good guess on the callsign. Doesn't narrow it down much, the plane I have in mind has been everywhere.

JENKINS 12th Mar 2021 15:33

Le Luc perhaps?

Asturias56 12th Mar 2021 16:04

There is a link to the previous challenge......................

Asturias56 13th Mar 2021 07:47


OUAQUKGF Ops 13th Mar 2021 08:52

Is that a T33 Gate Guardian?

Asturias56 13th Mar 2021 15:31

No - it's just something parked up - I don't think this is used by the military very much - its hard to find any history of it at all but I have never seen or heard anyone mention an military connection.

The gate IS interesting as the airport is surrounded by the motor sports facility so day-to-day you have to use a tunnel to access the hangars and the runways............ Of course big kit is brought in across the race track

Flap40 13th Mar 2021 15:53

It looks more like a T-37 to me.

sycamore 13th Mar 2021 16:53

Portugal,or Spain....?

teusje 13th Mar 2021 19:16

Aeródromo Municipal de Braga

Self loading bear 13th Mar 2021 20:08

Originally Posted by teusje (Post 11008001)
Aeródromo Municipal de Braga

Which fits with Tweety T-37 2410


Asturias56 14th Mar 2021 15:50

Apologies about the T-37 - I honestly didn't remember it.... but I'm busy tonight and so will stretch the 24 hr rule and award the Palm d'Or to Tuesje with Braga - which really is a nice place


teusje 14th Mar 2021 19:00

Thank you Asturias, that was a nice challenge.
Now let's try this one:


Checklist Charlie 14th Mar 2021 23:10

Yawn, another 20 hours to wait for the answer.
A wedding chapel at a saccharine named US sky airport that thinks its a harbour..

Max Tow 15th Mar 2021 04:43

Quite so.
In the meantime, having looked at a TWA Lindbergh Line map, I wondered what had become of Winslow Arizona (apart from the Eagles song) featured large on the transcontinental trunk route and just up the road from OP's challenge. Seems it used to be the most important town in N.Arizona & a rail hub until the Route 66 bypass cut it off and now has a population less than 10k. Just like Radiator Springs In "'Cars"....


Asturias56 15th Mar 2021 08:51

" I wondered what had become of Winslow Arizona"

pretty quiet place - not very well off - lot of Native Americans. Not much happens - scenery is interesting and they've redone the old classic La Posada Hotel but it's not as threatening a place after dark as Gallup NM

teusje 15th Mar 2021 19:07

Checklist Charlie got it, Phoenix Sky Habor.

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